Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

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Post by GrayMorden » Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:22 pm

Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

((this RP is closed and only the POs and characters involved in this voyage should contribute. Thank you and enjoy))

The mix of dry heat and sea air isn't for everyone, the least for an aged man who would rather stay away from both. Still; he has arrived in the harbor at Cadomyr.

The man has to pull his blue wizard hat down to avert his eyes from the sunlight. The sound of his steps on wood tells him he's arrived onto the dock, so he looks up to see a ship. Being one who lacks particular knowledge of ships he can only gauge it as being "modest", with a crew to fit. Among this crew who are preparing the ship's deck for departure is a halfling woman, who seems to hold some form of control over what is going on.

To an onlooker it may appear that the man decides to approach the halfling at first but then he stops and looks around on the first step of the dock... There is someone else he wishes to see first.

The man turns around to look upon the Queen's half-finished tomb and beyond. Afterward he picks up two glowing rubies from his pocket, holding them on his palm close to him. The rubies glitter in the sun, making the man easy to see to anyone from outside the harbor but not from inside.

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Post by Juliana D'cheyne » Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:17 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

Checking her packed bag then gazing toward Grapes watching him stuff food dishes and potions into his, Juliana grins as she manages one more dagger, handcuffs, and a trap because you never can tell what will happen on an assignment. Satisfied with a few apples and her drow bow, then throwing her quiver across her back and making sure her sword is sharp in it's sheath, she turns to the other woman dressed simply in a peasant skirt and blouse.

Best to go back to the safe place this time and not take her to any classes. We shouldn't be gone over a few weeks. Do you have enough food?

At her nod, Juliana kneels down to hug the small child with green eyes and pale blonde hair like her Mama, then kisses her cheek before whispering..

Say goodbye to Papa.

Watching her daughter and Grapes, Juliana still worries as she did all night when they bedded down in a quiet place near Hemptie. She had told their employer they couldn't be gone more then a few weeks after agreeing on payment, but didn't say why. No one knew about their daughter but the nanny and the druid. Her existence kept secret since the day she was born. They had decided that was the safest way to raise Wynde, particularly considering their profession, yet it was hard to leave her on these long assignments...this was the longest yet.

Waving as they departed, she mumbles to Grapes in her usual soft voice..

Maybe this should be the last one this long.

At his thoughtful nod they quickly depart the Inn throwing a few coins to Borgate for relaying messages.

At the agreed upon place, both stand still and quiet in the shadow of the ruins with only the desert wind lightly unfurling their black cloaks while remaining hidden from anyone but the closest encounter. Upon the flash of rubies, both move smoothly with the confident air of warriors to stand by his side.

The man seeming fairly friendly introduces himself as Grapes and nods to the woman calling her Breanna. The woman is surprisingly short, with pale blonde hair peeking out from under her helmet and an air of aloofness while green eyes take in their surroundings already guarding per instruction.

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Post by Rincewind » Thu Jul 20, 2017 2:20 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

Like always it took her a while to choose her dress and equipment. After a while of pondering in front of the mirror she has chosen the same outfit as always. The simple grey cloth has been worn of a little within the last years, beneath it she would wear the hunting armor and cozy trousers. Her gloves has been made of fine silk and her shoes were bloody old things, one could easily sneak with. Rapier, elvish-war-bow and a hidden collection of sharp daggers would aid her in a fight next to a rare sky-shield, she strapped on her back. Under her grey coat, was a fine crafted bag, filled with a variety of potions and other bottles, portal books , lock-picks and some food. Like with all HER stuff she took care the creator would not leave it's sign on her stuff, instead she wrote 'Property of Black Cat' under the lace of the bag. Finally she grabbed. . . no she stopped her arms in mid air, evaluating the beauteous fine face mirroring her. She smirked adorable as her almond-shaped eyes wink alluringly. With a delicate move of her slender hand she lifted the slightly rusty chain helmet above her head and closed it's rather unique visor. One minute later only her flowery odor and a portal would remain in the room. . .

. . . A short time later one bulky man paddled the wiggly little nutshell from the ferry to the runway of Cadomyrs harbor. She made no secret out of her disfavor towards the sailors who wouldn't enter the bay to deliver a single person and punished the bulky man with a silent-icy glare from under her visor while she crossed arms and legs stiffly in front of her. While deboarding she gave his offered hand a proper slap and dared a risky but nifty jump towards the runway. While her heart pounded excited she attempted to throw a bored glance towards the people who apparently waited for the boarding on to the 'modest' ship. Two of them, familiar faces, Breanna watched as she approached with subtle steps. . .

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Post by GrayMorden » Thu Jul 20, 2017 4:59 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

Seeing the two figures approach at the display of the magic rubies, the man grins with his teeth making a short appearance. After pocketing the gems, he offers his thin hand to each and speaks:

"Welcome, welcome. I am Morden, yes. How glad I am to see that you have made it, ah-ha. With your presence our.. voyage will be very, very secure indeed."

The gray man breathes out through his grin and nods to them, then motions toward the ship. Those around can tell that the man is aged, judging by a gray goatee and gray, wiry hairs. He is dressed in a combination of leather armor and commoner's clothing.

"Please enter. The crew and the captain know of you joining so bear no shame in doing your job as you see fit."

Whether or not he receives a response, the gray man cannot help but shift his eyes to look upon a particularly beautiful elfess(?) in gray cloth carrying an expensive-looking bag. A moment of consideration, perhaps confusion, is shown on the gray man's features before he turns his body to her while standing still, opening himself up to a conversation... Yet it does not seem like he is desperate for one. He simply watches her, with a touch of the flap of his wizard hat and a low nod of his head. If she passes by the man, he follows her toward the ship soon after.

