Following the call into the unknown future

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Post by Shenandrea » Thu May 19, 2016 9:09 am

Following the call into the unknown future

((Closed RP at least for those who don't know Shenandrea. Anyone knowing her is free to join (just pm me before) I'm not sure when I will be able to play IG, since my PC somehow doesn't like to start Illarion. Though I'm working on that))

It has been pleasant years since Shenandrea decided to leave Gobaith for good.
Finding her way back to the one place she had ever been happy at all. Settling close by Learas and Myrelle's home. The Elfess, never afraid of hard work, built her own home close to her beloved Friends – well not just Friends, more like Family. Even without her love she managed well in being a mother to her twins. Seeing them grow up in peace gives relief to her battered core. The anxiety and fear of the past has finally vanished into a peaceful day to day life.
She heard rumors about the happenings far from the Mainland before, though never shared a second thought of returning to Gobaith.
Yet after all these peaceful and pleasant years she received a letter, which drew her attention back to the long gone times. It was a letter from Liam, one of the men under the command of Marék who first helped her to reach Gobaith. Somehow this man knew how to locate her, even without knowing her distinct direction where she headed with her twins after leaving Gobaith.

Shenandrea, I know this letter must startle you. I don't want to frighten you, but let me tell you that there are strange things happening. After all these years I heard a rumor at the docks, that someone was searching for you every now and then. Asking every Captain to send word around, that you should be found. This person even spoke to Marék. Don't be scared, he gave nothing away where we let you from Board, but that douche-back Stephen somehow got back from the tavern with a huge amount of Gold-coins. Marék got suspicious and kicked his ass off the Golden Reign, so he is not a sailor of us anymore. Even he doesn't want that man on board anymore, he has troubled us enough on our journeys. Stay safe and alert. I will let you know if I get to know anything new.
We are within these waters for some days, just let me know if I can be of service.


Shenandrea composed herself to face Learas and Myrelle who just came back out of the woods from their hunting. Myrelle instantly knew that there was something wrong at seeing the Elfess standing on her front porch. They quickened their pace and eased themselves onto the chairs before Shenandrea told them the news. “You don't need to be afraid Shenandrea.” Learas assured her. “No one has found you all through these years.” While Myrelle settled her hand upon the Elfess's shoulder her Husband spoke. “I am sure that there is a reason why someone is searching for you.”
Pursing her lips and staring into the fields surrounding their homes, Shenandrea looked sad. “I need to get to know, who is searching for me. Do you know how I can get knowledge about what's going on?” Shenandrea asked huskily. “If it's a friend searching, it might be something of importance. But as long as I don't know who it is, it might bring danger upon us again.” With a sigh she slumps almost desperately into her chair.
Upon hearing her twins approaching from the backyard the Elfess composes again, knowing it wouldn't do good to let them know anything before she knows whats going on. Still, after all these years she managed well to keep her worries and inner thoughts to herself, at least in front of her children. Myrelle stood up “I will take care of them, so you can figure out what's to be done next with Learas.” she said before closing distance between herself and the twins. Thankfully Shenandrea looked at her beloved friend and turned her attention back to the man sitting at her side.
“Do you know who's still alive of your friends, after Gobaith got destroyed Shenandrea?” Learas asked carefully. Shenandrea's masquerade got brittle as she thought back to all of her friends, and her eyes became watery. “I have no Idea. Maybe all, maybe none of them.” with a sigh she said the last few words. “Though I need to get a hold of at least one person who knows me. Maybe they can achieve information close at hand. I will set up a letter and let Liam search for someone who might know someone I know.” with these words the Elfess stood and walked inside, coming out again with a pen, ink and parchment, as well as sealing wax.

