The Truth about Reace

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The Truth about Reace


After weeks of silence following the bann circle ritual performed on the mysterious lad named Reace the rather reclusive mage, Eli Travinus, awoke with a startling narrative and a myriad of unanswered questions. Over and over again his recollection played forth with lucid clarity while his obsessive nature mulled through every detail and feeling. By way of affixed mental divination Eli had been able to help the boy unlock and recant memories prior to his arrival in Runewick. Reace spoke of his family and a small community that dug in the sands east of Mount Letma in the pursuit of precious gemstones. What’s more, the boy further divulged a first hand account of the accursed emergence of the undead legion that now blights the active volcano and the Katanbi Desert at large. Fearful that the boy’s parents might have met their demise in the incident, and Reace bore witness, Eli somehow managed to turn the focus of these memories outward and instead latched onto the power and presence of the legion directly.

Then as it promptly unfolded, the mage didst breach the gape between the living and celestial with as many threads humanly possible anchored in the mortal world. Nevertheless, the majority of his mind was engulfed into a sea of chaotic souls semi-present in the mortal universe. This, however, did seem to provide a perfect cover to avoid the presence of whoever controlled this animated army. Merely a whisper amongst the soul crippled roar of pain and venomous hate, Eli’s mind managed to modestly march along with the legion. Deep into the darkness the coeval unit sounded in step with thunderous rhythmic cadence. Down, down into the depths of oblivion did they descend, bone on bone, rank and file. Then before a great pillar did they halt at motionless attention. Eli could sense the draw of this profound column, prominently etched was the letter "R" upon it. Before long realization struck the mage as he felt the ebb of chaos surrounding him temper and pointedly start to realign.

Anxious to see more, and fully aware that his foreign manifestation might soon be exposed, the mage forcibly latched onto one of the mindless minions closer to the pillar. In doing so Eli distinctly observed a younger Reace on his knees before the column. Prepared for what was to come Eli frenziedly wrenched his mind back from the ritual. Visions of finding his son, a tree to his adjacent right, a bush in the distance, memories of the past, love, and pity for the boy Reace were all the threads he could muster to draw him back. With the last ounces of his sensibility he managed to make a predetermined gesture to his assistant, Tarias, who abruptly collapsed the bann circle and subsequently the doorway between the planes of mortality and the afterlife. Not without its costs, the mage did thereupon collapse with near fatal exhaustion and pain. Pain of a thousand acute flames upon the flesh, boar down to the bone. Yet, outwardly the man shown no infirmity.
||-------------------------------------------------------|| ||.--. .-._ .----. || |||==|____| |H|___ .---.___|""""|_____.--.___ || ||| |====| | |xxx|_ |+++|=-=|_ _|-=+=-|==|---||| |||==| | | | | \ | | |_\/_|Blood| | ^ ||| ||| | | | | |\ \ .--. | |=-=|_/\_|-=+=-| | ^ ||| ||| | | | | |_\ \_( oo )| | | |Bonds| | ^ ||| |||==|====| |H|xxx| \ \ |''| |+++|=-=|""""|-=+=-|==|---||| ||`--^----'-^-^---' `-' "" '---^---^----^-----^--^---^|| ||-------------------------------------------------------|| ||_______________________________________________________||

In the weeks that followed his collapse medicos of all ilk and walks of nature did perform their miracles upon the sleeping ruffin that is Eli Travinus. When the day did come that the mage arose a gasp and a tremor might have been heard and felt from the Runewick tavern and inn. Groggy as it were his mind allowed nothing to preclude further understanding of the events that unfolded from the bann circle. Fully conscious and reinvigorated the mage set in motion all matters of his prowess and determination to know more.

As a result his conversation with Dean Djironnyma and his apprentice Tarias gave further catalyst to the cause when they divulged that Eli’s vision was not unique. Other mages and magically affluent individuals gave testimony of similar revelations. Though, they’d seen different columns, different letters, and different individuals. More curious, though, was that some had seen a singular figure, not bound to a pillar, of elven form. Something, howbeit vague, in the mangled disorder of details chimed in Eli’s head. He could not contain the obsession now and perhaps rudely left the Dean’s office prematurely in search of answers.

Day and night now the mage scours tomes and scrolls in the great archives of Runewick for clues from themes he has theorized:

Masters and subservients, dark columns and their power, blood bonds, spells of servitude, on and on the list goes tirelessly vetting out possibilities….
  • ((Open RP to provide my thoughts since Eli has limited availability IG and possibly to rope in a GM for further depth to their plot. If this is a preferred plot IG I fully understand.))

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