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Post by Rincewind » Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:59 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

From under her visor the elfess examined the head of the expedition and after a moment she answered the nod with a simple but elegant bow.

"Black Cat, at your service Mister Morden. . . My superior promised I would have my own cabin is that correct?"

While her voice was soft her tone sounded kind of strict. Her face would remain covered by chain-mail most of the time but her dress and coat would cosset the tight armor-parts beneath it. She allowed the human to study her appearance and although she has been briefed on the basics, she would wait for her customers orders.

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Post by Falyame » Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:02 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

The sailing crew is focused on preparing the ship with the rations and supplies needed for the travel. You can number 7 sailors for now, all sweating in their linen shirts and bandanas on their heads. A big wooden box hangs on a rope that is installed on a complex looking pulley composition. 3 sailors are pulling the end of the rope to bring the box on board. Others are shouldering smaller cases and pass the gangway right to go board, then disappear on lower deck. Sunken in their work they seem to be a well sychronized team who knows where the supplies has their place in this ship.

"F´course meys precioos guests gonna hav´their own cabin, thihi!" , interrupts a squeaky sounding voice from behind, chuckling impishly. A young halfling woman stands shoulder wide on deck with her arms akimbo. Freckles on her nose and cheeks, a blonde strand along her right side and a wide grin picture her face. The small appearance wears green trousers, used looking top boots, a red sleeveless top and a blue tricorne with a blue coloured big feather.

She walks down the wooden gangway and approaches the "land dwellers", giving them a wide smile, "Greetin´s ladeys ´n gentlem´n, mey welcome ya t´ tha Merry Perry, she theatrically introduces the ship with an excessive gesture. The ship is a solid and sturdy looking flyboat; a three-master with short yards such as slim but high sails, a round stern and a narrow top deck. Experts might recognized this boat type as a fast sailing merchant-ship that can be piloted by a small crew of 8 to 20 members.

"Ima Katyosch Gol´owle´, singer, entertainer, taleteller, adventurer an´much more! Mey gonna bey tha captain of tha´lil´babey for tha´expediti´n. Before ya ask....drinks bey on board readdey for slurpin´, thihi. Tha cabins bey on first lowa deck. Make ya self at home!

Katyosch stands in front of the incoming people and bows deeply. The small lady raises and gives a big grin each to them, waiting for their next reaction.

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Post by Zalkani » Fri Jul 21, 2017 7:48 am

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

The briefest of introductions complete, Grapes steps aside with a grin to their Captain as he holds position by the gangway. Averagely built with an unruly shock of dark brown hair there is little to distinguish the man as an accomplished warrior. The axe and shield strapped to his back seem almost out of place with his understated appearance that would have him easily pass as a labourer or craftsman. Skin tanned from many years of wandering and creases around his eyes suggest life has not always been so comfortable.

With a glance to his companion he quickly becomes absorbed watching the crew at work, his intense gaze analysing each of them. Satisfied they pose no immediate threat as they prepare for the voyage ahead, he turns his attention to the bustling harbour as they await their employer's instruction.

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Post by Tenebrous » Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:38 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

Some distance from the bustle of the waterfront an elf watched the party gather and board the Merry Perry. The ship looked seaworthy and the crew seemed intent on loading provisions aplenty. An interesting menagerie the old man had collected together, although perhaps not what he would have chosen himself. Still, time would tell of their success or if any were worthy. With a faintly amused smile the elf turned for Cadomyr, he had other business to attend to first.

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Post by GrayMorden » Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:36 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

((I'm sorry for taking so long to continue this))

The gray man, having turned toward the pier on an approach to the ship, stops on his tracks to take in the halfling "Katyosch"'s greeting. He makes a smiling nod whose only purpose seems to be politeness.

"Yes, quite, thank you Katyosch. The ship looks fit for the purpose."

The gray man pauses in his speech, almost feeling the eyes on the back of his head and the thoughts, the question "What purpose?" within the heads where those eyes are. The gray man turns to his other company: the guardsmen and the elfess.

"I understand that you may have questions about this trip however I insist that you have patience for now. There is good in this for us all. Please follow Katyosch's instruction and make yourself at home." The man turns to the halfling again: "Katyosch, let us set sail when we can. We are overdue our departure."

After the ship leaves the dock, the gray man steps onto the deck after enjoying an "encouraging" beverage below the deck. Some may notice that he was having a quiet conversation with the elfess calling herself Black Cat. Right now, however, he hovers near the guardsmen Grapes and Breanna. He speaks with a voice intended to be heard by all on the deck:

"We area headed to Salkamar, but not directly. There is... something on the way that we need to pick up. It is top-secret; hence why I rather did not make this declaration at the Cadomyr harbor. Despite the honor that they claim, they can be very rotten on the inside and I cannot risk anyone ruining this trip."

The gray man shakes his head, looking over the seas, in a particular direction. A wry smile creeps onto his features.

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Post by Juliana D'cheyne » Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:43 am

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

Standing next to Grapes, Juliana inconspicuously lays a gloved hand on her belt near the sword when spying the Black Cat sauntering up toward them. With eyes narrowed, she watches closely the interaction between their employer and the Cat. Then upon boarding the Merry Perry following Morden, and throwing their bags on the bed in a cabin on the starboard side, Juliana and Zal return topside in time to watch as the sailors finish their preparations to set sail with explicit instructions from the Captain. Keeping some distance from their employer and the Cat whispering, Juliana gazes toward the direction of Cadomyr and speaks in her usual soft voice which is almost a whisper that only Zal would be able to hear.

