[open] 4th Mas

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Post by Katharina Brightrim » Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:25 am

[open] 4th Mas

((4th Mas forum RP, for anybody who's interested or does not have time to log like me :P))

Slowly getting back to consciousness, the first thing Katharina notices, is a pain in her throat. Clumsy hands reach up to her neck and she winces as they touch the bruise-marks the invisible hands left there. Hesitantly, the memories return to her and she frowns, allowing her hands to fall back to her sides. As her eyes glance around, she recognizes the hospital. Her armor weights her down, when she tries to sit up and she stays laying in the bed, taking some time to recover. Outside the hospital, the town seems to be quiet for now...

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Post by Brightrim » Tue Feb 11, 2020 3:53 pm

Re: [open] 4th Mas

The quiet of the town is briefly interrupted by the sound of shattering glass. By the alchemy room, a batch of half finished healing brews are left behind in a careless manner, the turned over chair and a broken potion bottle nearby signifying the rush whoever left them behind was in. Having heard news of Katharina's current predicament, Amanda's hasty footsteps are audibly heard heading for the hospital, burdened by the weight of her armor.

Ignoring any others in the room, a look of pain flashes briefly across Amanda's eyes as she spots Katharina, instinctively reaching out to touch the bruise-marks on the woman's throat. Quickly withdrawing her hand upon realizing the pain it might cause, her first reaction to bombard Katharina with questions, before she rushes off again with a few words, not even allowing Katharina the time to speak.

Heavy footsteps once more rush in upon her return, bringing along a jar and some clothes as she enters. Moving the nearby dividers to ensure the utmost privacy, she turns her attention back to the woman. She finally listens to what Katharina has to say whilst preparing the jar of salve she brought with her upon her return, all the while eyeing her neck.

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Post by Eleanor » Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:55 pm

Re: [open] 4th Mas

At a distant graveyard, Eleanor sighed. She hated this month every year, when the dead and undead around her start to act weird. Not that any of them ever attacked her, she learned how to care for their likes many many years ago and in the end, she even married one. For her, it was just annoying when they started to go up against each other. From her small cottage, she watched the agony and the madness and felt sorry for these poor creatures. Everywhere else in Illarion, they were hunted, killed (again) and feared. She shook her head: A long time ago, she had given up on convincing people of the fact that these creatures were misunderstood. Most of them did not even choose to be resurrected and yet were considered an evil power, willing to kill every living creature. Shaking her head slowly, she turned away from the window. Once Mas was over, she would have to clean up the graveyard again, bring some of these poor creatures back into their coffins and likely replant some of the flowers. That was something she was very angry about; every Mas, the undead would stomp down all the flowers she had eagerly planted over the year. The undead really lacked empathy sometimes.

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Post by Custodio » Tue Feb 11, 2020 5:00 pm

Re: [open] 4th Mas

As with every year, it had been a quiet Mas for Neia. Sitting by the fireplace in her recently renovated home, Neia was taking it easy with a book and a glass of elven wine. One did not get as old as her by taking needless risks with their lives at stake, she reminded herself. Maybe in her younger days she had been more passionate about these things, but these days she left most things up to destiny. To the will of the gods above.
Yet a nagging voice at the back of her head gave her no rest. Was she having a change of heart in her old age? First with Letma, and now this. Perhaps she was growing to care for her new home, at least more than she'd like to admit. The nagging voice, she soon recognized it had taken the familiar tone of the man named Oxiana, was relentlessly keen on disturbing her peace. It was unlike her to care so much about the lives and troubles of the other more short-lived races, but here she was...
After dwelling on the matter for some time, she finally stood up with a sigh, grabbing her coat.
"Fine... I guess we will find out what use I can be then, won't we, Oxi..." the old elfess muttered under her breath, as she locked the door behind her, pulling her coat closer around herself. Leaving behind a barely touched glass of elven wine, and a chimney with smouldering flames, she ventured out to see what aid she could be.

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Post by Kraex'Ju » Tue Feb 11, 2020 5:34 pm

Re: [open] 4th Mas

When not getting reports from the rogue he hired, Kraex called Queen's Lace, a Cadomyrian merchant ship, home. Over the years he'd traveled, he'd grown accustomed to the ebb and flow of the sea beneath his feet. Now, though, the coming of Mas left Queen's Lace hard docked for repairs, and Kraex ashore at the Harbor of Cadomyr. He'd been tempted to return to the town but sought the Temple of Sinari for guidance. He'd never prayed to the goddess of love before but after bringing her a tithing, he felt at peace for the first time since his private return to Illarion.

