A Small Problem

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Post by sweetleaf » Wed Nov 09, 2016 7:06 am

A Small Problem

Its is a very ordinary day in Galmair the market place busy as the sun hits noon, moving within a small bunch of people is a new comer to the city that no one seems to notice.

The new comer says to himself " This time is ripe for the pickins! "

As he passes by the tables set up with merchants peddling their goods, the new comer bumps into a lady with her arms full of bread and watches the bread fall to the ground

New comer mutters to the lady " Ey! Watch where your walking! Just cause I am only knee high doesn't give you right to just run into me!"

Women says with worry in her voice
"Very sorry didnt see you down there!" As she bends down to pick up her bread she feels a slight pinch from her side. The New comer snatched her coin purse and starts dogging through the group of people around the tables

New comer smirks as he runs and dives down the well to a small flat he calls home with the rats. He opens the coin purse and says with glee in his voice. " Coins for you to me ill take it all and more for me! "

He pulls out a map from a small hole dug into the ground and reads it with crumbs of bread stuck in his beard, the map seems to be of underground of Galmair. The new comer seems to have plenty of escape routs to the whole town in case he needs to exit. He points to a certain exit that looks as if it comes from inside the dons castle.

"This be it! This be the end of my troubles!" He yells with excitement in his voice

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Post by Caswir » Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:11 am

Re: A Small Problem

There standing in the shade, rests Jeddah, he watches the people scurrying and hurrying throughout the market place. Until this halfling catches his eye. "Now what is he up to?" Jeddah cant help but wonder.

He continues watching as the new comer picks the womens pocket, "So he's a thief huh?"

The new comer runs past him and down into the well. Jeddah couldnt help but follow him down the hole. He stays at distance lurking in the shadows.

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Post by sweetleaf » Sat Nov 12, 2016 4:14 am

Re: A Small Problem

The hobbit is stting in the back of the winged sow tavern, he seems to be waiting for somebody but in the mean spys a fellow with what seems to have quite a bit of coin to throw around by the number of drinks he is buying.

hobbit says softly to himself
. " Looks like a sucker to me."

He hops off his stool and ask the man for a game of dice

Man says in a cocky tone. "Sure small boy, but I dont play for nothing less then gold!."

Hobbit sneers "Thats just my game! 10 gold it is!?"

Man " I am game!"

The man takes the shaker first and rolls 3 dice...3,5,6

Man with cheer in his face " Ha beat that!"

The hobbit shakes the dice in the cup all of a suddon he spills his drink with his hand and as the man was watching the cup hit the ground the hobbit swithched the dice!

5,5,6 is the roll and the hobbit sequels " Ha that beats you!" As he scoops up his winnings he sees a hooded man by the door and makes his way towards him and hands his a bag of coins in exchange for a parchment. Both nod at each other and go different ways. As the hobbit returns to his home in the sewer he feels eyes watching him again. he puts the parchment in his back pocket and speaks loudly "If you are going to follow me then come sit down lets get to know each other."

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Post by Caswir » Mon Nov 14, 2016 10:07 am

Re: A Small Problem

Jeddah emerges from the shadows.

"Hello fellow hobbit friend."

He takes a few steps closer bowing his head.

"I was watching you back there." Says Jeddah. "You are a skilled one." He grins, looking at the halfling. "None the less I didnt mean no harm. I am a traveler, I thought you might be a friend. Or at least you had some food stashed away."

His stomach growls.

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Post by Trufalia » Mon Nov 14, 2016 2:14 pm

Re: A Small Problem

Giving an innocent smile, her bright red hair glowing in the weak light, clothes mainly those of a peasant, height the same as a tall halfling though obviously human, Tru shakes a bag of food and suddenly the smell of fresh cooked rolls permeates the air revealing her hiding place behind a pillar having followed them down.

I have some rolls for sale.

Gazing first at the man...or was that an elf..then the halfling speculatively.

Anyone with a little gold is fine in my book.

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Post by sweetleaf » Tue Nov 15, 2016 6:02 am

Re: A Small Problem

Hobbit spys the lady with a gaze then turns into a friendly smile "Petah is the name mam!"

Bows to the women and as he looks up his nostrils are met with a wonderful smell of fresh bread

Petah says with glee in his voice."mmMmm that bread smells good ill take two golds worth!"

as he walks towards the women he stumbles and falls into the women and tries to get his hands on the ladys coin purse to swipe what she has but misses

"Sorry for that miss!"

Petah seems to think this lady is on to his little tricks

Petah looks at the women with a lustful gaze "You seem to be wise to tricks eh miss? You might be a great piece to this puzzle im trying to solve."

Petah runs his hands through his hair as he awaits her answer

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