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Avria- OPEN RP

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 7:31 am
by Luci
The young elf female stumbled into town, looking around with wide blue-green eyes. So this was it. Runewick. The town of libraries and magic. The place she would now call home. She begin to walk along the cobblestoned streets and she ended up stumbling upon.. a craft hall? Merchants were hawking their wares at her and calling out for her to complete tasks for her. The city was a whirlwind around her as she attempted to respond to everyone present. What did they want from her? Why were they so persistent? And wait... what was this?

A green fella stood in front of her, speaking to her quite quickly. A orc! Her nose immediately turned up in displeasure as she realized he was speaking to her. The nerve of this orc to have a word with a high elf! Obviously her business was her own, and she wasn't expecting to find a orc in front of her. But she remembered her manners and held a polite conversation with him. Then he stated that he would like her to come meet his friends. So she did. And she obtained a pretty pointy blue hat.

But her dreams were not started yet. The desire to learn magic and archery burned deep within her. Soon she would explore Runewick and find the mages there. And she would see if she wanted to learn what they had to teach. She knew the journey would be long, but she had time. She was only 150 years old, wasn't she?

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Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 3:04 am
by HolyKnight
The silence was deafening in a thoughtless haze. How many hours had he labored through ancient tomes and brittle scrolls? Time, his constant nemesis, stretched onward in its eternal glory. Said to heal all wounds, he undoubtedly was exempt for the pain only worsened the more time he was given. Whether he found himself in the hallowed halls of a vast library or secluded himself to the stifled confines of tombs and crypts his pursuits remained unchanged. He would find a way to make contact with Kaila, his supposed dead wife, and unearth the whereabouts of his estranged son, Darren.

His separation from them had driven him mad. Merely a hollow shell of his former self. Long ago he'd been a prominent teacher of rune magic and a member of the Magical Academy of Gobaith. From the heights of this greatness his descent to destitution had came swiftly and unmercifully for the mage. By this way and that he'd managed to survive the demise of Gobaith and often found himself in Runewick. Now, indeed, had come such a time.

Huddled at a corner table the dingy brown cloaked individual sits unassumingly in the library of Runewick. Before him a single candle gives barely enough light to make him visible amongst shadows. More noticeable, however, are the haphazardly stacked books and scrolls that rise from the ornate oak table. Those nearby might even hear his hushed mumblings in this quiet place.

If one were to linger long enough nearby they might see books on the table before him close themselves, scrolls roll up on their own, and with subtle motions from a single finger the research materials would begin to levitate and glide through the air. Judging by their movements the mage would be returning them to their proper storage places upon the bookshelves. Soon all that is left on the table are writing materials, his leather satchel, and the lone candle.

The longer you watch the mage it becomes clearly evident that magic is keenly interwoven into nearly every action he performs. When he rises from his chair it silently moves backwards to give him ample room to stand. With an intricate flutter of his fingers a seemingly coordinated magical event begins to take place on the table. First, his ink well and pounce vile stops themselves with tiny corks. Then a collection of quills bundle together as a loose string binds and knots them together. His written documents stack themselves, roll up, and again are bound and tied by a loose string. Finally, much like an army his possessions line up and find their proper place notched and lodged onto and into his leather satchel.

As he begins to turn he summons his satchel from the table and it flies toward his side while the strap secures itself around his shoulder. With languished steps the mage goes to leave but pauses in thought. Taking a downward glance back he nods to himself and reaches back to swipe a finger. The motions prompts the chair to travel silently back to its rightful place under the table. Before he turns to continue on his way he also snaps his fingers and the candlelight expires with a swirl, a flicker, and a pop.

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Posted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 12:56 am
by Luci
A fortnight had gone by and Avria had been busy. She had managed to find her way to Galomir as well as Runewick. She had completed many tasks for the merchants in Runewick and had obtained a mage robe in addition to her blue pointy hat. She was walking through the streets of Runewick when she stumbled upon the library.

When she approached the door she noticed a figure in a brown hooded cloak moving in the shadows, seemingly on their way out. It was then that the wind seemed to pick up sharply for a moment around her. Apparently her favor with Findari was showing momentarily. She had gained more favor from the Archmage by completing tasks, but she knew that the wind goddess was the one that she would soon feel at home with.

She watched as the figure stopped for a moment and studied her. She lifted her hand tentatively and attempted to snuff out a candle that was near her. The wind picked up momentarily, than died off as she was not able to maintain the spell. Not yet, it least. The candle stayed lit for the moment. She was going on instincts only, right?

She eyed the figure nervously for a moment before entering the library. She sat down at one of the large study tables littered with books and she picked up one on the element of wind. She begin to read it, making mental notes here and there. Soon she would see if she would find the mages in Runewick. For now, she was intent to learn.

