Who am I?

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Post by Argon Hellsblade » Thu Oct 01, 2015 12:17 am

Who am I?

I wake up on a dock somewhere...... it a cool morning and there is a lot of vegetation on the ground, the cherry trees are in full bloom so it must be the season of spring, I think. My head's pounding as hard as a dwarf hits rock with his pick-axe. I'm completely naked except for shoes, a horned helmet and a battle staff. I remember something about mining long ago, I know I'm young but what's my age? I can't quite put my finger on it, what are these old items that are nearly decayed? I don't know how to even use them, but I have them? I look into the water and see my reflection, I'm an elf I acknowledge in my mind so I mutter to myself "Perhaps my roots are in Runewick from what I've found out around this small camping ground is that Wisdom and Knowledge are greatly emphasized there but something about mining keeps me from wanting to commit exactly to there some old feelings." Alas I must make a decision so I hit the streets of Runewick asking everyone and anyone for information and absorbing all the knowledge I can take in.

As I fall asleep for the night a dream comes over me I see flashes of me walking around a mine, gathering gems and stones then depositing gems and stones into a depot, I'm decently dressed well conversed it seems.... but it's just a dream or a piece of a vague memory of who I once was?

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Post by Caynwyn » Thu Oct 01, 2015 12:33 am

Re: Who am I?

The druid was walking down the street and decided to take a side one to look at a pretty park near. Her short frame may be missed as she rounds the bushes however she stops to look under the tree then sighs shaking her head. Having seen quite a few patients in disarray, his appearance didn't bother her as much as it would others yet she was concerned about why the elf was there and obviously with no possessions including the clothes on his back. Thankful of the few extra things for the poor she and Azuros had made, she sets down a basket of fruit, some meager coins, though neither of them had very many, and a few clothes. Leaving a parchment...

Let me know if you need any help, contact the Free Druids.


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