After the ink dried she sealed off the letter and raised from her chair. “May I take the stallion to leave for the harbor?” she looked questioning towards Learas. With a smile the man rose “Of course you can. And take these with you.” Upon seeing the mans daggers, the Elfess sighed. “Is this really necessary?” One assuring nod of the man silenced her thoughts and she took them with their holsters out of Learas hands. “Thank you dear friend. Please take good care of the twins.” Learas opened his hands to take the Elfess into a reassuring embrace. “Always done and always have. They are as dear to us as if they'd been our own.” Smiling a little, the Elfess turned out of Learas embrace and walked back into her home, changing her clothes. Heading back outside after some time, she saw Learas waiting with the stallion's reigns in his hand. Wearing brown trousers, a lose-fit tunic, leather boots with daggers hidden inside the shaft and a wide cape Shenandrea closed distance between herself and the waiting man and his stallion. With a bow and a thankful glance towards Learas, she eased herself up onto the wide back of this gorgeous and strong horse. “Stay safe and come back to us. We will pray at the shrine of the five for your safe return.” She heard him say before he let loose the reigns of his horse, handing them over to Shenandrea. “Thank you dear Learas for all your kindness and support. I will be back soon.” she turned in her seat to look over her home and Learas. Sadness creeped up her spine and with a single tear running down her face she turned around and kicked the stallion into a wide and strong gallop towards the harbor.

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Post by Shenandrea » Sat May 21, 2016 8:36 am

Re: Following the call into the unknown future

As the stallion reached its pace she let loose of the reigns, only directing him with shifting of her weight or her thighs. Shenandrea left before midday and the wind blew cold into her face while she sat on the horses back. Reaching the shrine of the five, she led the stallion to a stop. Sliding down off his back and letting the reigns of his bridle loosely wrapped around a low branch, the Elfess walked towards the shrine, picking a flower now and then. She bowed in front of the shrine. In a quite prayer she bid for a safe return from the harbor, for her friends and her twins to be safe. Not knowing what to expected from her and their future, she bent down, taking one of the daggers out of its holster and cut a strand of hair from the nape of her neck. After replacing the dagger, her hands skillfully weaved the flowers into the braid of her cut hair. Slowly with shaking hands she placed the flowery hair-braid onto the altar “The gods are with me, and the future shall bring what it has to offer to me.” she said as a ray of sunlight touched the sacrifice. Bowing once more she turned and moved back towards the waiting stallion. Picking up his reigns and easing herself back onto his back, she let him go easy – finding his own pace not forcing him to go faster.
As the forest began to fade, she heard the seagulls screaming in the distance. With a sigh she directed the horse towards a close-by farm, knowing she could let him stay as long as needed. A few words and coins changing hands, she drew the hood of her cape deeper onto her face, leaving everything behind. Before Shenandrea climbed up that last hill she sat down on a stone, pausing. She opened her bag and unwrapped a piece of charcoal. Aware that masquerade would be providential, she rubbed the black coal against her blonde hair, to change its color.

It was late afternoon when she reached the harbor. Busy sailors running around, shouting at each other. Shenandrea kept her hood down, letting only her eyes catch every movement on the street before her. The Elfess let her eyes roam about the boats tied to the pier, trying to find one particular boat, the Golden Reign. Maneuvering herself closer towards the waterline, the more the sailors became aware of the figure walking near. Shenandrea felt uncomfortable, but there was no other choice then to move forward if she wanted to reach her destination.“Eh...get out of my way or are you up for some trouble?” one of the men shouted at her. Shenandrea knew that it wasn't the best time to get into any kind of trouble with these men. First of all most of them would be stronger than she, alcohol makes these men brave and blindfold, and on top of that, after being at sea for so long, these men were mostly up for a good brawl. Instinctively the Elfess turned around the pier, finally leaving them at their work. After searching for a couple of hours she found the Golden Reign. A gushed sigh could be heard if one was close to her as she stepped up in front of the boat. Shenandrea lifted her gaze up to the railing and saw that the men were busy tying up barrels and other goods, preparing for their leave with the next flood.

“Now I only need to find Liam.” she muttered to herself. With that the Elfess withdrew herself from the situation, walking back to some barrels close by a warehouse. Knowing that Liam wouldn't have anything to do with storing and securing the cargo, she sat down on one of the barrels to wait. Dusk began to lay its shadow above the harbor, and as time went on, she heard more and more rough songs from drunken sailors out of the tavern. Uneasily she let her hand slide down into the shaft of her boot and pulled one of the daggers out, securing the holster at her belt, when she heard rough voices and scuffled steps approaching her. “Eh lad, look wha' we got 'here! Ther' in the shadow” one of the man prattled to his companion “isn't tha' the one standin' in the way earlie' t'day?” Instinctively Shenandrea tensed under her cape. Sliding soundlessly down from the barrel she eased into a good stance, without being to ostentatious. “Na' I don't think so, just some beggar probably lookin' fer food.” With these words both men turned towards the pier, boarding the ship.
“That was close....far to close. I better not tempt fate more than necessary.” she sighed, relaxing a little.

