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Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 9:26 pm
by Juniper Onyx
Fellow Merchants, Tradesmen and Galmairians!

I have been encouraged to seek the office of "Chancellor of Galmair" and ask for your vote! For those who do not know me, I am a 62 year old Halfling merchant and craftsman formerly of Gobaith. I have recently returned after caring for my ailing mother 6 years ago. Despite her hair being a 'pewter' color, she was a strong soul, but finally her "Hard Driving' spirit faltered and died. Before I left, I started a Mining Club and a newspaper "The Daily Profit" and would like to do more for Galmair again. My departure years ago was sudden and could not be helped, and yet News of my Death or dismemberment have been greatly exaggerated! I have enjoyed some of the rumors and the smile of relief people receive upon hearing the truth.

I have not seen an announcement yet from the Don, but the elections are quickly upon us in a week! I believe People need time to decide.

I have nothing against the current chancellors, but after asking them, I do not know if they are even seeking re-election! After some consideration, I have finally decided to put my name out there. There have been good times and bad and I am not here to point out the faults of anyone. However, after being away for a few years, I have noticed that Galmair has changed since the times of Proctor Brunsburg's administration and we need dedicated traders to protect and increase the Don's and Galmair's financial interests! I wish to return Galmair to those times in which everyone, anyone may freely trade and earn coin within Galmair. More business means more profits, and hence more taxes for the Don! Good, Bad, or Ugly should not matter if their coins be shiny! Business is beyond such petty concerns!

Now, I have heard that even voting for chancellors can be expensive at 5 Gold Coins each! So here's what I want to do to help.....

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Yes, I will pay for your vote! 5 Gold Coins for your vote for me.

Apparently votes against someone also cost 5 Gold Coins. Now, as I said, I have nothing against the current chancellors, but people that have the passion to 'vote against' someone must also be appreciated for their voices. I'll do this. If you vote 'against' anyone else but me, then I'll give you a gold coin as thanks for caring enough to vote for the future of Galmair. It takes passion and concern to voice your frustration at someone by paying 5 Gold coins! I can appreciate this and I thank you with a coin back. Vote with your coin!

I hereby promise that I will advocate more trade, more support for businesses, more support for craftsmen, more profits and a cookie for every child! I am willing to answer any questions you may have below or meet me in person in Galmair!

In Service to Galmair and the Don,
~Patrician Bernie Bottoms

*Disclaimer: This offer only applies to citizens of Galmair eligible to vote in the upcoming elections and applies to one vote either for Bernie Bottoms or Against anyone else other than Bernie Bottoms. All votes must be verified before final payment. Any unsubstantiated votes for or against will not receive payment. This message and funds is the sole responsibility of the "Bernie Bottoms for Chancellor" campaign and is not a reflection of Galmair, The Don, The Hand or Chancellors, Galmairians or any other parties. This Offer is based on prior election practices and therefore, all offers contained herein are void if the Don decides to change the current Chancellor system or election process, making this information obsolete. This campaign is not responsible for detracting messages that may be applied below. Thank you for your Vote!


Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2016 10:51 pm
by Juniper Onyx
I wanted to thank all my supporters for showing up for the voting and giving me your support! I have just completed a conference with the Don and things look good. I wanted to stay and celebrate, please forgive me, but the Don's time is limited and there was much to discuss as a new chancellor.

I have yet to meet with Banduk, the other elected chancellor, but will very soon. Together I am sure we can plan events, rebuild that which was lost and protect the citizens and businesses of Galmair and make them grow!

If any of you have not been recompensed for your vote, please see me in the marketplace for your appreciation gift!

Thank you!

In service to Galmair,
~Magnate Bernie Bottoms, Chancellor