A day outside

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Post by Katharina Brightrim » Wed May 08, 2019 6:33 pm

A day outside

Sighing deeply the Baroness, as usual alone on the marketplace of Cadomyr, bites her lip hard. With a little frown she looks over to her villa, then puts away the shovel she just used to dig some sand for her lady and leaves for a walk through the realm.

Her first errand was to check the gates dividing the inner land from Letma and the outer desert. It will be a weight off her shoulders to ensure the safety of her citizen, as it is good to help quite a few. The next trip was back to the depot at the marketplace to get her supplies and yes, the comb. She always knew she would use it, somebody had worked laboriously on shaping it like a sheep. One may wonder whether she even needed to comb her hair... yet then again... decide that it is her own choice. Having stored it just yesterday in the hope it wasn't needed that soon again, she holds this comb, realizing that it was one of the first gifts she got from her lady.

Taking the ring from her depot, where she left it for the work in the desert, and placing it on her finger, not sure if she would ever wish to take it off again, Katharina turns with a light smile on her lips to her villa to see Amanda standing behind the window watching her. Giving her her warmest smile, she waves and after they stood there for a moment, getting up the nerve to walk around and join her inside the villa... where she started her day.

Where the day started needs to be where the day will end.

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Post by Brightrim » Thu May 09, 2019 6:23 pm

Somethings never Change

The work wasn't as tedious as the last time a few weeks ago that took half a day, but was still far more than she was used to. Katharina had elected to stay and make sure she did it properly, quietly watching. The Alchemist, because that's what she is, an alchemist not some slave, gave a sigh of exasperation before her eyes settled on Katharina, perhaps hoping for a pardon. Jeremiah was meanwhile showing off his armor, not caring about what they were doing right nearby.

Why do I have to sacrifice myself like this?

Katharina was clear in her instructions.. She had hoped to be let off, but there was no mercy shown. After more procrastination with extended lament, Amanda felt there was no other way than to go through with it. Yes, that was it, a great alchemist had succumbed to be a slave. Getting on with her work, she walked past Katharina who was still patiently waiting.

Fine fine, I'll get it over with, you slave driver!

Shortly after she returned, to an answer of…
See, was that so hard?
Amanda disagreed, though. It was hard alright! It was torture!

The once glorious Alchemist took a deep breath, a look of disgust on her face as she slipped past Jeremiah. She hurried for the door, ignoring the sticky feeling on her hands as she fumbled for her key, longing for a bath. Next time she might as well seek Cherga than do this again, at least Cherga had more mercy.

Next time, it's your turn to take out the trash!

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Post by Katharina Brightrim » Wed Jul 03, 2019 9:04 pm

Another day

It was that day again. In her 39 years, she had seen a good amount of days passing by, of course, but this day was a special one. And she did not call days special without a good reason.
From the moment she woke, a smile forced its way on her lips. Getting up slowly and carefully to not wake Amanda, she stood in their bedroom, enjoying the warmth of the carpet beneath her feet. She walked over this carpet everyday, but this was a special day after all, so she enjoyed the feeling of it to the full.

After paying the carpet the due respect, she continued her way through the flat beneath Villa Annabeth. Lighting the candles on her way, she headed for the kitchen-corner of the living room. Such a special day literally begged for some special breakfast, she thought to herself. So she started to prepare some slices of fresh bread, fried some eggs over a small fire and cut fruits and vegetables into small pieces, putting them in different bowls on the table. These preparations took her around half an hour and when she eventually finished them, she went to wake Amanda. A few minutes later the still sleepily red head sat down in a chair at the table. Smiling happily, Katharina sat down at the opposite side of the table, "Alright, you know what day it is?"

She watched the frown on her wife's forehead, before she eventually replied, "It's the 8th Zhas, so?"
Yes, it was. THE 8th Zhas. "Uhm, nothing...", she said, but thought to herself, the 8th Zhas. Thats, like, 4 days before the anniversary. If the fourth day before their anniversary was not a special day, which other day could possibly even hope to achieve that title?!

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