We may be sorry about this Grapes.. I don't like the Black Cat being involved. Do you suppose that person at the harbor seeing us off is part of this also...I couldn't tell if an elf or human that distance.

After Zal's thoughtful frown and the declaration from their employer regarding the destination after they officially set sail, they both play a brief game of dice to decide first to guard. At his groan she winks...

You know I usually win that one Grapes.. next time another bet.

Yawning, Juliana retires to their cabin taking off sword and sheath but placing the poison dagger under the pillow holding it tightly in one hand after setting a trap near the door ready if someone decides to be foolhardy enough to try to enter. She was unconcerned about Grapes who would take full precautions when entering. Sleep with armor still on and helmet at the end of the bed, is quick and immediate as any warrior ready for battle.

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Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

The flyboat gently seesaws in the motion of the sea. The harbour of Cadomyr is left behind, far far away now. The first night on board is much more comfortable than expected. The ocean is calm, the sky is starlit and windless at the moment. The crew of the ship is sitting on deck, gambling and drinking, laughing and sining old songs about sailing, mermaids and about the yearning for sharing the berth with a woman. Most of them are humans in their middle age, with long beard or stubbles, and a few dwarfs who are doing the most physical and laborious work due to their racial ability.

As Morden is standing at the railing watching the ocean as if reflecting on something a crew mate approaches, tips on his shoulder and exposes his croocked set of teeth as he speaks:

„Scuse me mister Morden. The Captain is asking for you.“

The mate gives Morden a clumsy gesture to follow him upstairs to the cockpit. A diffuse light gleams through the gap between door and door frame of the cabine. After opening the door the light becomes glaring so he may squint his eyes to become accustomed to the hand lantern´s candle. He can see Katoscha and a wispy but tall looking male human. Both seem to spend time over a map on the table with a compass and some other nautical measure devices. If Morden takes his time to look any further he can spot some interesting tools like an angle-meter, known as Tanora´s Wand, which sailors use to navigate and calculate their position on the high seas and a filigrane decorated sand glass. The map shows the coastline of Salkamar, Albar and the northern lands. Right next to the map lays another drawing about the star constellations. Behind the man stands a cage with two small and exotic looking birds Morden may have never seen before. Going on with his observation he notices some wooden idols added with small cups, that are filled with a golden, maybe alcoholic, liquid, some rusty old unknown coins and some gems for each of the statuettes. The first idol is a beautiful mermaid with all her female attributes. It might be an image for Tanora. The next one is an ageless looking female, known as Findari. The idol for Ronagan is placed beside her, then an old woman for Cherga and at last Nargun, a shady faceless figure.

Katoscha nods repeatedly to the man in agreement. „Verrey well. Let´s take this course t´morrow t´ sail close t´tha wind.“ She raises her head as she notices Morden entering the room.
„Ah, mey best cust´mer Moard´n! How ya feelin´on board? Mey s´ppose ya get tha best service from mey mates.“ She grins broadly, being obviously glad about his coming. She gestures the mate at the door to close it before leaving. As the three are alone in the cockpit Katoscha pours three crystal glasses with rum and hands Morden a glass unquestioned as a matter of course.
„We gonna need t´talk abou´tha trip. Cheers!“ She raises her glass and takes a sip, then turns to the map and points with her finger on a place, the harbour of Salkamar.
„Mey got enough rati´ns fer reachin´Salkeymar an´a bit moar. So where ya want t´go exactley, hrm?“
Her single gloved hand that holds her glass is getting a bit shaky so she starts to lighten up a pipe with sibanac and takes a deep drag of it. Her hand calms down.
„Mey organeysed evereythin´ya need fer tha mission. Mey can help ya diggin´it out. Mey got some mates being goodey at diving fer manney minutes in the ocean. An´tha Merry Perry got linkages to lift heavey things. Tha old ladey bey old but still steady.“ She grins and knocks with a foot on the old parquet floor.
After speaking she turns to the human man. „Tha´s mey old friend Ghuston, he organeysed tha ship. He´ll bey tha first mate, means if mey not present, he´ll bey tha captain as deputey, ya know.“
Ghuston gives Morden a respectful nod and clears his throat as if giving Katoscha a sign.
„Ah, yeah yeah! Soe, next mey wanna tell ya…. Tha trip ´s gonna bey easey going an´calm till we reachin´tha Nargundouhl, also called tha Teeth of Nargún. It´s a line of mistey cliffs tha´raises over tha sea, leyke tha teeth of Nargún when he grins over us. Thay seems t´bey leyke a gate reyght t´tha mainland ´f Salkeymar. This seas´n we won´t get another course due to tha north winds, tha streams and so. Tha´s why mey told ya tha´s gonna bey trickey an´dangerous but doable. At least easey fer us experienced sailors, thihi! Tha´tll bey fun!!“
She smiles excitedly, in a manner of a slight megalomania that is, at least, held down by the intoxication of rum and sibanac. Ghuston chuckles as if being not impressed about the upcoming danger. Both are emptying their glasses and refill it with rum.

"Soe, fer now, we gonna toast tha start ´f tha travel, thihi!" She chuckles and clinks her glass with Ghuston´s, then waiting for Morden.

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Post by GrayMorden » Mon Aug 21, 2017 1:16 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

The gray man in a ragged, brown wizard cloak stands at the railing with his eyes strangely fixated in a direction of their travel. This fixation is broken by the crew mate getting his attention and upon turning his head the gray man switches his expression to a forced smile but calmly follows the crew mate to the Captain's quarters.

