Adulterated Soup

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Post by Banduk » Fri Sep 02, 2016 7:29 am

Adulterated Soup

Recently we found a man laying dead in his blood in the workshop.
Since we found an arrow in his corpse a murder was supposed.
It took multiple hours until Cherga decided what to do but eventually the Goddess showed mercy.

The investigation of the event shows the following result:
The men died due to an upset stomach while making arrows. Most probably he fell on one of his arrows. There is no reason to assume a murder.
The men ate a soup before he got from an unknown person. Even when back alive his stomach felt bad.

The government of Galmair urgently recommends verifying the quality of bought or gifted food. There are a lot of fine Galmairian cooks which can provide highest quality food for acceptable price. There is no need to take adulterated wares from slick strangers.

Banduk Robberhauf el Luastely
Chancellor for Galmair

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