The Legacy

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Post by Nalzaxx » Fri Dec 28, 2012 7:22 am

The Legacy

((An open RP for the new language concerning the flight from Gobaith, amongst a few other things for those interested. It tells the story of one of those left behind after the last ships have departed and the strange events that follow. If your character has been stranded and you didn't get a chance to join any of the earlier RPs then you are more than welcome to contribute.))


The air itself set alight as the Gods reigned down their fury upon Gobaith. Blazing chunks of molten rock seared through the sky and shook the island as they impacted its once green lands. There were few sounds to be heard over the conflagration, the spitting of wood and stone as it fell to ruin, or the cries of a trapped soul desperate for salvation. Six ducked under a falling beam and emerged into the plaza of Trollsbane. The fires raged all around him and he knew that there was little time left before there was nothing but smoldering ash where the town used to reside. He made his way swiftly to the closest gatehouse, but the fires there did not present an exit, so he doubled back. There were others here too, trying to escape the destruction, but they could not keep his pace and he knew the Gods would not show mercy for his kindess. They were left to fend for themselves, he had to get out, to find a way to the harbour and the ships that would lead away from this cursed place. The southern gate was similarly unkind, a large meteor having felled the bridge there, blocking any hope of escape. The northern gate however did have a small passage through the fires, and he slipped quietly from his burning cage into the fields surrounding.

Round to the east he fled, then south and back west, following the path of the river back towards the sea. He kept a steady focused pace that did not betray his fatigue. Rocks still fell from the sky around him with malevolent purpose, but he felt a strange presence guiding him onwards, a boon against the anger the Gods directed at him. The meadows north of the union drifted past with the patter of his feet on scorched earth and he turned towards the bridge there. A smile crept onto his face as he saw it still stood, and his legs were spurred onwards. Then it came, wailing across the sky in a fiery rage and heading straight for the crossing. This was not chance, an unlucky event amidst the chaos of that time, there was purpose to it's path and that purpose was to stop Six ever leaving this place. A wise man would have turned heel and ran, a brave man would have held his ground, but Six was possessed with an odd knowing and he headed ever faster towards the crossing. A strange faith filled him as the falling stone grew ever closer, there were forces here who sought to preserve him, and deny the Gods their vengeance. The patter of his boots changed to a harsh knocking as they contacted the cobbled bridge and he dove forwards with as much effort as he could muster. He grimaced as his face scraped across the dirt on the far side, a cacophony of destruction sounded behind him as the meteor plummeted into the bridge, before he pulled himself to his feet.

There were others at the Harbour, a few refugees and those who had remained to aid them. A mage stood on one of the remaining ships and used his magics to protect them from the deathly rain. Six staggered onto the docks and fell to his knees, a woman rushed to meet him and handed him something to drink. Some men argued behind him about returning to Bane, to help any other survivors. He knew it was foolishness, but they would not heed his warnings. Even if they survived the journey, by the time they had found a route back to the town it would be no more. He was done and he crawled into one of the nearby buildings for some rest. "Wake me should there be need." he offered weakly to the others there before drifting into an uneasy slumber.

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Post by Nalzaxx » Fri Dec 28, 2012 7:38 am

Re: The Legacy


It was dark when his eyes opened once more, and deathly quiet. It took a moment to orient himself before realisation sunk in, he remembered where he had been, in the harbour amongst chaos, but now all was calm. The rose from the tattered sack that had been his bed and rubbed at his face. A yawn expelled the stale air from his lungs and he clambered to his feet. He ached all over and his skin felt as though he'd lain in the sun too long. He grabbed his things and headed outside. The darkness of that night was welcoming after the fury of the previous day. Fires still burned in the distance and Bane still cast a crimson glow onto the horizon as it burned on. The harbour itself was serene, only the sound of waves lapping gently against the beach could be heard. He walked a small way down the docks and surveyed the situation. The meteors had stopped falling, and there was no immediate danger, but there were no ships left either. A soft sigh escaped his lips, a mixture of relief at a moment of peace, and frustration at another trial to come. He wondered how the final escape had played out, if they had tried to find him, or if there had simply been no time. Perhaps there was no escape at all and they all rested in the dark waters below him. There was wreckage here and there, but the paltry amount gave him hope for their success. His thoughts then turned to his own dilemma. The last ships had sailed, and were unlikely to return. There were always going to be those left behind, a few unlucky ones stranded on a forsaken island, and Six scanned the harbour for any other unfortunate souls like himself.

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Post by Mesha » Sat Dec 29, 2012 2:57 pm

Re: The Legacy

Thundir, a dwarf of average height, sitting outside against one of the buildings, quietly hums a lilting tune, yet his eyes betray a different demeanor. He can't seem to convince himself, he, the ever cheery, of hope in this day and age. Overlooking the carnage, he looks for signs of forgiveness within the God's ordeal, yet he finds none. Even the silence is temporary, an intermission of soundless armistice in this war against Gobaith, no signs of peace in silence's usual use in meditation and reflection.

Looking down at the hammer attached to his belt, stops his humming, a tear from his eye. He remembers a lament he heard when running from Silverbrand, whom uttered it he doesn't remember. In a hoarse voice he begins to chant:

"The Gods, The Five, what are they to do
Against malice, and greed, and dimwitted mind
Against heresy, defiance and carelessness
The Five, our Gods, what are they to do

A reckoning devised for Gobaith
By Eldan, over the loss of mind
By Brágon, over the loss of passion
By Ushara, over the loss of charity
By Tanora, over the loss of inner beauty
By Findari, over the loss of knowledge

The Five, by the Gods, what have they done!
Against peace, and charity, and clever mind!
Against devotion, loyalty and ambition!
The Five, my Gods, what have you done!"

He sighs from the emotion evoked by the lament, his eyes tearing up completely now. How could they? What sin am I being punished for?

Turning his gaze toward the empty harbor now, his lament drags on his mind. The Gods did not even allow me salvation.

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