Hi Guys it's okay

This is a board that contains all informations related to the Illarion spin-off "Legends of Illarion" / Dieses Board enthält alle Informationen bezüglich des Illarion-Ablegers "Legends of Illarion".

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Post by Drace Blackman » Wed May 27, 2015 5:13 pm

Hi Guys it's okay

That can i create Illarion: Type P, Class P are group of Humans who were with the same goal. it takes places shortly after Legends of Illarion the First Game. they can use their own customize of weapons since the World of Illarion was set in the Futuristic Era of Illarion. these are the factions that Takes Place

Dyluck Peristylium - Shortly known as the Cursed Peristylium they are the opposing Nation of Illarion, they are the antagonist Group of Dark Wizards, Only the Dark Wizards follows the ways of Moshran meanwhile the Class P follows the ways of Dyluck's Heroic Actions

Aragon Peristylium - The Protagonist Peristylium or shortly known as the Heavenly Peristylium, they are the protagonist Group of White Wizards, They follow the ways of Malachin

Galadria Peristylium - The Elven Peristylium, They follow the ways of Sirani - They Accuse the Heavenly Peristylium or Aragon Peristylium as the Killers of the Queen of the Elven Peristylium

Caranthir Peristylium - The Dwarven Peristylium, They follow the ways of Irmorom The God of Trade and Craftsmanship

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Post by Drace Blackman » Wed May 27, 2015 5:42 pm

Re: Hi Guys it's okay


- Being Cheerful in most of the times gives him an Exterior look. he acts recklessly under false calculations. he is a Happy-Go-Lucky Boy with a Gentle Heart full of excitement ready to become an Ally of Justice

Poke's Description

"9 Arrives with 9 and 9 have met, the doors of the new world is about to open, and the thundering movement claps in the sky, the warning was saying to whom will arrive, the Phantoms shall arrive and that's how we have come!"

- Poke in the Opening

Poke is the Leader of Class Phantoms of the Dyluck Peristylium, shortly hearing that they heard about Dyluck being Framed. is up to him and his classmates to find the ones who framed him as Moshran's Killer to prevent such disasters that could bring across Illarion. He is from Dyluck Peristylium the Village of Blackpool of the Dregalla Empire.


Playing Tarots - Primary Weapon
Golden Cards
Academy Cards
Random Cards
Cards of Darkness
War Cards
Onyx Cards
Strawberry Cards
Angel's Tarot
Gamemaster's Cards
Master's Cards
Magician's Deck
Lucky Sevens
White Trump
Universe Tarot - Ultimate Weapon

Techniques: Poke's Techniques are: Elemental Cards

Card Explosion - Throws a Explosive Card against one foe
Magic Explosion - Throws a Magical Explosion Card on One Foe
Blinded Explosion - Throws a Blind Explosion Card on One Foe
Stone Explosion - Throws a Stone Explosion Card on One Foe
Deadly Explosion - Throws a Death Explosion Card on One Foe

Holy Guard
Elemental Wall
Defensive Tactic

More will Continue Tomorrow

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Post by Dyluck » Thu May 28, 2015 4:36 am

Re: Hi Guys it's okay

Drace Blackman, first of all, let me say thank you for your continued enthusiasm towards Legends Of Illarion.

However, to be very honest, I am not too happy with the thought of other people using information from my game or creating their own sequel ideas from it, especially if these ideas are used inappropriately in the "real" MMORPG world Illarion. My game was a spinoff and not canon, so please make sure you understand that many events in my game did not actually happen in the "real" Illarion. Also, this forum was designed mainly for people who have played Illarion BEFORE Legends Of Illarion, and NOT for people who came to Illarion AFTER Legends Of Illarion.

Therefore, I would really appreciate it very much if you could do these favors for me:

-Please put any comments or questions you have about my game in that other forum instead from now on at http://rpgmaker.net/games/1150/
-Please do not ever use any history or any of your ideas related to my game in the "real" Illarion game or forums.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

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