Upon entering the room, Morden stops momentarily to gaze upon some of the interesting trinkets and tools; clearly he is not experienced with sailing and it could be that he's never visited a Captain's quarters before. The statuettes of the gods and goddesses seem to particularly take his interest as he walks up to them and examines them from left to right, then right to left. The halfling woman is speaking to him at this point and he re-applies his forced smile as the crew's treatment of him is brought up. Turning to the table he produces a response:

"A-ha, yes, the crew has been as gentle as they can be for such hard-looking and -working men. It doesn't seem like they are used to having someone with arcane abilities on board but I can forgive them that."

Curiosity flares up in the colorless eyes of the gray man as he sees the glasses made of crystal being brought out and as it sits in his hand, he spends a moment to take in the detail of the glass before carefully tasting the rum. As he mulls over the taste of the rum, he looks to where Katoscha points on the map. There seems to be some pondering, perhaps a hint of concern, on the gray man's features as he listens to the halfling woman speak. As the first mate Ghuston is introduced Morden responds with a similar nod, not seeming particularly interested in making chit-chat with the man.

Listening to Katoscha's explanation of the Teeth of Nargun, Morden displays very little reaction on him and instead proceeds to sip at the rum again. Right after the halfling and the other man clink their glasses Morden speaks up:

"I anticipated these cliffs myself though I was not aware that they had a name. I was hoping we could get around them sooner but I trust the word of you, the experts, on the winds and the streams. Our target, the highlight of the mission..." Morden takes a third sip and places the glass onto the table, then leans on it with one palm as he points his thin finger somewhere between the cliffs and Salkamar "... is here. We must stop as close as we can to this point. I am thrilled to hear that you have capable swimmers and I actually have something of my own prepared: a lizard transformation potion. It is of the highest quality and must not be squandered so we need someone who can deal with the trauma of transformation, both physically and mentally, and is not afraid to plunge into the depths. Once we get to the point, I'll make a more detailed plan and would especially like to speak to whoever will be our candidate for retrieving the..." He conjures a more honest smile this time as he picks up the glass "...treasure." After finishing his statement, the gray man drinks the rest of the rum and holds his glass out for a refill.

"The arrival at Salkamar would be achieved after the hopefully successful retrieval", he adds as he watches the glass being refilled. Any further details that Katoscha or Ghuston may inquire from Morden are met with polite decline and the his preference that the mission proceeds according to his will, seeing as the trip is on his expense. From there they might discuss more lightly about topical things as more rum is poured but the gray man chooses to excuse himself before he gets falling-over-drunk.

((edit: corrected "dwarfess" to "halfling woman"))

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Post by GrayMorden » Tue Aug 29, 2017 4:26 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

The Captain wasn't exaggerating.

It is as if Nargun himself had watched the ship make its way around his toothy grin, the Nargundouhl cliffs, and decided to bring a few rumbling dark clouds together to form a chaotic storm. The skies roar and rumble amidst displays of electricity, the seas deliver waves high and low and the rain is akin to ice particles.

They are close now; Morden knows it... Or feels it?

Ever since it was certain that the dark clouds and harsh winds were headed their way, the gray man sought safety in the lower decks. It is not a great consolation as even in his cabin he is struggling to hold onto things to stop himself from unwillingly stumbling around the room. Anger begins to rise in him and he shouts out, addressing the storm or perhaps the gods themselves:

"Must you do this to me now?! I am almost there and this is what you do?! I will not back down! I have my means to an end and you won't take it from me!"

Nearing the end of his frustrated rambling, Morden grips at a potion bottle filled with black liquid in his bag. After staring intently at it with conviction and dread in his eyes, the gray man puts the potion away again and makes his way out of his cabin. The realization hits him that the way to the upper deck won't be easy for the aging man as he grips and stumbles around, likely gaining quite a few bruises. Again he shouts out:

"Breanna! Grapes! Black Cat! Someone get an update from the Captain! I can't... I won't survive out there if I go!"
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Post by Rincewind » Wed Aug 30, 2017 12:10 am

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

From the next cabin she could hear Mordens shout quiet clearly. . .

Soon after departure from Cadomyr, she realized that she didn't prepared for such a long trip . . . her medicine against the qualmishness has been used up even faster because Black Cat decided to spent most of the journey in her cabin, sealed by a tight knotted rope. . . By Hellsbriar! She thought 'They' just have thrown the treasure somewhere over a cliff! But this was madness. She cursed her superior in elvish for the lack of information gathered and took another sip out of her bottle, it was more than half empty by now and stood up, it was time again. While the wooden wall kept turning, she hoped she would still look graceful as she made her way to the next door to tell Morden she would risk a look upstairs.

A gush of salty water welcomed her on deck, she realized she forgot her impractical helmet.
*Very well* she thought..., it was the most impractical choice for a boat trip and served it's purpose already anyway. Someone glanced her grim but beautiful face, she ignored it and turned towards the railing. Grabbing it with both hands - she gave her last meal to the sea. *An offering* she thought with a smirk to herself then she proceeded to clean her mouth with the back of her hand as sparkish as she could, just in case she was still watched. Next she planned to use the time she just bought well and after a short look around she headed towards the Captain. She planned to sound bored, as always. . .

"Captain, the customer wishes to be informed about our well-doing. We are doing. . . well, aren't we?"

. . . she said with her most snotty voice.

