Capturing and cutting Illarion

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Post by Banduk » Sun Oct 11, 2015 9:00 pm

Capturing and cutting Illarion

I got asked multiple times (up to now 4x) what software I use to record and cut.
This is neither the only one nor a perfect solution but it works for me.

I record using Open Broadcaster Software, an Open Source project.
At ... 30858.html you can download and find a sufficient German description.
I configured the SW for Game capturing. This has the big advantage that while I record Illarion a chat I need from time to time in front of the game is not recorded. Be aware that the framerate of Illarion is reduced as long as it is not running in foreground.
I chose mp4 as target format and I set 2 hotkeys for start / stop recording. That’s all!
For my full screen size (1366x768) I can record 3 hours in a row and get a movie with about 1.4 GByte size.
Best settings for good quality would be: Run Illarion in Window, size 1280x720 pixel. Everything else will result in fuzzy movies except you use 1440x1080 but with these resolution the figures as well as the text are much too small.

I’m using Adobe Premiere 7.1, a license I paid 97 € years ago. I have no experience with other SW but this one was worth the money I spend for.
If I’d need to install a new one, I’d buy it again but the Windows Movie Maker looks like a good alternative.

Some hints about cutting, I've learned the hard way
  • Cut out out the time, you need for writing.
  • Record all music themes separately. Record the story with effects only and choose the music from separate records. It sounds strange if in the middle of an larger fight suddenly the peaceful music comes just because the first monster is killed and you have to switch to the second.
  • A scene can be quite short, 3 s for short, 6s for longer text to read. Be aware the time to read is much shorter than the time to you need to think and write.
  • Cut longer walks in some some short scenes at interesting locations. A fight can be cut into begin and the end, take out the middle.
  • Be aware, most of the people the movies are made for, have no relation to the background. Hold the story simple and try to show some interesting items with mouseover. Give the audience time to read (3-5s, depending on the text).
  • 10-30 min are definitively too long. 5 min are enough.
  • KISS
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