He prayed for Katharina and her safety, and that she would need him once more. Kraex was no stranger to the power and presence of the gods, but little did he know how quickly his prayer would come to pass.

Fire streaked the sky, when it struck near Cadomyr, Kraex was within earshot of the ripple it sent across the sands and dunes. Equipped with only a drum over shoulder, a lute in hand, noble worthy doublet and tights, and of course the wide brimmed flopped mage's hat Katharina hand tailored for him, Kraex sauntered toward Cadomyr. He intended to give the town moral support, perhaps write a song about the new heroes of Cadomyr.

Beneath the cover of his periwinkle blue hat and ablaze in red cloak and doublet the orc navigated his way to the gates of Cadomyr, strumming his lute and banging his drum. He needed more practice, but the orc never lacked confidence. He imagined the ballads he would write, songs he’d sing, and the look on Katharina’s face when she witnessed how educated he’d become.

No undead, no wailing and screaming, only a dense red mist blocking the gate to Cadomyr and an armored orc he didn’t recognize. He greeted Kraex standing in the red fog, reminding Kraex of himself long ago— maybe one of Cadomyr’s new heroes.

Kraex was about to yell out to the city when the red vapors caught in the wind just right to reveal Katharina. When he saw her nothing else mattered, she became his single focus. She didn’t smile or nod, no gesture of friendliness at all. Kraex felt deeply hurt, until his sharp eyes saw both her hands grasped around her throat.

Things were happening all around him, he could sense danger, but old instincts, the kind that never fully leave a warrior, drove him forward casting his lute aside. Into the misty unbound he leaped to close the distance between Kat and him. The foggy mist was thicker than anticipated and his landing was off the mark.

Coughing and unable to see, he lost his balance. He felt his right shoulder plow into the edge of the portcullis, the momentum sent him flailing forward and into a heap at the feet of the gathered troop defending Cadomyr. Dazed, but too resilient to remain embarrassed or idle he crawled up to Kat, who’d fallen over clutching her neck.

He assessed, she wasn’t choking herself, looked more like she was trying to stop some invisible force from choking her. He called for a mage, they did little, decades of war and he’d never felt so panicked and helpless. No one was tending to her, so he did what he thought best. He pulled at her hands to have a better look.

She had blue finger marks on her neck. Panic grew, he called for the mage again. Nothing. The town was in an uproar, danger afoot, bones rattled, screaming, the idle shuffle of armed combatants, all things his keen ears could not block out.

Finally, someone said take her to safety. That’s all it took, a command and he was scooping Kat up and carrying her to the closet table, The Unicorn Lion. He was swift, they were there in no time, but Kat managed to say “hospital” and pointed. Kraex scooped her again, carefully, deposited her fully armored self into a bed at the hospital.

He intended to stay right beside her but Oxiana came in. He checked on Kat, but looked expectantly at the orc.

“The best thing you can do for her is to not let Cadomyr fall.”

The words were true, Kraex knew Kat well. Long ago he wouldn’t have hesitated, but he’d laid down his arms long ago and gave his entire armory to the woman unconscious before him. Oxiana assured him, they’d arm him. Kraex warred with himself, Kat was asleep and looked at peace for the moment. If the undead broke the town defense she would be in grave danger.

Again, no thought required he was out the hospital door in stride. Merchants, peddlers, guards, and the whole of the city saw their oddly dressed hero of old returned, back into the fray, once more, once again on their behalf.

To the depot he went, out came auxiliary armor and on it went, someone handed him quivers of arrows (once his chest plate was on he shouldered three), the same person handed him a bow. He sat the weapon down, latched the remainder of his armor, put on his gloves, and the re-killing of things that ought to be dead commenced.

He’d arrived late, others were giving orders, two soldiers were guarding the gate. He flanked them and unfurled arrows in rhythm to help down his comrades’ foes. They broke apart with ease under the joint effort, but the town’s guard wasn’t formed properly. Everyone amassed in the center, fortifying the gate, but they couldn’t see the unholy mages of the damned bolstering the undead warriors.

Too late, magic cast, the center of Cadomyr’s defense caved in. Kraex watched in horror as a sea of red undead bones washed over the two defenders at the portcullis, converged on Oxiana and began to maim him. Ruthless ire hit steel on steel and blood spoiled the market. Kraex as an archer remained at a safe distance from the onslaught. He sent as many arrows as he could before the undead marauders flooded into the city.

