A neat parchment

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Post by Matron » Sun Jun 14, 2015 9:53 am

A neat parchment

A neatly written note has been pinned up even more neatly, sticking out from the crowd of messy notes on the boards.

I, Teptoc of Teptoc Transportations, do thank those who came to aid in the defense of the fields, the bridge and Yewdale beyond.

However, I also wish to spread this warning: Beware of a figure in dark armour bearing a red shield and a quite reserved attitude. He did attempt to lure Miss Lilac and myself away from the fight, supposedly to patrol the road, however he then turned on us in the name of Moshran as he claimed. He is a capable fighter and possesses a variety of potions, both the kind for consumption and destruction. During his efforts I could not fail to notice long, pale hair spilling from beneath his helmet. In a fight he will turn on the weak and flee the strong as he demonstrated when he tried to harm Miss Lilac, yet evaded myself unless it was impossible.

If I remember correctly and that is not often the case, I have observed this man in the Akaltut's lair before, sparring with the drows. It leads me to conclude that he is a scout sent by the demon herself. Whether he is a drow or not, I cannot tell. Mister Jumanchin of Galmair, however, appeared to recognize the figure, he may certainly be approached for further information.

Do heed this warning if you notice such a man joining your ranks under false pretense,

Teptoc ~ Founder, Owner and Head of Teptoc Transportations

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