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Post by Juliana D'cheyne » Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:30 am

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

An abrupt wave hitting the ship at an angle had a momentary precarious lean develop just enough to roll the woman off the bed, which thankfully was attached to the cabin floor. Untangling herself from the blankets that accompanied her, Juliana barely misses the trap as she stands with a frown retrieving dagger, helmet, and sword while unhappily mumbling....

Better see how Grapes is faring.

Getting her ship legs back from long ago, she manages to quickly find her partner whom has an excellent view of their employer's cabin showing anyone coming or going yet can remain hidden from others. Leaning down he whispers with his usual grin while reaching for an errant strand of her hair.

I thought you might like that last ship roll.

Jabbing him with her elbow and a grin does nothing but hit his armor yet somehow makes her feel better. They both hear Mordan's shout and Juliana whispers to Grapes while in the process of re-braiding her pale blonde hair..

Go to bed, I'll handle this...

Suddenly Zal points as they glimpse Cat walking unsteadily toward the door of the cabin, then turns to move up the railing. Juliana places a finger to her lips and winks at Grapes before taking a couple of steps up then returns and whispers softly...

Black Cat can't take motion.. is enjoying the rails at the moment. Oh.. I would recommend sleeping on the floor.

Grapes lightly chuckles while turning toward their cabin as Juliana gets comfortable at her vantage point guarding the door.

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Post by Zalkani » Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:46 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

As waves tossed the ship around and winds battered her sails mercilessly, Grapes wedged himself in the corner of their cabin to try to get a little rest. It wasn't the first time he had sailed in poor conditions and it wasn't the storm that made him so uneasy. His thoughts turned to Wynde, plagued with doubt that they both should have left her. Then again, working alone was never an option either. No denying the pay for this job would help get somewhere safe she could grow up with both of them, so long as they kept each other safe.

The crew would be tired after battling the elements and he had no doubt they would have earned their wage. He had grown curious over the arrangement their employer had with Black Cat though. No doubt she had a purpose but he did wonder if it would be that Morden intended... He would keep a closer watch on her.

Rolling over for the umpteenth time on the uncomfortable cabin floor, he finally slipped into a restless slumber.

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Post by Falyame » Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:47 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

Dark clouds are changing the day into night. No sunlight can find a way through it. On the horizon you can see clouds forming two black and threatening looking eyes that seems to focus on the ship. The weather is showing the unsettled power of the force of nature. For a moment rain is falling with the opposing gusts in a high speed. All persons on top deck feel really uncomfortable. The ship crew squeezes their eyes to not get blinded by the windstorm. The rain hurts your face like little needles and causes you pain. You lift your ellbow, trying to protect your face. Going further step by step you hardly manage to keep the balance on the wet slippery surface on top deck and the swaying ship. It breaks through the wall of water so the nose of the ship dives before it rises again, again and again. Huge waves bounce against the planks and froth up just to drizzle over the poor creatures on board.
As you go further to reach the captain you can see sailors who work hard to bring down some ropes and small sails to lift other sails, bigger ones. Other crew mates seem weird in the things they ´re doing. They pour bottles of rum into the water. Others are throwing bottles that are filled with inflamed wicks. The dark sea swallows up the flaming bottles but the liquid of the bottles spreads out a burning film on the surface.
Everyone seems to be crazy. The sailors are laughing, drinking and singing hymns to the god of chaos… or rather morbid chanties. All in all to the swaying of the ship and the thunderous waves it seems everything is going into a disaster.
The captain approaches beside you and chuckles amused about the theatrical scene. Her voice raises to not get drowned by the loud noise of the sea and the storm.

„Ya wanna know wha´we´re doin´, hrm? We´re goin´t´pass Nargún´s teeth so he may not be happey ´bout tha´. He´s tha god ´f chaos, he IS tha chaos. So wha´coul´make him happey? We´re givin´him wha´he wants! Mey hope he loves our home made „rum“! AHAHAHAHA!!!!“
Katoscha is referring to the burning misterious bottles. She chuckles in a crazy way as if she starts to get too big for her boots. Then she takes a sip of her bottle that smells of rum and tramps closer to her crew.

„Ya stinkey fishwives! Get readdey for tha tooth gap! “

The ship approaches the black ominous sharp cliffs. They seem to bar their way as the cliffs look close to you in the dark day. Indeed you can surpringly see a gap between two cliffs that may be suitable enough to pass the barrier through it but the sight is obviously hindered by the rainy and cloudy twilight. The cliffs itselves also seem to absorb more daylight.
Commands are issued and the crew is reacting really fast but the thundering noise of the waves that collide with the cliffs don´t make it easy to communicate. It becomes darker and louder…


As they passed the barrier an unexpected calmness is suddenly present. A cold breeze in your back neck feels like the final sign of the parting. If you don´t believe in imaginations you will perceive a quiet and smug chuckling voice in the breeze.
Nargún has answered their prayers and has accepted their offerings.

Now the crew sails a much easier way on the calm side of the Nargúndouhl but all on board are feeling much more exhausting and relieved at the same time.

It´s just a matter of a few days until the ship reaches the desired destination.

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Post by GrayMorden » Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:19 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

Morden gasps a deep breath.

He realizes he's slumped over on the floor of his cabin. Flashes of the storm, the cliffs, the crew's crazy behavior hit him like the waves of the seas outside. The gray man reaches up to find something to pull himself up with; there is great difficulty in this as most of his body is aching. With no idea on what's happening around him, he calls out:

"A-Anyone...? Where..."

