the house by the well

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Post by Caswir » Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:53 am

the house by the well

Drakull streches out his arms and basks in the sunlight, he stands on the front step of his new home, Villa Goldvein. It is morning time. He casually strolls out to lakeside, and props up a chair. "Just gonna sit here today." he says. The water is still as he stares out into the distence. "I wish I had more friends around, or people who played music. I really could use someone on rythem, for this bard contest..." He pauses a moment before chewing down on his briar pipe, filled with fresh green herbs. "Ah well, I did write a tune for the occasion last eve. Pft. I hope people like rock and roll. Cause this song is heavy." He flicks out his hands and lights the pipe. Puffs a few times. "Should be a good time."

Moments pass, and now Caswir is inside his home. He sits at his desk, on the blue shag carpet. "I've come a far way. From living in the wild. To living like a Mogul." He grins showing long fangs. "No nothing out of the ordinary here." He sighs. Caswir picks up his lute from a crate. He strums a few notes. Then begins to play a ballad rythem, before breaking into a heavy riff. He begins to sing, with a low growl voice.

The night goes on, Drakull is drinking wine and cooking his favorite food... venison. He makes a meal of venison, mash potatoes and gravey. He lights a candle, and sets the table.

*nom* *nom* *nom*

He wipes a napkin to his mouth. "Good food helps tame my demons."

Caswir has a bathe before resting snuggly in his bed.

"Ah Life is what you make of it."

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