Watching the world burn

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Watching the world burn

In his dream, he walked through burning ruins of what have been a town once. He could hear the screams of wounded people, the screams of those who were searching for their lost friends and families. He had to admit that he did not enjoy the scene, but he did not mind it either. Faceless people crossed his path, disappearing in the flames to his sides. He smiled, enjoyed the feeling of his unlimited power. He did not hate these people, he did not even dislike them. In fact, he liked people in general. How boring would be a world without people? But he had the power to tear down their houses, to decide over their existence. Why should he not use that power every now and then? He left the town, turning around to watch the last flames burning down to embers. He had seen this a thousand times now. In his dreams, he was not bound to the morals of his fellow people. He was not bound to his admittedly weak power. "Someday...", the voice in his head promised him temptingly.

He woke and cold air caressed his face as he stayed in bed for some minutes. When he finally got up, he took the stairs down to the sparely crowded tavern. He paid Rose a few coins for the room he had rented and offered her an almost flirty smile, before leaving to go after his daily business. Now that he was awake, the violent thoughts were calmed, locked away in his subconscious...

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