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Posted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 9:40 pm
by HolyKnight
She had the gift, he thought idly as he ducked out of the library into a side lecture hall. Even with a wall now separating them he felt the shift of nearby mana. The vibrations were quite distinct and surprisingly powerful. The elfess was intent on summoning a gust of wind and for the briefest of moments she was able to invoke her will. It was in that moment that he felt an old familiar feeling, the type that depressed people desperately tried to avoid. Clear as a bell the frequency, volume, natural magical talents, and that rare innate innocence that few mages possess made a parallel to his beloved. He wanted to step through such thoughts, as if he could run away from them. Instead, he just stood there and grasped at the air to try and find some counterbalance to the disorientation that overcame him. With the loud grind of wood on wood he felt his right hand push and then take hold of the taught cloth of a cushioned chair.

Like a riptide memories, in chronological order, flowed through his mind ceaselessly. He’d tried for years to saturate its capacity with theories, incantations, spells, and rituals. To no end had his memory failed, endless in depth and breadth to hold it all. As he stood hunched over the chair with two hands now he again bore witness to his life with Kaila in torturous clarity. In the past an episode like this could linger nearly to the point of death from thirst alone. For gods only know how long he’d succumbed to this melancholy after his initial failures to find Kaila and Darren. Eventually he’d reemerged into society due to the simple fact of not knowing if Kaila and Darren were alive or dead. Such thoughts stayed his humanity but only to a degree.

This was neither the time nor the place to indulge such thoughts and so, with considerable effort, the mage hastened his departure. What happened next could of just occurred in his mind, but there is a chance due to his imbalances that the events that followed did happen that very night in the lecture hall of Runewick’s library. Whether aloud or in his head the mage yelled, “No!”

At the same time his hand would have thrust outward in a wide arc and the line of cushioned chairs beside him, the tables before them, and the row of chairs opposite the tables would have been overcame by a gale of wind. Powerless these chairs and tables would have flown from their spots end over end and crashed where they may. Candles fixed in their sconces around the hall would have burst forth and raged with white hot flames until the mage blew open the reinforced chamber doors and exited.


Or, the mage simply walked out that night without another sound and dreamed of this lack of control later...

((I will leave it up to PO Avria to determine if my character just messed up the lecture hall. RP it how you will.))

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Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 1:09 am
by Luci
Avria sensed something askew near her. She quickly turned and noticed the cloaked figure run off into a side room. Her instincts peaked as she felt a surge of power coming from that direction. What happened next she couldn't explain, but she simply ran into the room after him.

She noted that his hands were casted out in such a manner that made the air react to him. She screamed "NOOO!" and immediately attempted to summon her own gust of wind. It took a moment but she noticed her gust of wind collided with his, attempting to interrupt his casting. He was more powerful than her though and she ended up being flown across the room as her magic collided with his.

Avria ended up on the ground in a heap, and she felt her gust of wind still present. It seemed to be floating around her, attempting to calm her down. She lifted her head and glanced across the room to the robed figure huddled in a ball and she frowned deeply. She drew her legs up to her chest and glanced around. Some tables and chairs were askew and some of the candles had been snuffed out, but she had managed to avoid total destruction... for now.

She closed her eyes and momentarily caught her breath and than her eyes fixated on the robed figure across the room. What happened next was a voice that did not seem to belong to her. She said with a booming tone "Who are you?" and her eyes fixated on him, awaiting a response.

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Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 6:50 am
by HolyKnight
Her question went unanswered as the cloaked individual stalked toward the doorway he just blew opened. Perchance, if you had ever seen a person sleep walking the actions and movements of this cloaked man followed a similar pattern. Each motion and spell seems disconnected and lackadaisical but undeniably powerful. He does not assess any damage he might have caused. He does not look back or seem to even register the elfess' presence. He is merely lead by determined steps that eventually lead him into the moonlight outside, and without stopping he reaches his right hand into the air with fingers outstretched. With a twist of his wrist his fingers snap close and the doors to the lecture hall slam shut.

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Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 3:44 pm
by Luci
The elfless frowned a moment as she watched him go. The door slammed behind him and her greenish blue orbs lingered on it for a moment before pushing herself to her feet. She slowly made her way to the window and glanced out, noting the figure standing outside.

She took a deep breath before turning and returning to the study tables. She opened a book labeled "Findari- the goddess of air" that sat atop the one that he may have previously been sitting at. She begin to read, trying to learn all she could about the Goddess. She knew what had happened in this lecture hall, but that was not going to halt her desire to learn. Avria took a few notes on her notepad before glancing to the door.

She noticed movement in the shadows near the door, but she was not going to go investigate. If the figure was interested in finding her again, than it was up to him to do so.

((Up to you now HK))

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Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:36 am
by Caynwyn
Having totally gotten over her extreme fear of mages and in fact becoming quite comfortable around most didn't actually make her lose all sense of self preservation either. Seeing things flying through the air after peeking in the window had her suddenly pause in the original plan to go inside. Quickly grabbing a branch of the nearest bush and moving sideways effectively hid her from the man storming out as she barely breathed. When she had judged sufficient time had passed, Cay dared to step out and peek again in the window startled at the face looking out yet not sure the woman ever saw her. Daring to enter the building finally, Cay smiles at the elfess now sitting in the chair noting she was the same one at the window and with a soft voice barely heard..


