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Post by Karrock » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:09 pm

Join to Titus Marcelius

On a big red board is written by a golden paint text.

My name is Titus Marcelius. I am farmer, woodcutter and carpenter. I trade magical gems with everyone who ask me. I am citizen of Runewick from the beginning when we left Gobaith. I have no secret relationships with current government.
I keep a good relations with people of Runewick and Galmair. I don't trust the idea that one strict guild can rule a town, because behind this fasade are creating secret agreements, alliances and directives.

I am a follower of Zhambra, because I value friendship, loyalty, traditions, fair rules and trust. Entering to the clique of a few is for me a less position in the life after death. Betrayal is a crime. Truth is the fundament and children are the future.

Second chance to those who were criminals and cultists if they will recompensate for their deeds. Law should be simple and clear. The death penalty only after citizens referendum. All citizens of Runewick should be townholders in the own realm.
No for pushes from outside.

The right to wield wands within Runewick for all free mages. Economic support for students who have runewickian teachers if even are not citizens of Runewick. Also support for runewickian scholars who run lessons in the town. Let strongest minds focus on most important matters.

I will create the free senate for those who can't join to the academic council. Senate as a platform for debates, sharing ideas and plans. New political positions for those who are active and intelligent.

More artistic events. More chances to gather together and spend time in happiness.

I will respect rights of women and simplify them to get serious political positions within Runewick.

Situation with Letma and pillars? I will create the group of most intelligent people to end this problem.

Group is opened for all races and both gender.

Emigrants? Here is your home.

Join to my side and help change Runewick.

~signed: Titus Marcelius

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Post by Djironnyma » Tue Oct 03, 2017 3:03 pm

Re: Join to Titus Marcelius

Someone hang up the transcription of an older posting.
Djironnyma wrote:Everyone who has problems to understand the constitution of Runewick may ask at the citizens meeting or direct by a council member for explanation. Every person who is interested in joining the academic council have to prove himself as a value member of our academy and town. That means the person need:
  • the rang of a Docent
  • have a academic area in which it study and teach and hold regular lessons
  • respect the decent gods
  • have no criminal record nor can be associated with criminals or cults of demons, undeads or the uncalled one
  • had proven to support Runewick in the past
Every individual meeting the requirements can hand their application to me.


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