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A piece of parcment is left inside the town hall

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:53 pm
by Po Will
I'm a little bit behind on the goings on of the town, and while I do enjoy sleeping under the bridge - it's quite refreshing -, I was wondering as to where I can seek accommodation? I've recently been threatened, therefore the inn's selection of beds are out of option, any response would be neatly appreciated.

By Elara's mind,
Tiyron Trill Talltalker.

Re: A piece of parcment is left inside the town hall

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 3:43 pm
by Alrik
*The parchment is be attached at the black board in the city hall, below it another note is written*

Dear Mr. Talltalker,

in case you want to rent a room please speak to me and have a look at the first regulation of Runewick, regarding renting rooms and houses. You will find it written under the constitution of Runewick.

Regarding the threat you write of, feel free to report to any member of the academic council, consisting Dean Djironnyma, Professor Vitus and myself or to the Captain of the city guard, Leomar Gesse.


Alrik Grimler
Professor of Theology

Re: A piece of parcment is left inside the town hall

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 4:53 pm
by Po Will
Upon finding the response, little Tiyron sets about writing out another, quite obviously the pair are too busy, and this approach is the best met.
Pleasure, Alrik.

I'll have a peek at the constitution the next chance I get, thank you for the timely response.

Well. Considering this may be a threat at large, I'll write down what happened for all to view if they so choose. Farming the land, a lamp began to speak. Now, being a mage of sorts myself, I was curious and have kept the information to myself. But yes, the lamp was there by the fields as it spoke. Called itself the little helper, told me not to trust who I trust and be wary, as 'they' - who the they are, it never mentioned - will be coming to stab me in the heart, the back and I will die as such.

Now, either a citizen was playing a trick, though the actions of the flames told me it was being influenced, a demon is at large... Or perhaps Nargun is sending me ill favour. I don't list the suspect as BrĂ¡gon, due to this not being his nature. In any case, perhaps the council would like to see this dealt with.

By Oldra's harvest,
Tiyron Trill Talltalker.