Always Homemade Foods

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Always Homemade Foods

Greetings, people of Runewick! I am Soociki, a cook and baker self-learning, and I have been at it for a while now. For the most part, I've only cooked for myself as I was not sure there was a demand for food. However, events over the recent days tell me there definitely is. Are you sick of being ripped off by merchants for food that could have been sitting on the stall for hours? Have you ever wanted to support a local, growing chef? Welcome to my Always Homemade Foods!

What makes me special over other people you may buy food from:

- It's my promise to never rip anyone off. Most merchants at the marketplace would charge you 10 silver for baked potatoes! So long as the price covers cost of materials and time, I will always go half of what merchants offer.

- All food not requested in bulk (100 or more) will be fresh and hot when you get it. I grow my own vegetables, I squeeze the milk from cows myself, and if I must, I will even make the bowls and plates from scratch. If there's anything I cannot get myself without buying off the market, then I will always look to finding an experienced craftsman instead. You chose me to cook your food, and every part of it should be quality, from the bowl right up to the onion. No more having to look at your food and wonder how long it's been sitting in a depot or a merchant's table; You know it was made with quality ingredients, tools, and serving dishes.

- I support growing and professional crafters and tradesman! I will never jeopardize the quality of my food with rotten plates or bowls, or taint an otherwise scrumptious soup with a shoddy wooden spoon. I shun local market places when it comes to needing quality, and always look to finding local crafters, both learning and professional, for my supply of tools and foodware. If you're a carpenter in training, please get in touch with me! I would love to get a hold of some bowls, plates, and even cooking utensils from you. It goes without saying, whatever the markets are paying you for your work, I will pay more.

- Not only do I support craftsman, but I also support newcomers! We all know what it's like, being new to a town or the land and not having any trades built up to take care of yourself for a while. For any newcomers I find or are brought to me by others, I will ensure they get a good meal -- at no charge of course -- in their belly until they're on their feet and are able to provide for their livelyhood. No debts, no favors necessary... being new and not being able to make much money was the reason I started cooking, so I understand how it is.

- The fuzzy feeling you get supporting a learning chef. It should be no secret, I am pretty new in to cooking. Of course, that doesn't mean I can't make some very delicious food! I will only improve the more you support me, and those who do will be the first I think of when needing someone to sample a new, flavorful dish I make!

Notes about bulk orders

As mentioned above, I cannot guarantee bulk orders will be hot and fresh when you get them, as I cook off in batches. That means the last batch I made starts the process of degrading freshness, though it's very slow and there is likely to not be a noticable difference. I also work on orders pretty quickly when I manage to roll out of slumber, so bulk orders have very little time to lose freshness and surprisingly taste almost just as fresh as coming straight from the oven or kettle. Rest assured that bulk orders follow the same rules of batch orders - always made with fresh ingredients, tools, and serving dishes. This is also why it will take some time to get the ingredients for bulk orders, please be patient, I am confident you will love the result. I take pride in making quality food, and every time you bite in to food I make, I'm sure you will agree.

The best way to get in touch with me regarding an order you may want fulfilled is by a messenger animal of your choosing, since I'm usually about and gathering ingredients. To ensure you that all food is, in fact, made fresh and hot, I will have all the ingredients ready and then inform you the food is to be cooked off. You then get to watch me cook it all off, seeing as it comes fresh from the oven or kettle. For the time being, orders must be picked up at Runewick. If demand is high, in the future delivery services may be a thing to other towns. Due to safety concerns, it will only be towns and not much further out than that.

Here is what I currently can make. Don't worry, I will add more to this list as I learn more of cooking. I also accept any mentors available, I'm always willing to learn.


Mushroom soup - Don't worry, these mushrooms are not poisonous! While some mushrooms should not be eaten, champignon mushrooms are perfectly fit for consumption, and are very flavorful in a soup! A good bowl, fresh water and champignon taken right from the mushroom patches outside the town (with a small slice of onion boiled in - my personal touch) make a soup that goes great before a night's rest.