A familiar whistle caught her attention and she turned to the direction of it, seeing a dim light behind the warehouse. “If the rum isn't fooling me that is ye waiting and getting yerself into trouble again, aren't ye Shenandrea?” The Elfess was able to hear the sarcasm in the mans voice and could literately see his smirk before she turned to face him. “Liam, by the name of all elder gods, you startled me.” she whispered into his direction before moving towards him. Hearing his familiar voice she eased as she walked towards him. Sliding her hood up, a loose strand of blackened hair escaped out of it. Liam looked astonished but then laughed at her “I could even tell that it is ye, if ye'd cut yer hair. So what's that for?” he reached out for the strand of hair, only to get a slap onto his hand from the Elfess followed by a warning glare. As confident as she could she replied calmly “Just a precaution.” the smile on the mans face broadens. “It's good to see ya again after all these years. I knew ye'd come. Time has been fair to ya.” moving them both towards some barrels aside of a box with a lantern on top he motioned her to sit down. “Come and sit, lets have a chat and a drink.” with a quick glance around Shenandrea sat onto one of the barrels. “Liam I'm not up to chitchat. You mentioned someone searching for me.” she said stern.

“Do you know who it might be? Has Marék told you something?” pouring rum into two wooden goblets handing one over to the Elfess the man shook his head. “Marék didn't recognize the person searching for ye either.” wrinkling her nose at the aroma of the Rum Shenandrea took a small sip. “Ugh, awful.” shaking her head in distaste she noticed Liam grinning widely. “Have ye become a country bumpkin already? The Elfess I once knew had no trouble drinking Rum and Whiskey.”
Shenandrea rolled her eyes at him. “That was long ago, and you know quite well how long that is.”
hearing footsteps approaching Liam lowered his voice as he spoke to her. “We are sailing back towards the new lands with the upcoming flood, would ye join us?” The Elfess shook her head, giving no answer because of the close by footsteps. A shout yelled through the night “Who is there behind the warehouse, show yourself!” Shenandrea froze on her barrel motionless, having a hard time to remember how to breathe. Liam rose from his barrel, taking the bottle of Rum with him “Aye, jus me...” he slurred “Liam that is from the Gulden Reinnnns.” staggering towards the front, playing his role quite well. “Ah, Liam.” the guard said. “Better watch out. There's a beggar lurking around, never seen him before.” “Nah!. Jus' me and me rum.” the man babbled. “Good night Liam” the guard said upon leaving his tour around the harbor. “Aye, Aye... g'night” after his return, Shenandrea took the wooden goblet again into her shaking hands, taking a huge sip of Rum. With that gulp she ended up coughing because the liquid burned in her throat. “Easy lass, nothing happened. “ Liam settled his huge hands upon the Elfess now fragile shoulders. “Life was peaceful, wasn't it? I can't remember not feeling trained muscles on you since I first met you.” shooting him a glare she answered boldly “I can still defend myself if that's what you want to know.” knowing he got their talk onto thin ice he moved back from Shenandrea, aware that she once had been desperately clinging onto the boats rope like a maniac, but fighting her place without ever loosing it. “Easy Shenandrea, I was just telling the truth. Now calm down and let us talk”
Liam informed her of the changes that happened, about Cardomyr, Runewick and Galmair. The Elfess absorbed every word the man spoke. Upon mentioning Borgate the bartender Shenandrea smiled. At least she knew that one of her old company has survived.