It is likely that his contractors eventually come to his aid, lifting the gray man up and get him onto the deck by his own request. Once there, Morden looks into the distance and somewhere behind the ship he sees the Nargundouhl cliffs and breathes out a relieved sigh. Soon after he goes to the Captain and tells her, without looking at a map or a note of any sort:
"Well done, Katosch. Well done indeed. We are close. Head... just a bit further east. One hour."

"This is it", he thinks to himself. "This is where the treasure will be, beneath the surface of the salty water."

The gray man seeks a private audience with his contractors, the elfess and the two humans separately. After this is done, he goes back to the Captain:
"Katosch, please bring me your most capable swimmers so I may choose a candidate for my potion to help them swim for the treasure. We will also need to find a tool that can cut chain; they might need it down there."

Once again Morden goes to the edge of the railing, staring out into a very specific spot in the sea. His fingers move about excitedly on the railing and anyone who also goes near the railing might see a toothy grin frozen on his face.

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Post by Rincewind » Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:37 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

She knew the grey man was potentially crazy, but to imagine he would hire a crew of Nargoun-loonatics was even for her a slight leap. On the other hand it was probably a well calculated decision, a chance of fifty-fifty was the best they could hope for... After she got her final instructions she sat down in the cabin, two bottles in her hand and hoped someone would watch her, precautionary she has taken care there was a not so small gap between door and frame when she knotting the rope. One in the left, it was small and fragile, it's strange liquid was almost fog like, in between here and there some strange red flames sparkle. If 'he' would know about her plan, 'he' would probably skin her alive and attempt to feed her, her own heart. She snickered and placed it in her bag, ready to grab anytime. In her right was a terete bottle with black fluid, still sealed but her last one of comfortable quality, she would use it today. Then she inspected the portal books, would they be as useless as the grey man claimed? Not in Salkamar, because she had decided, she wouldn't make such an insane boat-ride twice no matter the customers wishes, or would she? Depends. However... first she planned to survive today, fully equipped, even with the (a little bit rusty) chain helmet, she got ready to meet the others on deck.

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Post by Juliana D'cheyne » Sat Sep 16, 2017 4:00 am

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

Toward the end of her shift, during an attempt to bribe a sailor with some of her fruit for ship information, and while waiting for Grapes to relieve her, a noise like a bang was heard from their employer's cabin. Immediately Juliana opens the door only to see him the floor. Dismissing the sailor who had followed her...

I'll take care of it.

And even with her short height, all the years training as a fighter assists in her efforts to pick up most things weighing more including the man yet there was a brief relieved sigh when Grapes arrived to assist. Between them both they helped him stand. With his refusal to lie down and rest, then demanding he go to the deck, they both follow trailing with equal frowns.

At his private instructions a little later, Juliana removes a worn, folded parchment from a hidden place in her armor. Still speaking in a soft voice so only he and Grapes can hear..

Sir, we do our job well and thoroughly. This trip has lasted much longer then anticipated and you haven't heard one word of complaint. However, we were hired to protect you and nothing else. We will continue to do that as per instructions.

Juliana briefly waves the parchment as she continues.

Now you wish to add two more conditions. Guarding a treasure and making sure the ship stays on course. Now if all of this affects your safety we will of course proceed as hired yet we didn't agree to any change in our contract if those last two things weren't related to your direct safety. If you wish to add something it will be necessary to change the contract which would include added payment. I'm sure we can come to some agreement.

Tucking the parchment back in her armor, Juliana glances briefly to Grapes then her forest green eyes turn to watch the man they were told to call Morden.

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Post by Falyame » Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:20 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

Katoscha drummed up her crew and they built a line in front of her. Guston, her „wingman“ accompanies her each step.
She swaggers along the line a points to four men who finally step forward. With a hint of Katoscha´s single gloved hand the rest of the crew turns back to their posts.

„Those´re mey best swimmurs´n divers. Thay´re born an´grown up on tha water.“

The four men have an exotic looking complexion and are tattooed on their extremeties. The tattoos show some symbols that come from the „Maroon Islands“, a string of islands east of Gynk which was famous as a lawless free-trade-zone and which was popular for its all kind of smuggled goods. Pirates, privateers and buccaneers used this place as their base or to hide their families to protect them from torture and prison. It was the only safe place for this kind of people but also a metropolis with a high attraction for other outlaws, adventurers and merchants. However, the gossip about this place hushes for decades since the big invasion of the salkamarian armada.
While the captain introduces her elite they strike a pose for the ship guests. One of the men focuses his gaze to the delicate elfess with the chain helmet and presents her his well-defined biceps before he gives her a lustfull inviting smile.

Being assured of success the captain requests Mordan to follow her to middle-mast.
„T´lift tha treasure wey´ll use this crane. An´to answer yer questi´n …. Yeah, wey got a goodey tool t´cut chain.“
She grins impishly and shows Mordan the crane that is slowly lifted by the crew from the cargo hatchway. This building looks very complex with its balks, ropes and pulleys. On it you can see a tool that looks like a colossal knee lever, that tool that is supposed to cut chains.

"So, wey´re readdey, when ya readdey."

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Post by Rincewind » Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:43 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

With crossed arms, she stood next to the grey man and examined the captains elite with an icy gaze. Well, at least she hoped it would appear icy under her rusty visor. At least one sailor gave her a dirty look and she blushed unnoticed, partly because the sun has been roasting her soft skin even trough the chains each time she showed up on deck, also because of her visor, she gave it a brief adjustment as acknowledgment of her gratitude towards the scrappy metal-pieces. After a while she pointed towards the bulky men smouldering her.

