Ancient language, and Runes(magic)

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Post by Ryun » Sat May 05, 2012 4:44 pm

Ancient language, and Runes(magic)

Is there no other way to learn the Ancient language than being taught by another Mage? or to learn runes?
Just curious how the first players of illarion learned magic (engine wise). As I'd be pretty interested for my character to do research, explore ancient ruins to uncover lost knowledge, or at least "rare" in that sense.
Also there's a bit of a lack of active Academy teachers that take up students i think, thou My character "Ryun" is unlikely to go about begging, or doing extravagant means of acquire a teacher, as he'd much rather study and learn himself (Although he wishes to join the academy for their library, and fellow minded researchers to discuss theories and plan ruin excavations).

Just ponder how the magic system is planned/is going to work arranged the fact of how magic can be learned.

or is it that "runes" and the ancient language is mostly verbally taught, thus guarded from master to apprentice? just curious a about the things surrounding the setting, both Lore, Role play situation, and Engine wise.

~ Ryun

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Post by Nicolas Lemarius » Sat May 05, 2012 7:51 pm

Re: Ancient language, and Runes(magic)

As it stands,
The runes and ancient language are taught by magic teachers.

Magical theory and stuff can be read in a book that you may find in a library (it's on the Illapedia, just RP library)

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Post by Qeewee » Sat May 05, 2012 9:21 pm

Re: Ancient language, and Runes(magic)

I heard the first mages were chosen by GMs, or were GMs, to learn magic and to teach magic.
Also I heard rumors that after the VBU, a new magic system that doesn't require player-rune-giving or something like that amongst other things.

This is of course only things I've heard, if any of it is wrong feel free to correct it, or even give more detailed information if it is right.

Though currently as mentioned, only magic teachers can teach the language and runes, luckily for the newer players they aren't as picky with their student picking as they used to be.

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