Large parchment scrawled over the boards

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Post by Devereux » Thu Dec 22, 2011 12:24 am

Large parchment scrawled over the boards

Citizens of this island, Gobaith!

As many of you have been made aware, the Chief of the Dar'Krest band of orcs struck down my brother, and Chief of the Stormblood tribe Krazzak Urazg.
The one speaking of talks of peace and talks of prosperity between the two clans has doubled back, crossed his own words and spilled blood.
He has claimed to have PUT DOWN A REBELLION, as if the Stormblood tribe is not its own entity but a splinter of their own. THIS IS NOT THE CASE!
The Stormbloods are our own. We hold no allegiences with, nor fly the same banner as the Dar'Krest do. The Dar'Krest are murderous and blood-thirsty.

THE STORMBLOODS WANT TO BRING PEACE TO THE ORCEN BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF THE ISLE! We do not wish more blood-shed. No more innocents dead.
The Dar'Krest clan are a group of mindless, murderous, slandering orcs who hold nothing sacred. Not life, not the laws of the land, nothing.
I have heard stories of them and their own history. I have heard of their terrorizing the innocent people of this island. To deny such claims would be impossible.

I am asking you, the people, and MY people to come together. Unite. Help us in our cause.

We do not desire more blood-shed. No more killing. Our only desire is to unite our Orcen brothers and sisters under one banner.
Do not let the words of the wicked twist and mangle your perceptions. The Dar'Krest will stop at nothing to kill all who oppose them.
This has been made apparent.



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Post by Rincewind » Fri Dec 23, 2011 6:01 pm

Re: Large parchment scrawled over the boards

Hâhrch! Grimm'khul you sneaky bastard.

It's to late for peace now. After all you 'ave done to me? First Krazzak challenged mes for the rank of the chief. Mes show mercy, shelter his life. You two came and begged the Clan for membership. They welcome you. Next you betray us and help escape the Lizard. Mes forgave you again. You form your own clan and mes hold out a helping hand. You slep it away and claim my head. Then Krazzak challanges mes again! How stupid you are... well, I killed Krazzak. Fair enough do you think? No, this isn't over. Each single one of you maggots shall be squeeezed under my boots. With the help of Oomies and lizards you try to form a clan. The father won't accept such a weak attent to overtake my mountain! In his name we shall crush your wealthless bodies with hammer 'n axe! This won't stop until all your heads be placed on a pointy stick. You asked for this, now bear consequnces. In the name of our father, there won't be mercy for weaklings and cowards.


Your banner looks stupid. I would rip it into pieces if it would be more than a dirty rag.

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Post by Leon Demelii » Sat Dec 24, 2011 2:09 am

Re: Large parchment scrawled over the boards

*A man posts a note directing under Murgo's*

I think someone needs to knock you down a leg or two.


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