"You should take that one with you Mister Morden. He seems to be eager for an exceptional reward."

She spoke in a salty but soft tone.

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Post by GrayMorden » Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:58 am

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

Standing in one spot as the lineup of divers is presented, Morden stares intently at their features and builds with his arms folded and fingers of one hand held up to his chin in a pondering manner. He presents a question about the tattoos and nods a few times at the explanation, with his mouth curled downward as an expression of impression and interest.

Further continuing his ponderous stance and stare he turns his attention to the crane and smiles a wide smile, along with a lift of his brows and a nod toward Katoscha.

As the gray man continues to stroke his fingers on his chin inspecting the four men presented to him, having seemingly not noticed the gesture made by the bulky man to Black Cat, he seems to consider her suggestion for the said man to be chosen for the task. Morden walks up to the man, then around him, openly examining the physicality of the said man. Finally the gray man stands directly in front of the bulky man:

"A-ha, yes indeed, you do seem like quite the capable swimmer and the confidence is surely a good aspect when taking a dive at a location such as this. Now here's the thing... You may be an excellent swimmer but you'll definitely need a bit of something extra. I have this potion, here..."

Morden brings out a potion bottle containing black liquid, looking at the bottle as if he's seeing it for the first time.

"This... This will turn you into a lizard. I trust that there are no objections to this, unless you'd rather fail at your task when swimming so far deep? Oh and if you're not afraid to have more than one potion in your system, I also have another one that enhances your speed of movement and strength in the muscles... Not that you'd need it, sailor."

Morden makes a short, stuttering cackle as he glances toward those nearest to him, as if to invite them in on laughing at his joke. Fairly soon the gray man escorts the sailor to the edge of the railing with his hand to his back in a friendly manner and once there, it seems that Morden is pointing downward and giving the man some details regarding the appearance of the treasure.

((to be continued...))

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Post by GrayMorden » Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:48 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

With his hands restlessly and constantly changing their position on the railing, and eyes peering obsessively, the gray man stands as close to the crane as possible. The sailor, under the effects of both the lizard transformation potion and the swimming enhancing potion, had gone under the surface several long moments ago. Morden detaches himself from the railing and paces around near it, most likely being watched by most of the crew as well as his employees. With a pause and a long sigh he stands still and now looks to anyone who might be near, attempting to gain his composure and show a smile of confidence:

"I am positive that this sailor we sent in knows what he is doing, make no mistake about that. My behavior is simply... nervousness. I have done a lot of research to get here and taken a lot of risks with my current fortune so I really do hope this trip is for naught. I am certain that this is the spot to look in."

Just as the man finishes his exposition a shout is heard from the other side of the railing... from the surface of the water:

"Oi!! Misster Morden ssir, I 'ave got a wee quesstion fer ye!"

The gray man rushes to the edge of the railing with a look of horror.

"What?! What is it?"

The sailor-turned-lizard floats in the water, one of his bulky arms emerging from the water to draw shapes in the air to aid his language:

"Aye, sso err, ye ssaid th' booty be in a ssack with ssome chainss on it, aye?"


"I 'ave got it, juss' a moment 'n I'll brin' her up. Th' chain be tied t' a rock sso it takess a bit o' doin', hang on t' yer hatss!"

As the sailor-lizard disappears under the surface again, the gray man grows a wide grin across his cheeks and turns to the crew, its captain and his employees.

"Did you hear that?! Get in position, now, go! Go!"

What ever commotion follows from that, and where ever people might be positioning themselves, Morden remains at the edge of the railing. He seems to be trembling with anticipation and perhaps a quiet chuckle or two escape his throat as he has his full attention on the same spot on the water where he last saw the sailor-lizard.

Eventually, after another long moment or two, the gray man witnesses the sailor-lizard slowly advancing toward the surface of the water; it seems he has no real difficulty in carrying the load, made lighter in the water. As the sailor-lizard breaks the surface of the water, it is seen that he has a chain pulled over his shoulder with both hands clutching to it tightly.

"Lower the crane!", the sailor-lizard and Morden shout at nearly the exact same time.

After the crane is lowered and the package is in the process of being lifted, many who are eager to see the treasure may begin to notice features dissimilar to what they'd expect to see of a treasure buried under the sea; it is indeed a large sack with soft edges and large chains going all across it. Perhaps a few of the sailors on board look to each other in confusion, attempting to speculate the kind of valuables that are being hoisted. The far edges of the sack seem to be slumping downward... as if it contains something soft and malleable.

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Post by GrayMorden » Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:13 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

The chained sack sits in the middle of the deck, freshly fished out of the depths of the ocean. Soon after it was hoisted, some of the chains had been cut using the large tool resembling a knee lever. As soon as enough chains are snapped, the gray man Morden, walks up next to the treasure with an excited grin.

Seeming completely oblivious to the presence of those around him, the gray man kneels on both knees and slowly lays his palm on the wet, dark, seaweed-riddled chains and pulls away at them. After the chains rest on the deck, stripped around the package, he lays his palm onto the the fabric and grin changes to a passive smile, eyes closing for a time...

Finally the gray man looks up from the large package to those around him, whether it be the sailors or the sailor-lizard in particular, their captain or his contractors.

"You have all done an excellent job. The sailing... The security... The retrieval of the treasure... I owe you all a big 'thank you'."

The gray man continues his speech while retrieving a book from his bag and trails the tip of his finger around its edges looking to its cover. The book appears to be ancient with a unique cover, having a textured surface; the title is written in the ancient language, though it is worn to the point of being indecipherable to those who know the ancient language.

