Jefferson Gray at the Gates

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Post by Ranwyln » Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:41 pm

Jefferson Gray at the Gates

*Ranwyln limbs to the Board several bloodied bandages on his body and writes a note*

Careful, today when Tyan Masines and me tried to burn down the pentagram infront of Galmairs East Gate we got confronted with the rotten Jefferson Gray, he summoned several undead minions when Krukk Kradash from Cadomyr came by and didnt hesitated to help us. Together we were able to defeat the minions when Gray wanted us to decide to join him or die. After declining his demands he himself attacked us. After a short battle i got struck down by him and now i am too hurt to help the others fighting infront of the gate. The last i saw, was that he used portals to distract the both and now they are somewhere in the realm fighting him.

May the Five bless them and help them in their struggle.

Stay Save and avoid the one named Jefferson Gray only confront him with others well prepared fighters i dont think their is a single fighter that can withstand him.

Signed Ranwyln from Galmair

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Post by BjarsTale » Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:14 am

Re: Jefferson Gray at the Gates

We could force da crazeh Oomie called Jefferson back to da Glitter-Mine, southwest ob hempteh.
Nub side could get a victoreh, so Galmair's defenders and meh cared about da Ritualplace infront da gates.

Whib friendleh support, da House ob Desert Fox.
~ Krukk Krakash.

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Post by Tyan Masines » Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:24 am

Re: Jefferson Gray at the Gates

Another piece of paper with text that appears to have been written with a shaky hand is added to the previous notification.

In addition to what my previous writers have reported, whom I thank greatly for their support: Krukk Kradash and me chased the abomination that once was Jefferson Gray through the Necktie Inn towards the Mine. There, we entered a stalemate and decided to leave the abomination be. It did not follow us, nor did it try to impede any further attepts of removing the corpse and pentagram from Galmair's Gates.

The abomination appeared a strong enemy in single combat, but also had to be present at the scene to point his hand and weapon to summon beasts. His single combat abilities seemed substantial, as afore mentioned.

He has to stop for a moment, and takes a sip from a bottle of Tialdin's Absinthe. Under the bandage around his lower body and back, no significant amounts of blood appear to run from the light wounds he sustained from the battle. It had gotten closer to defeat than he was used to. He continues.

Like I previously wrote, the corpse pentagram in front of the gates have been removed. There remains one at the Necktie Inn and possibly other locations across Illarion. These apparations appear to serve as summoning points for the minions of the abomination, although other hidden purposes might exist.

Tyan Masines

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