The Power of Prayer

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Post by Cassidy Eshorn » Thu Nov 30, 2017 3:33 am

The Power of Prayer

Runewick citizens,

I am not one to pray to the gods but after today I plan to begin. I was talking to Maelyrra about zombies, She was adamant they would help with her research and mentioned that if I was any decent citizen at all I would assist. I am usually good with trying something once so agreed but neither she nor Brassius knew where to find them.

Suddenly a zombie appeared near her and the fight was on. I quickly realized it was beyond my wand and even my dagger to fight these monsters.. and also wished I had some armor! We ran around in circles for a little and finally Brassius gave me a hand shoving him or it.. she, away. By that time my mana was depleted and dagger had lost it's sharp edge so I rested with a brief snack of a nice cooked trout with blackberries sprinkled on top and honey as a desert.

Refreshed, I finally could lay the zombie to rest, and Maelyrra was very happy talking of her research and how this would help tremendously. She indicated three more were needed but I had decided I wasn't the one to help her and moved closer to give her the bad news when suddenly another zombie appeared at my back!

Being the coward I am, I ran to Brassius asking for his assistance with the bow yet no amount of cajoling would sway him. He told me to find someone else so I .. yes, I dare say I did pray. I heard from somewhere, and can't guarantee it was Brassius, to follow Zhambra and Malachin so that is who I prayed to...fervently.

To make a rather long story short, I did kill three zombies, mainly while they took deep breaths. I can't guarantee it was due to the prayers but I am certainly convinced they helped. I still don't know where zombies hide, nor where to avoid, but can guarantee I never wish to see any of them again!

My story does have a message for the citizens of Runewick. Watch your back for zombies, they seem to have a penchant for just appearing. There is one zombie still around but I suspect went in the water near the bridge...perhaps someone else can find him, her or it.


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Post by Amira Ranevskaya » Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:35 am

Re: The Power of Prayer

I have dispatched of the final zombie. Prayers not necessary. I find things tend to get done faster when others actually state the issues on the boards for all to see.

Amira Ranevskaya

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