My Dear Galmairians

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Post by Banduk » Sat Dec 17, 2016 3:13 pm

My Dear Galmairians

My Dear Galmairians,

unfortunately I cannot take part at the election ceremony for the next chancellors.
If the Don agrees I’ll run for chancellor as well. The necessary fee I’d pay afterwards.

The first election period I worked as chancellor was characterized by large threats but Galmair citizen mastered the challenge. A lot of actions went not as expected but others finished successful. Today Galmair is stronger than before due to your hard work.
I want to say thank you to all the craftsman and craftswoman who worked hard to form a realm of master crafter, all warriors who fight hard to defend the town and it’s citizen.

The list of people I want to thank especially might break the size of this letter so don’t worry, it’s a selection only.
  • My beloved wife Liasany for her support. She took the hardest burden and most dangerous attack.
  • The Blacktusk Clan, especially Krukk for never stopping to be the strong arm of Galmair.
  • Our building master Evie and all her supplier for running a number of constructions in parallel during confusing times.
  • Our mages Kyre, Evie, Raina, Sarangerel and Liasany for working hard managing forces most of us not even understand.
  • Our citizen for standing brave together once it is needed.
  • Drugar, Opale, Artimer, Hew, Caswir, Jerem and many more; there's a lot I have to say thank you.
If you want me as chancellor again, feel free to tell the Don with your votes.

Banduk Robberhauf el Luastelay

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