Onion soup - There was a reason I added a slice of onion to mushroom soup, and that's because it only enhances the already great flavor! An actual onion soup is not only full of flavor, but the onions are very good for your body. Slices from an onion plucked right out of the dirt and washed three times over, in to boiling water will make a soup that will bring you to a new definition of flavor... but people might smell the onion on your breath for a while!


Sausage - A very hearty combination of pork and innards, this food can be eaten knowing that nothing went to waste. I always boil it off with a slice of onion for added flavor!

Grilled Steak - Nothing like old fashioned cow over fire! Cooked to your order, from 'still mooing' to tender and melting in your mouth.

Grilled Venison - Currently unavailable at this time due to lack of supply of deer meat. If there's demand for Grilled Venison, I will request a skilled hunter obtain some.

Grilled Lamb - I usually prefer the wool on lambs, but grilled lamb makes for good eating! A haunch of lamb is much easier to eat than tougher steak, and has some hidden flavor.

Cheese - Usually used for making more complete dishes, I won't say no to cooking this specifically for those who want it! My cheese is never bought from the market, always milked from local cows and boiled in to the perfect consistency that cheese should be. Rest assured knowing that this cheese will trump anything you'll buy at your local market, and at half their price!

Trout Fillet Dish - A recent addition to my recipe list, this dish features trout freshly caught by myself, with tomatoes and cabbage freshly grown by, again, me! All boiled together with the right amount of salt, and served on a plate -- with two bread rolls at no additional cost -- that you know was made by someone who cares about quality.

Baked Goods

Baked Potato - A personal favorite of mine, the baked potato features my homemade cheese melted over a freshly grown potato,finished with diced onions covering the outer layer. The baked potato is a flavorful, melty eating experience, perfect for a cold night!

Sausage On Bread (Sausage Roll) - Who thought sausage and bread could taste so good? Freshly milled flour is baked in to a sausage coming right from the kettle, so instead of simple bread keeping a sausage wrapped, it's more of a roll. I recommend it both for loggers out in the woods, and friends at a campfire!

Cookies - As good as food is, sometimes you're in the mood for something different. Different you will get, with my homemade cookies! Honeycombs picked straight from Runewick's local beehives are baked in to my flour mixture to make a very sweet baked treat that's sure to make the most battle hardened man smile. Every customer's first purchase from me will include 5 of these -- at no additional cost -- as a thank you for supporting me!

Bread Roll - Man cannot live on bread alone... or can he? It's certainly not as good as a loaf of bread, but sometimes you feel like a light meal before some hard manual labor. While not the most attractive recipe on my list, the bread roll is freshly baked, and two of them come free with the trout fillet to make a complete, delicious meal.

Feel free to post any feedback and suggestions on my food and service below this board post. I will strive for the satisfaction of all customers who decide to support my work, so if any part of the service I provide could be improved, please do let me know!

Special thanks to Elmer for giving my cooking utensils an upgrade, and even supplying buckets and bowls for my startup. He was also my first customer!

Oustanding Requests for available crafters

I'm looking to get my grain scythe replaced with one that can actually cut in the first swing. I don't like wasting good grain because of a shoddy tool, and am looking for someone able to make a good scythe for a bountiful harvest. If you're able to make this, please get in touch with me as soon as you can. I'll pay a fair price and even throw in a couple of cookies made from the grain your scythe will be helping me harvest.

I am also looking for a good supply of bowls and plates for serving dishes. As quality is important to me with food, I do not wish to go to the market for it, and would prefer to buy bowls and plates directly from carpenters, growing and experienced. Please contact me for more information.

(( German translation of this post is welcome, though be warned that Oustanding Requests for available crafters and the recipe list will probably change semi-frequently. I will try to make any recipe changes work in large batches, so I don't make constant changes that have to keep being re-translated. Outstanding requests, I unfortunately cannot do much about. I sadly don't speak German and can only operate in English, I apologize for any inconvenience this will cause to German players. ))

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Post by Applesauce » Sun May 29, 2016 8:29 am

Re: Always Homemade Foods

Best cook ever! Honestly. Has yet to master all the favorite dishes, but none works harder or puts more care into each bite. Noone!
I give him a full five Yums. please seek him out. I would hate to lose my favorite chef do to having to work in the mines.

Elmer Olneya Tesota.

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