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Athian Corulas sits on a boulder some distance away from the town of TrollsBane staring up into the afternoon sky. He seems lost in thought for long moments as if nothing in the world truly existed. Then his eyes fall to the brown leather bag next to him. He reaches out and takes it, removing two Daggers. one that glows of an omnious Black the other of a serene white. They have a slight hum in the slowly fading light of the afternoon, as he holds them up into the air. But he becomes bored with this and lays back on the rock putting the blades to one side.
" how does one stay faithful to a memory...sounds over dramatized."
He continues to lay there for long moments thinking of a person he misses. but the thought does more to annoy him then truly sadden him. He sits up once more taking up his daggers then stands up on the boulder so he can see over the horizon. Then in a slight fit. He hurls the black glowing dagger down at the Boulder. it pierces the rock as he knew it would and he smiles at it's strenght.
Tucking the other dagger into his bag he decides it's time for him to finally get back to work. he reaches down to take the second blade, grasping the handle. he pulls...and it doesn't budge. Athian blinks in surprise. Then he pulls again harder then the last time, and still nothing. He sighs heavily.
" Why did i have to.. Aw hell, this is gonna be a long long day indeed.

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