Looking for a mage

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Post by Tyan Masines » Sat May 13, 2017 7:20 pm

Looking for a mage

A note hangs at various places throughout town. More often than not, whoever placed the note put it on top of others who claim to sell the best finesmithing goods in town.

Hear ye, hear ye,

this message goes out to all mages, aspiring or adept.
I am looking for a mage for experiments concerning
magical resilience.

Apart from the scientific value, I will restitute the
invested time of the mage with coin. All in all, it
should not take too long.

If you are interested, leave a message with the gate-
keepers or with the barkeep of Galmair's tavern.
((PM me or chat up ig))

T. Masines

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