Warning to Some

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Post by Lhosseth » Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:44 pm

Warning to Some

A note is pinned to the notice board, it is written in an elegant hand:
Dear Fellow Citizens,
There is a tall, green skinned Orc running around Runewick, who proclaims that he is looking for wizards or pointy ears (since all pointy ears are wizards) because he wishes to 'splash dem wib dah mace ob dah head'. I tried to convince him not to do any splashing in Runewick, but I only got away unharmed because he was first too busy chasing the scent of a halfling, whom he wished to eat (do not worry, I followed him and no halfling was devoured), and then because he determined to make me his potion slave. I got as far as convincing him only some wizards or elfs are to be splashed inside the city walls. Please be careful when you meet him that in his eyes you do not fall in the category 'Some'.

May the Five light your path,

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