Bells began to ring, announcing the upcoming flood. Liam made himself ready to get back onto the Golden Reign. Shenandrea took the letter out of her bag, handing it over to him. “Find someone who might know me. And let me get the news as soon as possible.” With a nod Liam took the letter and let it slip into his pocket. Handing him a small pouch “Take these, to make sure that the informant is payed.” at opening it to have a look inside, the mans eyes grew wide. “That is far to much Shenandrea.” The Elfess shook her head “Not when it takes longer to gather information. Just leave it for someone you can trust. I'm sure you are capable of finding someone that is trustworthy.” Liam extended his hand for a handshake “ I will not let ye down. We are back in about 3 Months. Take care and get back into shape, we don't know what is coming for ye.” he said laughing. Joining his laughter she replied “You'd better watch out that you won't gain the first blackeye upon our next meeting.”
With these words, they parted. Liam leaving for the Golden Reign and the elfess withdrew herself more into the shadows and back into the woods, looking for a place to sleep safely.

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Post by Shenandrea » Thu May 26, 2016 9:11 am

Re: Following the call into the unknown future

After climbing up a tree to find at least some rest, her body leaned against the trunk of that tree, her feet securing her in a crouch, the Elfess drifted into a deep and exhausted sleep. Shenandrea had to face her worst nightmares once more while sleeping. Haunted by pictures of her father leaving for war, the man who claimed to marry her mother after the announcement of her fathers death, Who later attempted to hunt Shenandrea down and which led her to leaving the mainland with the only chance she had. Clinging to a rope still hanging down from a boat, everything she had experienced went wild in her dream. Struggling with her nightmare, she moved uneasily in her sleep. Facing the picture of her brother, fighting her almost to the death, Shenandrea cried out in pain as his sword hit her left shoulder. Realizing that real pain jolted through her body the Elfess woke up finding herself laying on her back on the ground. Whimpering she held her left Shoulder, as she moved herself into a seating position. Reality hit her hard, all over these years she desperately kept these memory's at bay, now they came unhindered back to her mind.
Shocked and scared, Shenandrea wrapped her unharmed arm around herself trying to get a grip on what happened. Yet fully awake she led her thoughts away from all that darkness of her past, calling to remember old friends and good company back then in Gobaith. If she'd ever been true to herself, she'd known that even with all this peace, one thing never fades. Good Friendship. Resting her head at the trunk, she pulled her knees up, wrapping her cape around her to keep the cold away. Rubbing her shoulder to ease the throbbing she began to think about her old friends.

How dear they were to her. The Knights of Gobaith, some of the Druids of the forest, all the Halflings from and around Greenbriar. Some of the mages of the Magic-Academy, even some knights of the Grey Rose and the Bearers of Fire. She remembered the warmth of Varshikar, crowded Trolls Bane, Silverbrand, the Farmers Union and Greenbriar. Besides all worries she had back then, these years are dear to her. Gazing up into the bright starlit sky she whispers “Dear gods, please let them be alive and safe.” remembering many of the adventures she had gone through with her friends, she thought of everyone at a time, no matter if already dead or still alive. Ogerawa, Eli, Kaila, Shara, Anfala, Ayla, Dantagon, Jorokar, Artimer, Azuros, Achae, Pellandria, Katharine, Cereler, Saril, Thorwald, Kadiya, Leeven and his Wolf, Arildar, Raiquen, Borgate and many more....

Deeply lost in her thoughts with closed eyes she heard the birds chirping to welcome the new morning. Opening her eyes she felt sore and worn out while she extended her legs and tried to stretch herself out of the stiffness. She winced at the pain in her shoulder, with her good hand she opened her bag and withdrew a small container from it. Opening the container the smell of Sibanac and other herbs filled the air. - Prepared as always – she thought while dipping her fingers into the paste and sliding underneath her tunic to rub the paste upon her shoulder. Soon after wiping her fingers clean on a leaf the numbing of the paste set in. almost relieved from the pain the Elfess rose from her place, brushing off all needles and dried leafs from her cape. Picking leaf-fragments out of her hair every now and then Shenandrea gathered all her stuff together. Shenandrea left the place towards the farm where she had left the stallion the day before. The farmer eyed her suspiciously though kept his thoughts to himself as the Elfess left upon the stallion's back.

