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Post by Djironnyma » Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:52 pm

How to Start / Brainstorming

So thats the place to plan and manage the promotion for illarion. What we have to do first:

Find Promoters
  • A promoter should have good languages skills in English or german to write good Texts. Anyway he have to speak at least basic english for intern communication.
  • He should have the time and motivation to help Illarion
  • he should have a more or lss postive opinion about the Game/dtaff/devloping process otherwise i doubt he would present it well
Find places to Promote
  • Blogs&Boards which concerning RPGs/Online Games and devloping/open sorce - we chould also create a own blog for link exchange
  • Social networkng - build gruops/networks at Facebook, google+,myspace,twitter etc to spread news&co
  • Create a presentable newsletter
After finding some help we sould first build the structur/networrk for the promotion process. After thats done the promotion shold concentrate on finding devlopers until the VBU comes, after that we have to promote for finding players.


Das ist der Platz wo wir die Werbung für Illarion planen. Was haben wir als erstes zu erledigen:

Finde Promotoren:
-Ein Promotoren sollte gute Englisch oder Deutsch Kenntnisse besitzen, um gute Texte zu schreiben. Auf jeden Fall sollte er die Grundlagen von Englisch besitzen um sich Intern zu verständigen.
-Er sollte Zeit und Motivation besitzen um Illarion zu helfen
-Er sollte eine mehr oder weniger gute Einstellung über das Spiel/Staff/Entwicklungsprozesse & Co

Finde Orte für Werbung
-Blogs & Foren die sich mit RPGs/Online Games und Entwicklung/Open Scorce - wir sollten auch einen eigenen Blog für einen Link Austausch
-Soziale Netzwerke - bilde Gruppen/Netzwerke auf Facebook, google+, myspace, twitter, etc. um News & Co zu verbreiten
-Erstelle einen vorzeigbaren Newsletter

Nachdem wir etwas Hilfe gefunden haben sollten wir als erstes die Netzwerkstruktur erstellen. Nachdem das erledigt ist sollten wir uns darauf konzentrieren weitere Entwickler zu finden bis das VBU kommt, danach wir müssen werbung machen um neue Spieler zu finden.

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Post by Teflon » Thu Jun 27, 2013 7:52 pm

Re: How to Start / Brainstorming

I picked up this and tried to extend the original post. Please add your ideas!

What we need to prepare:
- promotion text in English and German. We have one here: ... 77&t=36217 (Don't know if we should mention magic currently.)
- keywords, which we have to use in our promotion activities. (a list can be found here: ... 77&t=36188)
- key-attributes of Illarion. (We have to be aware of what makes Illarion special and better than other games and stress this. Currently we do not. For example, take the German short version from the link above. I don't think that these 5 races make Illarion very special (lizards not even mentioned ;)). I didn't look but I think to remember there is thread that discusses this issue: Why do you play Illarion?)
- video clips: teaser, tutorial for account&character-creation, tutorial for game-play (explain key functions like move, pick-up, #me, crafting, fighting, gathering, etc..)
- banner, logos, screen shots, et. for illustration, links, social media. There should be some which include also our factions. ( ... 77&t=36189 ; ... 46#p656246).
- website must have basic information about our factions and up-to-date FAQ. All other things can be done later
- reviews of Illarion (anyone can write a review and post it there where we need it. It does not need to be as good as a promotion text.)

- blogs, boards & game platforms, which concerning RPGs/Online Games ( ... 77&t=36186)
- own Illarion-blog (I know, nothing is worse than a blog that is not updated, but it could help to create traffic and links)
- social networks to spread news&co (with Illarion-account for staff):
  • Facebook-fanpage (not a group)
  • google+
  • myspace
  • youtube
  • twitter
- create a presentable newsletter

Blogs, boards & game platform:
Here, we have several options
a) We create an "official board account" and post our promotion there. It isn't necessary that it is called Illarion but the stuff should have access and use it over and over again, so it gets a better reputation. Then we have to motivate ourself to comment on our post "regularly" with private accounts. It is better to comment with some time between each comment than all at once. In this case, our post would be on the first page for longer than only few days.
b) We create more than one account and comment on our own stuff with our pseudonyms, as many companies do. This would allow us to have more traffic and gain more attention. However, we have to be careful not to exaggerate it. Otherwise it looks like spam.
c) We use only private accounts for promotion instead of official board accounts.
d) A combination of all of them.

Any attempt or post needs follow-ups. A single post like here (; although it might be not reasonable in this case) doesn't bring attention. People might see it but will immediately forget about it. Therefore, we need comments on any promotion-post. If it is something more serious like a review or just a "I tried and its wonderful" doesn't really matter, although the former is preferred.

We should post there the same things as we post on our website with a link to original website post. Copy & paste should be fine to keep it simple and achievable. Furthermore, we should post there links to our promotion posts and reviews as well as we use comments on promotion posts and reviews to like to the blog and website themselves. Additionally, we use our social media channels to link to posts on our blog. Thereby we always have to use our keywords and attributes (see above).
That might sound weird but we need links and keywords in order to get attention. Google, Facebook, NSA, etc. need to know Illarion.

Social networks:
Some don't like them but we cannot ignore them. We should post and link there whatever we do. News about updates/patches, reviews, our blog, discussion on our board, new videos and pictures, or when we set another promotion link...
For facebook, it might be useful to add many people as manager. That sounds like a risk but stupid facebook does not allow to invite friends to a fanpage if you are only a liker... and we need friends of our friends to address here.

This tool could be used to get players back who became inactive and don't have any personal relationships to other active players. The newsletter could include news about updates, brief summary about game events (we could add our game-newspapers of Runewick and Galmair (coming soon)), preview of upcoming game development aspects, appeals to support us in our promotion activities.

We should write our own reviews about Illarion. On some pages everyone can post them. On other pages, we would have to send them to their editors (probably in an official letter?). In the former case, it might be useful to produce short reviews about only a specific aspect of Illarion that the writer likes most instead of one big that includes all aspects. This would allow us to produce more posts than one. We could also take a big one and split it in smaller parts.

I hope, we are aware that whatever we do... it is NOT an one day activity but a permanent job and it has to been done everyone. If we do not want this game to die or all your effort only for few nice hours, than everyone has to take responsibility for the promotion of Illarion. Motivate each other! Take 5-10 minutes and comment at least on a promotion post at least as soon as we are ready.

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