"Thank you... And goodbye."

The gray man throws open the book.

In the span of a few seconds, a dark magical sphere inflates from the opening of the book, quickly covering the gray man and the treasure. Shadow-like tendrils spray from within the center of the magical sphere, wrapping themselves around the gray man and his treasure.
Those with a keen and quick eye may see that the man had placed his hand onto the sack and now speaks an incantation as the magical sphere engulfs them.
Those with a sense for magic may feel the tempting call of a fiery demon, and vaguely see a castle-like structure in the sphere.
The tendrils would protect anything within the sphere from attempts at interrupting the spell.

The shadowy tendrils violently pull the man and his treasure inside the book, warping them into small streams of mana. The sphere quickly deflates and implodes in a bright flash only leaving behind a symmetrical burn mark on the wooden deck, with small flames crackling here and there.

The gray man, his belongings and the treasure are nowhere to be found on the ship afterward.

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Post by Tenebrous » Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:32 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

Silently the elf watches as the old man gathers himself and gets gingerly to his feet after landing on the cold stone floor. Light flickers from a single oil lamp, reflecting off the sandstone ramparts. With a look of disdain as the stench rises to his nostrils the elf seizes the chains and hauls the treasure downstairs.

The elf cannot delay... Mas never lasts long enough.

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Post by Rincewind » Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:07 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

In Silence she watched the lifting of the treasure and in silence she stood there and watched how the grey man disappeared. . . nobody could see how she rolled her eyes. She didn't knew if she was supposed to be glad. Her main purpose has been nullified right now. But know she might become the the person in question on board. A drastic change of tactic was recommended.

"What a sucker."

she commented stoically and hoped to become a part of 'the gang' before they figured out or remembered why she was even on board in the first place. She made a step towards the bulky men former smouldering her and turned her back towards him, her hands vaguely grabbing for his... hoping she would get to grab one. With grumpy glance, as much grumpy as a visor of chains can be, she glanced the two mercenaries and waited for what would happen next. . .

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Post by Kugar » Sun Oct 15, 2017 12:34 am

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

The blood that decorated the tables, chairs and wooden floorboards of the Hemptie Necktie Inn had barely yet dried before a grim silence fell over the usually jovial abode. In the wake of what was supposed to be a peaceful new years party, an unrelenting slaughter of those whose only wish was to live their lives in peace would take it's place.


Elsewhere in Illarion, throughout the northern forest, copious amounts Ushara's trees stand vandalized with the mark of the diamond. Is this a warning of things to come, or a call for apostates to gather?

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Post by Jupiter » Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:08 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

Carefully, he spread the freshly made paste over the damaged parts of the tree. He smiled slightly while doing so, and whispered to the tree: "Do not worry. That will repair you and strengthen your bark. To ensure that, I also have something else for you and your friends." A bottle with a brownish liquid in it was produced from the druid's bag. He spilled some of it around the tree, patted it for a last time, and moved on to take care of the next tree which was so foolishly harmed.
It was at the setting of the sun that he was finished with his first deed. He looked for a nice spot, quiet in the middle of the damaged trees, and used the last sun rays of this day to prepare a little gift. Plants usually not to be found in the woods, and a strange sand - it was purple - were arranged by the druid's calm hands like an offering. He stood up, looked at his work, and whispered: "Do not let this happen again, I ask you." He raised his gaze, and looked to the crown of a tree as the wind began to play with it. The druid closed his eyes, and whatever was heard, it placed a small smile on his lips.

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Post by Falyame » Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:27 pm

Re: Malum Mortua est in Mari ((closed RP))

Back on ship the crew, the captain and her first mate gather on deck around Morden to look curiously to the retrieved treasure.
Butafter Morden conjures his magic the crew instinctively starts to draw their rapiers, daggers and whatever they have on their belts.

„It´s a trap!“ , shouts one of the crew.

The shadowy tendrills forces the crew to move back in a defense position. They seem to have a suspicious relation to magic and seem to be astonished.
As the magical spectable is over all on board realize that Morden is gone….and the treasure. Some guys damp down the burning remains of the ritual with their shoes. The state calms down and shortly silence overcome the ship untill Katoscha breaks through the silence as she shouts, being inflamed with rage:

„Arrr! Beetrayor! Quacksalvor! Thief! He stole tha treasure! Gone now, tha monney, tha gems! What´a dickhea´!“

She yells out all her anger at Morden and fidgets with her rapier. Being in rage she pounds down her feet like a sullen child.
Ghuston, her first mate, seems to keep cool and aims his sight to the other ship guests with a deadly expression. After Katoscha calms down she approaches the next guest she can see and stares at him/her with a gaze mad as hell:

„Find tha guests an´arrest them!“, screams Katoscha without averting her eyes to the guest. The crew is about to spread out after the order.
Then she lowers her voice to talk to the guest in private. Her face gets back the impish and mischievous looking grin she had as always.
„So, yer emploayer ´s gone now. Moard´n owes mey a lo´dof coins´n gems for tha´trip. And oall mey got bey ya merc´narreys. Ya know, Ima …businesswoman. Mey got t´covur ´xpenses, ya know? An´a crew t´ feed. Thay got famillies t´feed. An´ya don´wanna hav´a mutiney on board, don´t ya?“, she asks rhetorically and reproachfully as if it was their fault.
„So…tell mey, wha´shall mey do with ya, hrm?“

She seems to think theatrically for a moment then shouts to Ghuston, who stands behind the cpatain. „Ghust´n! Take course t´tha Maroon Islan´s!“

„Aye, captain!“

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