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Athian Corulas stood happily in the forest. after journying for hours aimlessly admiring the country side. his eyes have taken in a true preference for beauty. He stands in a clearing he would at one point not stopped to veiw, and admires it wholly. Thinking to himself that it might be a good spot for the temple he seeks to build some time in the future.

" It seems a fitting place for such an honorable goal." He say to himself with a slight chuckle. " I just hope I don't have to tear up any of the country side in my construction. Who know's what god I might offend."

Athian decides it a good time as any to take a break and in such a nice place he is sure he will not be disturbed. he lays down in the soft grass and closes his eyes, allowing sleep to take him.
All is dark in the realm of his dreams. even there he is at peace in the nothingness around him. Then like a flash an image swirls inot his mind. An entity as black as the night. with a face that he canot make out, but the aura around it seems to scream of death and choas. Behind it is a large creature the likes of which he has never seen. A large lizard like beast of some kind. also foul and reeking of unseen power. The image is gone as quickly as it came leaving a single word in his name in his mind Cherass.
His dream interupted he wakes quickly covered in a cold sweat. his eyes dart about him looking for any sign of threatening danger. but none can be found. As he moves to stand there is a hum in the air and from nowhere and everywhere at once his body is struck by an indecernable force. so strong that he is blown back to the ground and is unable to stand.
He stares into the sky for long moments in a state of duluded consciousness. when his mind finally returns to him he lift his hand into the air. About it is a strong blue glow. and he can feel a strange force lurking behind his eyes. Athian lifts himself up onto his knees to discover his whole body emersed in a slowly fading glow. As he sit the name comes to mind again. As soon as the word echo's in his mind he can feel a seething hatred directed at the being who bares the title, followed by the echo of a womans voice he's heard only in his dreams a voice of power far beyond anything he could discribe. a force that somehow now seems closer to him. The voice itself, is not kind nor is it harsh. It simply compells him to do as he is told. only one sentence of the utterance can he understand.
" Rise, Rise now Seeker of the Deep! I have given all you need and now is your time to serve me."

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