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A Crumpled Parchment

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:48 pm
by Banduk
A crumpled parchment is pinned at the board. It looks like a concept taken from a paper basket. Nobody was seen fixing it there.
Dear Count Ssar’ney, dear Baron K’shire,
with huge dismay we must find out that reports of an issue proved to be right. In the middle of the chaos of the battles against common enemies like the undeads of Prea and the Dreadhart gang forces of Cadomyr under your command were hunting a Galmairian guard and sent Caswir in the town of Galmair to Cherga. This we cannot accept. Absolutely not acceptable is as well, that you rob the slain person at the cross.
You are requested to meet with Galmairian officials as soon as possible.
Under the current situation it is outrageous howt you drive with a simple loot quarrel a wedge in our alliance. We hope the issue can be settled with the return of the robbed items and an appropriate compensation.
copy to the Queen and Cadomyr chancellor

Re: A Crumpled Parchment

Posted: Mon Oct 17, 2016 10:46 am
by S'rrt
Thank you for your widespread outreach on bringing your concerns to the attention of the Cadomyr authorities. I have taken this opportunity to confirm both the arrival of your letter and the return of a reply very soon.

I would like to personally remind the Galmairian government and its citizens that it is my job as the Queen's ambassador to act to initiate discussion on any points of interest or criticism with the relevant persons. Of course I am not denying the officials of Galmair the freedom to use any channels they like for their contact.

~~ Baron S'rrt K'shire, Noble of the House Desert Fox
Queen's ambassador to Galmair