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Post by AntareElAmore » Fri Feb 19, 2016 4:31 pm

Just a question


I'm new here to the forum, but as the creator of the RPG game itself is here, it's nothing more than a safe bate to ask here xD

The deal is that I'm trying to get all the younger gods emblems and to do so, I must find the temples. The only temple I can't find despite my effort is Irmorom's. I know is is the gods from dwarves, but I can't enter Copper Mountains or get to another dwarf settlement and can't recall any kind of altar for him... :( Is there someone who can tell me where his temple is?

Also, congrats for the game! I'm by the end of it, already at the final boss with all the dragons killed and forbidden scroll in hands. I just need to level 2 more teams if I want to get through the 3 little godies. It just gives me more fuel to complete it. Might as well try in hard mode after it's over :D

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Post by Dyluck » Sun Feb 21, 2016 7:34 am

Re: Just a question

Irmorom's altar is in the dwarven city of Silverbrand. You can get there through the tunnel beneath the library in Gobaith, like you did the first time in Chapter 8.

Glad to hear that you've gotten all the way to the end!

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