Cadomyr attacker defeated in duel of honor!

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Post by Kugar » Thu Jun 09, 2016 3:01 am

Cadomyr attacker defeated in duel of honor!

Citizens and friends of Galmair,
  • I thought it prudent that I share with you all the event which happened on this morning, 16 Chos 48.

    I, Jefferson Gray, Galmair patriot and war hero of the realm did defeat Cadomyr knight S'rrt K'shire in a duel that he instigated and I did end. The questionable knight did arrive at these lands waiting on my arrival and did approach me in a harsh tone. He declared I will pay for my crimes for attacking his minion, Azure Lynch.

    Whilst it is true I did attack Azure because of the danger he may have caused we as a realm by destroying an unknown and perhaps sacred site, I did it for Galmair. I did it because destroying the site was the stupid thing to do.

    Regardless, I write to you of my victory to put a stop to the lies that the questionable knight K'shire spreads about me. For it has been many years he has tried to destroy my reputation but, alas for he, thee did never succeed at it.

    In victory,
~Elite Jefferson Gray <>
war hero.

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Post by Juniper Onyx » Thu Jun 09, 2016 3:08 am

Re: Cadomyr attacker defeated in duel of honor!

I hereby attest that the following events were true. Here, I had arrived this evening in the Galmair fields to assist a young new Knight "Silverblade" formerly of Cadomyr, but now of Galmair into looking for his first treasure map, when before us transpired the events before told. Sir Grey did indeed uphold the honor of Galmair and won honorably in fair combat.

The threats of further action are disconcerting to be true, however I believe with men of honor like Sir Grey defending Galmair, we have naught to worry. However I do propose a letter of protest be issued by our Don to her Majesty of Cadomyr as soon as prudent, lest rumors in Cadomyr turn their opinion against us without the truth of the matter.

In Service,
~Patrician Bernie Bottoms

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Post by S'rrt » Thu Jun 09, 2016 3:20 am

Re: Cadomyr attacker defeated in duel of honor!

*the ink on some of the writing appears fresher, it could be determined that some parts were added to the original parchment later*

I never wanted or intended to embarrass Jefferson by speaking about the duel publicly. It's a shame that he is trying to use it to turn people against me by twisting the premise, the outcome and my character.

It was widely witnessed by fighters from all realms that Initiate Azure was simply carrying out an order which Chancellor Evie had given to everyone present. This was the reason for the duel: to exact justice on someone who attacked a member of one of Queen's Houses doing his best to cooperate with Galmair's leadership. Azure was doing no differently from myself or many other Cadomyrians, Runewickians and Galmairians present at the time.

Anyone wishing to know the truth is invited to speak to Hannah Shepard or Bre the gate guard who surely must have been watching. They will tell you that Jefferson had not only the choice to postpone the duel but that he also had the choice of place to duel in AND a time to prepare as he visited the marketplace. Despite all this, he due to backing down mid-duel in the fear of breaking his badly maintained gemmed weapon. My sympathy for this was limited due to the crime which I challenged him for, and the initial preparation he had.

Jefferson Gray, you are free to prove that you can defeat me in a duel any time, as we both know the truth of the situation. The challenge to a duel was to settle the score with an attacker of an orderly House member but we can also duel again for leisure.

As the Queen's ambassador, I welcome the Chancellors, the Left Hand or the Don to contact me for any discussion regarding this incident.

Irmorom's blessing,
~~ Baron S'rrt K'shire,
Noble of the House Desert Fox,
Queen's ambassador to Galmair
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Post by Samantha Stoneridge » Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:50 am

Re: Cadomyr attacker defeated in duel of honor!

Another note is pinned below the others

How convenient to leave out that the site in question actually appears to be the site of a brutal mass murder, and that the sudden opening of an entrance to it has been inflicting pain and visions on mages, much like the portals in Cadomyr. (The portals which are harmless... just pretty decorations for the desert, of course.)

Oh! And that the destruction of the columns, and filling in of the cavern, were ordered by a Chancellor.

And then there's the minor detail of Mister Gray and Mister Bob being seen whispering and giggling with the Elfess whose name can be spelled out by the carvings on the columns there... the same Elfess who plagued me with questions and notions about the possibility of controlling an army of undead for weeks as I farmed. And who was conveniently nearby every time I suffered a headache near that hole. The very same Elfess who whispered to me as I lay nearly crippled by pain "I can make the pain go away..." Let's ignore the fact that our great hero let her slip away, after the Chancellor ordered she be brought before the Don for questioning... and that he was later seen strolling with her casually along the streets outside town, making plans to meet again.

Or the fact that Mister Gray has since declared himself owner of the fields of Galmair, and told my husband to keep off his grass. (Someone should really give him a walking stick to shake for greater effect.)

Little unimportant details... but my husband is the one who put everyone in danger, by following orders of the highest ranking person in the vicinity, of course. Oh! Except I forgot that the orders of a lowly Chancellor mean nothing next to the whims of a King!

All hail to the self-proclaimed King of Illarion, His Royal Highness Jefferson Gray!!! Long may he rule and protect us from evil!

Samantha Stoneridge Lynch

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Post by Azure Lynch » Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:12 am

Re: Cadomyr attacker defeated in duel of honor!

A giant of a man with a wooden arm walks by the boards and reads them. Chuckles after reading all the parchments placed here. Looks at a parchment a dove delivered. then looks at the final parchent. he begins to write on a parchment and sends his wolf bruce to deliver the parchment. he looks at them again and walks off laughing.

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Post by Kugar » Fri Jun 10, 2016 11:43 am

Re: Cadomyr attacker defeated in duel of honor!

That is a rather interesting recollection of events that you describe, Samantha Lynch. However, it is of course less than surprising that you show your bias and jump to the side of your wretched husband. Perhaps if you were to cast your mind back in a way less desperate to illuminate your devotion to the meandering buffoon, who which, for whatever reason, you have bound yourself to, you would recall that your hapless lover boy also threatened more than once to attack, without authority, an unarmed and helpless elfess who naught brandished a weapon. Regardless of who she was, committing such an act is an assault on the law and should be henceforth treated us such. I am sure you will agree since you are so well versed on the matter.

As stated before I find no puzzle in your response aimed at myself for it is clear where your loyalties lay. However, the curious part of this begins to rear its ettin sized head when one examines he who which your loyalty does lay. A turn-cloak, shameless and tongue wagging simpleton who could not even show loyalty to his arm, which be severed, nor his eye, which be plucked. It is no secret that your 'honorable hero husband', Azure, once did worship and carry out the deeds of the most fiendish of them all - the bone lord. But, of course, he could not even display his loyalty there... I daren't think I need go on describing nor analyzing the character of your husband. So it may be a good idea to cease your sarcastic assumption of mine. Afterall, the land of Illarion can be a cruel, perilous world for those who tell tall tales.

In closing, whether I be king or nay has no bearing on the matter. But, if it did, then your husband would find it exceedingly difficult to find shelter in my royal court lest he bowed to the king and doth kissed his royal feet.

Also, I don't giggle.

~Elite Jefferson Gray <>
King of Illarion.

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