Only the two orcs survived the breach well enough to fight. Cadomyr screamed for mercy, the Queen’s guard only able to protect critical areas. That left Kraex to save the rest and the other orc unable to stand toe to toe with the Blood God’s servants. Once he corralled citizens into barred buildings, the stalking began.

Systematically and with ruthless intent the knight of Cadomyr cleansed his Queen’s city. He roared, he cursed, and savagely he reminded the foes of Cadomyr what a knight really meant. When the last bone ceased to move any longer, the city cheered and echoed a victor’s delight. Onward he pressed the undead army with the help of reinforcements until the joint effort allowed Horatio to reestablish order.

Covered in blood and fragments of red bone, Kraex claimed a battle’s victory and washed himself at the tavern before going to Katharina.

Upon reentering the hospital he stops short of where he left her. There were more dividers than before, closing off the space and he could hear Kat was not alone.

“Kat, joo alrights in thur?”

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Post by Katharina Brightrim » Tue Feb 11, 2020 8:01 pm

Re: [open] 4th Mas

Having just changed into a clean set of clothes with the help of Amanda, Katharina frowned upon hearing the voice. Somewhere, in a far corner of her brain, she recognized the voice, but she could not tell who it belonged to. An orc, that was obvious, but as much as she thought about it, she could not come up with any orc being close enough to her to call her 'Kat'. Sitting up on the bed, now with less weight on her and some support from Amanda, before she answers with a rather rough, rasping voice, confirming that she's alright. The salve had helped, but her throat still hurt when talking. Limiting her answer to a few words, she asked for some privacy. She did not want to be seen like that, sitting on a hospital bed with her reddened eyes and the marks around her neck, by anybody but Amanda.

She had told her everything about the invisible hand, and about what she saw before passing out eventually. About the voice she had heard. She did not really feel like telling any passers about voices in her head, even if it was Mas. Laying back down, she grabbed the blanket and pulled it over herself. She could head back out and take care of the protection of Cadomyr, once she had rested a little more. In her head, she already prepared for the discussion to come when she would tell Amanda that she would go out again.

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Post by Aswe » Tue Feb 11, 2020 8:43 pm

Re: [open] 4th Mas

Stroke, Stroke, stroke

It was stuck in her head, it was all she'd heard for 4 days. 4 days of galleymen pulling the oars

Stroke, Stroke, stroke

Even now, two days away from the boat, and indeed the ocean, she still heard it in the back of her mind incessantly.

Stroke, Stroke, stroke

Hopefully, time in the forest, or what counted for a forest in a post necromancer world, where everything was either a corpse, or a corpse eater. Even here, what they used to call the pearlwoods was gone. Naught but dead trees. All this was good for was the grubs.

Stroke, Stroke, stroke

She shook her head. Mas was here. paradoxically the best time to explore these places. All of the assorted beasts, monsters, horrors and Albarians were assaulting population centers. Emboldened by the month, but even still. Tarrying would not serve her. She needed permanent shelter.

Stroke, Stroke, stroke

What would be the best spot to look for? It had been some time since she'd done this. Centuries at least, and the sun was setting, judging by the position of the sun, she had about- wait, what are those?

Stroke, Stroke, stroke

Shooting stars hanging in the sky? impossible.. Perhaps a... what were they called? Meteors. That is the name. A lot of them. And they were off in the direction of Illarion, by Aswe's reckoning. She sighed gently.

"Ushara, mother under all. Let them land on Cadomyr."

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Post by nathi » Tue Feb 11, 2020 9:30 pm

Re: [open] 4th Mas

At first she was hit in the side, but she staggered and could use the momentum to pull her flaming sword through two skeletons. A noise let her turn around so she noticed Brassius who was about to push a front of skeletons with his shield to the side of the bridge. At that moment she realized that it was a mistake to turn around. The blow hit her in the side with such force that she was hurled into a bow. She tried to get up, but was immediately run over by a horde of skeletons. The last thing she noticed was the demonic grin of the Lichs skull, then it got dark.
Brassuis called out for her, but got no answer, he saw pieces of armor flying out of the crowd of skeletons. He couldn't intervene any more, it seemed as if all Demons were throwing themselves on the single fighter. He ran into the city to Cherga's cross and huddled against one of the columns. The noise in front of the city stopped, it seemed as if the flocks were retreating. He looked at the cross for a long time before he got up and left.

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