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Post by Azure Lynch » Sun Jul 03, 2016 3:27 am


I was visiting your town when i was accused of being this azure fellow again by i guess his wife. we got into an arguement where i did strike the rock wall with my axe. and an orc attacked me i ignored it and he tried to keep me there i asked repeatedlly for him to move and he refused. then when i finallaly made it out of the guardhouse he attacked me again this time i defended myself then the one called leon attacked i barely got out with my life. i do request justice.

Viktor von Gauss

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Post by Synyster » Sun Jul 03, 2016 4:57 am

Re: attacked

*A parchment is placed under the previous*

I attacked the puppet that calls himself Viktor for good reason and I was explain my actions here and to anyone else that wishes for it.

As I was gathering materials from my depot an orc yelled that a man was yelling and swinging a large axe around a woman holding a child. I grabbed my axe and sought out the situation. Samantha Lynch and he husband Azure (Now apparently calling himself Viktor) were in the guardhouse fighting. As Azure/Viktor left the guardhouse the orc threatened him and accused him of hitting a woman. As the orc indeed did shoot rocks at the man, he was attacked by Azure/Viktor with a large axe. I then got involved and as he realized he was overmatched by me, ran out of town like the coward he is.

In the end, I believe I was breaking up a fight and also defending Samantha Lynch, her child Phoenix and the unnamed orc. Although the orc turned out to be completely out of his mind and extremely annoying. After speaking with Samantha after the altercation, I came to find out he swung the axe at the wall of the guardhouse which created a large crack in it. During this the woman and child were hiding under a table. I believe this to be a reasonable and correct decision made by myself. I will speak to anyone who has any more questions. Thank you.

-Leon Demelii of Galmair

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Post by Samantha Stoneridge » Sun Jul 03, 2016 6:22 am

Re: attacked

A note is pinned below the others:

Mister AZURE WOLFSWORD LYNCH and I got into an argument over his stupidity, dishonesty, cowardice, and general propensity for being a large ass. He pulled an axe on me with our one year old daughter in my arms... HUGE thank you to Mister Bernie Bottoms, who witnessed this, said nothing, and walked away. The idiot hit the wall with his axe while some Orc who has been hit in the head too many times ran around squawking like a deranged chicken.

Said Orc's squawking alerted Mister Leon, who walked in on Mister AZURE holding an axe while myself and my child cowered beneath the depot. Mister Leon could not have known we ducked because the idiot Orc opened fire with a slingshot from behind us, while trying to take down Mister AZURE, despite my warnings that he would be no match. Mister Leon took the necessary action for the situation he saw before him.

Mister Leon is a hero, as I am honestly not certain that Mister AZURE would not have taken my life and my child's without a backwards glance.

That being said. This was all caused by a domestic dispute between myself and my husband. I haven't much coin at the moment, due to my travels and funding several large repairs my husband needed done before he embarked on his streak of ignorance, but I will pay for any repairs needed on the wall.

Samantha Stoneridge Lynch

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Post by Juniper Onyx » Sun Jul 03, 2016 7:08 am

Re: attacked

*A note is pinned below the others*

I am sorry m'lady, if I had known you were in danger, I would have humbly offered to intervene as I was heading with Silverbade to do some mining. It seems I am often at the wrong place at the wrong time these days. Who's this Viktor?

Yes, I recognized Mr. Azure Lynch was yelling at Mrs. Samantha Lynch, who was carrying little Phoenix in her arms. Assuming this was a domestic dispute lovers sometimes have, I tried not to interfere, but did hang around within earshot for a few moments and heard most detestable language and foul tempers! Unfortunately, I had left before the Incident with the axe, but my poor blade would have been ill equipped to have given fair measure anyway.

Upon returning with some mining material, the situation had dispersed. I am glad to see that you nor phoenix were harmed in this. If there is trouble at home, you may always know that my humble abode in Galmair, the Apartment Irmorom, is at your disposal should you require it temporarily.

Be safe!
~Patrician Bernie Bottoms

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Post by Uhuru » Sun Jul 03, 2016 9:14 am

Re: attacked

*Someone hastily scribbles a note and posts it under the others.*

Bernie Bottoms for Chancellor!

*The note is not signed.*

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