Leading the horse deeper into the forest towards a hot spring Shenandrea let trail off her thoughts once more. “If I only knew what lies ahead...” she soliloquies. About half an hour later the Elfess reached her destination. Awkwardly she let herself slip down from the stallions back, she led him to a basin with fresh water surrounded by fresh and green grass, just a couple of steps from the hot spring. Hiding her belongings behind a huge stone, she let herself slide into the warm water taking a bath. The warmth of the spring soothed her sore body, giving relief to the pain. After her hair had almost regained its usual color the Elfess huddled up in her cape to dry. Before she finally slipped back into her clothes she applied once more some of the Sibanac paste onto her shoulder. Reaching the stallion she saw a glimmering light not far. Not sure what to think of this appearance she quickly padded the stallions neck while grasping for his reigns to get on his back. Leaving the glimmering light and the hot spring behind her, she let the stallion find his way back to his home. Reaching home after dark, Learas helped Shenandrea to dismount. Watching her closely with an perfect arched eyebrow as she moved closer to his house. Learas let the stallion graze before rejoining Shenandrea and his wife. The Elfess told them everything that had happened during her absence. Far beyond midnight they decided to get some rest.


He felt strange as he entered the Golden Reign with her letter securely hidden in his pocket. He was already late, so he felt observed by his comrades. Trying to hide his troubled thoughts he moved under deck to his cabin which he shared with 3 other sailors, he stored the money and letter behind a loose board, which has served him well as a safe place. Leaving his room behind, he climbed the ladder back on deck. Practice took control over him, as he helped to haul the huge ropes onto deck. Soon Liam found his place on deck, like he used to possess it before. After reaching the wide open sea at dawn, he stood aft of the ship. He let his eyes trail along the fading coastline as he heard Marék approach him. “Ye are quiet t'day Liam.” the man spoke with his deep voice. “Aye Capt'n. To much Rum last night.” Liam answered blankly, rubbing his forehead. The captain laughed and patted his shoulder. “Stay clear, we've a long journey before us.” Liam flashed his teeth in a wide grin “Aye aye Capt'n.” With these words Liam took over his shift at the rudder.

His mind trailed off, remembering the last day. He knew Shenandrea would come. He watched almost every move she made as soon as she reached the harbor. He wanted to get her out of the way as she got herself almost into trouble, though he knew that rumors spread fast among sailors. Liam lost sight of her as he had to fill out papers for their cargo. With a curse on his lips he joined his comrades afterwards for a drink or two or three in the tavern. Leaving the tavern, he kept himself to the shadows. He heard the foreign sailors prattle about a beggar and instantly knew who it was.
Talking to her was the best thing that has happened to him in years. Though he wondered, how Shenandrea could have come so much out of her former shape. She was by far younger than she is now when he first met her. Though the moment he laid his hands upon her as he pulled her up on board, he knew that she meant trouble. With a grin he touched his jaw – that was quite a blow from her back then when she first sat feet on deck. Now she had become lean and almost fragile. He couldn't tell for sure, but compared to the Elfess he once knew, Shenandrea seemed to have been tamed. A young cadet interrupted his thoughts. “Change the course towards the north-east, order from the Captain.” Liam frowned “Aye, changing course to the north-east.” he turned the rudder so that the Golden Reign changed its course towards the north-east. “Why for the sake of Hellsbriar aren't we sailing to Galmair Harbor? What's his business now?” he cursed annoyed. Knowing that they could only be heading towards the lonely peninsula, close to Runewick by following this direction. Hour after Hour moved on before he got replaced by another man at midday.

