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Post by Uhuru » Fri Jun 24, 2016 9:04 pm

Galmair’s School for the Young

Galmair is proud to present its first ever, one of a kind, school for the young. Our children have run rampant on the streets far too long and it is time they learned some marketable skills that will benefit the town.

Uhuru will be providing training to the following curriculum.
  • 1- How to properly hold an axe, keep it clean, and well honed. After which, basic usage techniques will be demonstrated.
    2- How to market a product! We will be making mud cakes and decorating them with items found in nature. This will require many trips into the forests and swamps. (The children will need to take their axes along for protection.) The children will then be expected to market their cakes to people in all realms and during market days.
    3- Expectations of the Don and making donations to the town. Any mud cakes not sold will be donated to the town and taxes will be taken from any coins earned by selling them.
    4- Usage of coins. Whatever coins are left will be used to repair axes. Assuming there are coins left, the children will be shown how spending them by buying our citizen’s goods helps keep the money-making/taxation process going. The children will be encouraged to buy bigger and better axes at this point, with more killing power.
    5- Trades. Discussion of the different trades will take place, emphasizing those of the children’s parents, like Oxiana and how he whiles away each day supposedly working hard in government, whilst Banduk runs around trying to buy and sell trade goods in all the realms. The children will be encouraged to become treasure hunters, brandishing their axes. To that end, we will go on several treasure hunts and will be encouraged to donate most of the loot to the town.
    6- Basics. Every child will be taught to read and write and will be expected to read every book found in every realm. After which, a book report is to be written and submitted to their parents for review. Once reviewed, all book reports are then to be given to their instructor. There will be a minimum number of reports expected per month. (Oxiana’s children will have double the work of others each month.)
    7- Magic. Magic will not be tolerated in this setting. Usage of such will warrant immediate expulsion from the program. (Magic should be taught and used elsewhere.)
Please contact Oxiana for more information about this program.

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