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Chancellors Documentation of Use of Funds.

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 4:10 am
by Evie
*On the desk in the Flat Obsidian lays the following ledger*.

333 gold received from the Hand for this term
-5 gold Purchase of wine and mead for Drinking contest.
-3 gold Translation services drinking contest
-5 gold beer mugs and beer drinking contest.
-2 gold glass goblets drinking contest
-2 gold beer
-1 gold bear slayer
-2 gold beer
-35 gold hard Liquor
-2 gold Meade
-4 gold hardliquor
-1 gold goblets
Balance 273 gold

Potential Expenditures:
clearing rocks on new flat walks
Bath house
Future festivals
60 gold Mas potions

Re: Chancellors Documentation of Use of Funds.

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 4:57 am
by Kyre
On a desk upstairs at the Chancellor offices amid other parchments and sundry items including two children's drawings and a poem lies a brand new ledger appearing as if made of leather.

A pen lies inside propping it open on the first page as the expectation of use soon may be perceived.

There is no signature however from the red pen markings and typical advanced lettering, the author may be discerned.

333 gold received from the Don per Hand for this year.

45 gold so far for dance. Balance: 288 gold
20 gold for decorations dance.. balance 268
30 gold consulting fee to Artimer plus 35 gold..balance 203
6 gold for advertisement in new paper for Galmair
50 silver for translation services balance 196.5

1 gold taxes (estimating low).. balance 195.5

Re: Chancellors Documentation of Use of Funds.

Posted: Sat May 27, 2017 6:12 pm
by Kyre
Galmarians I must apologize for spending a little more on the dance then expected and not having funds for the beer. The dwarves heard of the dance and were so excited they drank most of the beer last night hence the price has been raised on the remaining left.

Please bring your own if you wish to drink otherwise come and enjoy the dancing, music and prizes. Don't forget to wear your best for the costume prize!

Also.. still keeping it hush from the Hand.

Chancellor Kyre

(( in four hours from now ))