Liam left his position and moved downstairs into the galley, getting himself a meal. After finishing his meal he left to get some rest in his cabin. Allowing himself to get some rest before his night-shift on deck he soon drifted off to sleep. The days on board passed by in a well known routine. After reaching the waters of the lonely peninsula, picking up 3 barrels of rum from a smuggler they finally headed to Galmair Harbor. After unloading their cargo he fetched the letter and the small pouch from the safe place and headed directly to the Hemp Necktie Inn. Liams patience got challenged a lot during his stay at the Inn. Borgate first serving others finally got his attention. “Another drink?” the dwarf barked at him. “Aye. An' one for ye.” he had seen Shenandreas reaction upon mentioning the old dwarf, he knew that somehow he had to talk to him alone. The later the night grew, the fewer they were at the Inn. Some sailors snoring loudly at their tables, to drunk to get on board on their own again. Some of the people of the town were just about to leave when Borgate changed a mug of dwarfen beer against coins and handed it over to Liam. “Can I ask ye for a favor Borgate?” Liam lowered his voice. “Do ye remember Shenandrea?” surprised by the sudden outburst of laughter from Borgate “Aye, I remember that longear, sir.” Liam sighed in relief. Taking a gulp from his beer he pondered how he should explain Borgate about the current situation. Deciding that it would be best to lay down the situation as plain as possible, he spoke to the dwarf with a lowered voice, not giving away to much. “I see, now I do have someone in mind who might take care of this.” Borgate replied after listening to Liams story. Liam rose from his stool and withdrew the now crinkled letter, placing the amount coins on the letter to pay his bill he moved it across the counter. Borgate nodded and took both, the money as well as the letter. Leaving the inn with a nod towards the bartender Liam went straight back to the Golden Reign. “Work's done. Hope we find the one searching for ye, Shenandrea” he mouthed into the starlit sky before entering the Boat.

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Post by Juliana D'cheyne » Fri May 27, 2016 5:10 am

Re: Following the call into the unknown future

In one of their rare trips to the Inn for more supplies, Juliana grabs some of the strange dishes Grapes made for her surreptitiously while attempting to hide her efforts from him. Hoping he would spend less time cooking, she stares at the abundance of meals, almost half her depot filled with dishes then mutters...

"Maybe he would have been happier as a cook"

Hearing his voice at the other depot inquiring what she said, Juliana simply grins then turns at someone clearing their throat to find Borgate holding an envelope out to her..his wide grin showing even through his straggly beard.

What's so funny Borgate?

Seeing the wax seal on the letter piques her interest.

"Grapes, there is a letter but not addressed to anyone. Borgate seems to think it is ours."

Waiting for him to amble over she shakes the envelope experimentally.

"Coins inside, maybe someone is paying ahead of time in gold?"

Grinning at a small toddler with pale blonde hair yelling at the top of her voice ...

"Gold, gold!"

Grapes halts to pick her up and bring her to the back door giving her a playful tickle and a brief kiss.

"Play right near the door, Papa will be there soon"

Making sure he could keep an eye on her, he moves near Juliana and Borgate staring at the envelope. Opening it carefully, Juliana chuckles as 15 silver drop out...

"Possibly a joke Grapes?"

Stretching both sides of the envelope looking for whatever else was inside, she removes a letter and begins to read holding it up to the light so Grapes could view the words also.

Be greeted,

I received news that someone is searching for me. The Person hasn't revealed his/her name nor the reason why I should be found. I want to get information about that person first before responding to any of the news that I have been informed by a friend.

If you'd do me the favor to gather information, you will be rewarded. If the money offered for the first information isn't enough just send word to Liam of the Golden Reign, he will raise the fee.
Also if you have any information just leave it at the Inn for him.

Thank you for your service

~Shenandrea Lorean.
Shaking her head Juliana lays it near Borgate with a grin..

"Borgate what has gotten into you..why do you think this is ours?"

At the shake of the dwarf's head before he nonchalantly drinks more of his beer Grapes again picks up the parchment...

"You know, this person could be from Gobaith. Fifteen silver was a lot more there then the copper it is here"

Gazing at the signature Juliana frowns appearing now thoughtful..

"I used to know someone named Shen but can't remember her last name. She wouldn't send me a letter though. I tricked her into going to the demon. Remember the story of how I got the demon bow? Hmmm.. of course this Liam might not know that."

Turning back to Grapes briefly with one brow raised, then at his nod as if he knew what she had planned, she shrugs and flips the parchment around writing with precise handwriting on the back.

Liam of the Golden Reign,
We are mercenaries for hire. Our usual payment is magical gems. The better the information, the more gems we obtain. Let us know if you are interested.

Grapes and Breanna
Sealing it in the same envelope, using the wax dripping from a lit candle, Juliana entices one of the halfling patrons at the Inn, giving him sufficient coin to deliver her parchment to the right place then follows Grapes out where their daughter plays, the silver coins forgotten on the counter. Borgate proceeds to sweep them in his tip jar then settles down to treat himself to more of the special beer he saves only for himself and those special customers he likes.

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