Her salutation was almost a question, as she reaches for a chair to pull toward the bookcase with the appearance of routine as if an old habit, the scrapping of wood on wood quite loud in the sudden quiet of the library. Noting her effort to reach the top book in the case and her short stature was answer enough yet the mild scratches on the floor where the same chair had been pulled multiple times pointed to a well loved book being removed. After the chair was replaced and bodice re-adjusted from her stretching effort, she again glances to the elfess sitting so still. With brow slightly raised in question while clutching the book to her chest, then glancing out the door briefly, Cay murmurs politely with a slight blush ...

I don't mean to disturb, but are you alright?

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Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 1:59 pm
by Luci
Avria heard the voice and she glanced up from her book momentarily. Her eyes fell on the female and she studied her for a few moments, deeply considering her response. She than simply shook her head and slowly closed the book. She said softly "I am experiencing a lot of new things... I am not sure how to understand them"

She blushed a moment, embarrassed by her words. Her gaze returned to the book once again, nervous as to what the female would say. She had had a long day and was quite tired from her casting, and also from her magic casting with another's. She still had much to learn in this new place.

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Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:34 pm
by Caynwyn
Cay blinks in surprise not use to such simple and truthful answers to her questions. As a druid, most come to list their physical complaints or are hesitant to say anything at all. Laying her quite heavy book down on the table with a light thump of a noise, she again pulls out the chair but this time takes a seat and spends some time opening to a page before speaking softly..

Being new can be confusing, puzzling and frustrating.

As Cay gazes at the book, the elfess may glance up to see a rather short human, almost the height of a tall halfling with the tips of her feet just barely managing to touch the floor yet her age appears mid to late 20's possibly even 30's while brown eyes and long light brown hair frame a face used to the outdoors. A few herbs peeking their heads from her bag could possibly attest to an interest in plants. Muttering almost in a whisper as her forwardness brings a small blush...

I have been here a little if I can help.

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Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 12:28 am
by Luci
Avria studied the small human/halfling a moment, deeply considering her response. She seemed kind enough but still she was hesistant to respond. She weighed her options for a few moments and than replied softly "I am skilled with the element of Findari.. I just don't quite know how yet."

She frowned a moment and stood up, gazing out the window again. The night was falling and she still had a lot of reading to do. She looked back to the human/halfling and asked "So how long have you been here and what have you learned so far? I found the inn is a kind place to rest my head and there is a lot of exploration to do, and I am meeting all kinds of new people. What can you teach me?"

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Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 3:46 am
by Luci
Avria waited for a response for a little while and then frowned, noting that the halfling had fallen silent. She cracked open the book in front of her and begin to study again. She ended up looking at a peculiar poem and she smiled wide as she read it over.

"Voiceless it cries
Wingless flutters
toothless bites
mouthless mutters"

She ponders the riddle for a moment or two, thinking of her possible answers. She then glanced out the window and noted that the breeze was causing the leaves to move slightly in the wind. She gathered up her books and stowed them in her pack and threw on her shawl. She then stepped out into the Runewick streets and begin to head in the direction of the Mage library.

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Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:41 am
by Caynwyn
What has she learned? Cay sighs, well there was plenty but what of anything might this elfess think was important enough for her to mention? That her parents whom disappeared the night she was born were both mages..but what good was that? That her Grandmama hated mages blaming them for the loss of her daughter, and taught her fear? This would be nothing the elfess wished to hear either. Continuing to gaze at the book thoughtfully yet not reading it as her mind whirls with one idea after another that is eventually discarded, Cay finally looks up while her lips begin to form some kind of an answer, yet notices the elfess gliding out the door. Frowning, Cay mutters in frustration...

Well, that was a lot of help Cay.. some druid you are!

Attempting to read the book now seemed like a lost cause, so she again wrestles the chair to place the rather large book back in the space it belongs on the top shelf of the bookcase. Climbing down she smiles widely with an abrupt giggle holding both arms out to hug the children blowing in the door of the library like a hurricane. Both were as tall as she was and one even taller yet still a few years shy of adulthood as they demonstrated by immediately searching in her bag for coins. Chuckling she allows one apiece with the admonishment firmly on her lips..

Come home in time for dinner and not too many cookies!

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Posted: Thu Mar 31, 2016 2:07 am
by Luci
*Avria glanced back at the library at the sound of ruckus and that's when she noticed the halfling in the door with the other two beings. She raised a brow and looked upon from afar, trying to figure out what was going on. The halfling seemed to know them and was hugging them and wishing them well. She smiled briefly, remembering her childhood. Her mom and dad weren't around too often, but when they were they made it count. *

*She gathered up her cloak and smiled briefly as she remembered. The wind swirled about her for a moment as she was transported back in time and she smiled wide at her memories. The studying lately had been long and she was tired. Perhaps some food and drink were in order. She turned towards the tavern and approached it, walking inside. She smiled briefly to the barkeep as she sat down on the stool and ordered some juice and some fruit. She begin to eat quietly, reflecting on her day and who else she might meet.*