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Post by Trufalia » Sat Feb 04, 2017 10:45 pm


Armed with parchments that they offered to anyone they met after debarking from the ship, the soldiers, dressed all in green with steel buttons and black boots, tracked her down offering rewards occasionally. Some people very willing and helpful while others happy for the coin.


Speaking to a man she immediately liked because he stuck his tongue out at her, Tru gave her life savings to him then ran, only to be trapped in the mine by her captors. Dragged back to the ship, she eyed the landscape rather then worried about her fate which was already known..the hangman's rope, or maybe chopping off her head for her crime of dyeing the Queen's hair blue. Either way, she knew it was over.

Seeing the land from a hole in her crate, Tru can only whisper..

Goodbye, sorry.

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