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Post by zamil » Tue Jun 30, 2009 3:44 am

yah. Those foods are so cheap that we can always keep plenty of them. But if there's someone who wants to level up all members a lot in the dungeon, 99 trouts may be not enough. So it could a good way only for those who always loves to level up more than expected when playing rpg.

Music in this game rocks!! i checked all the music files.
There are so many musics from FF series. "Cirigoth_theme" and "World_map" sounds the same as another rm2k3 game named "Everlong". "Secret of the Younger Gods" is the main theme of the heroine in "The way" series. I wounder if Dyluck ever played them as well.

The one makes me feel the most excited is "Wanderers Of a Growing Illarion". It's an original sound track from my favorite strategy game"Vantage Master". It's free to download.
Too bad it's not popular at all. Anyone tried this before?

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Post by Dyluck » Tue Jun 30, 2009 5:16 am

Yes I've finished The Way and played Everlong, although not completely, and those pieces were most likely taken directly from those games after I played them. In fact, "Cirigoth" is a name from Everlong and I never bothered to change the filename, and as far as I can remember, that song is not actually even used anywhere during my game. There were a lot of music files that I imported into my project for consideration over the years, but in the end many songs were not used. I deleted the ones that took up large filespace, but I left many of them in there, just in case I did use them and forgot about it.

Also, just to let you know, a lot of the filenames are misnamed, since some were originally intended as a theme for something, and then later replaced or used for some other part of the game.

One of my favourite pieces and a late addition to the project is FF5_MyHome which I think is one of the most underrated songs in the FF5. There have been many vocal versions and remixes of this song and they all sound incredible. If I ever make the prequel to this project, I would definately use one of the vocal versions of this song as a theme. But sadly, it will probably never happen.

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Post by Lexis Katarino » Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:47 pm

It's a really great game. But after the half of the game (I think it is the half) I stopped. My motivation is gone for that game. :( But it is still a great game! Respect.

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