Assassins blades

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Assassins blades

I knew...the second i saw his soft leather boots, before dragging my gaze up to see the hooded face as he paused in his approach...I knew he was looking for try and kill me. I hissed one quickly whispered word, "Trouble" as I took a couple steps back while drawing my blades. Jordan attempted to stand between the Assassin and me . In my head one word was instinctively screaming, "RUN!" I tried to tell Jordan not to fight him that beating him would be unlikely knowing each second that I should flee. But how could I run and leave another to fight my battle alone....I could not. So I lifted my blades and and did not go down without a fight at least.As I drifted from being a whole person to the undead state where the cross called to me to come to it, I tried to see if Jordan too had been felled by the deadly daggers. Jordan was still attacking him, but the assassin was deflecting the blows with little harm as he started to run away, what he had come for was finished.Jordan persued him. The cross was calling and I was helpless to anything but give in to its lure and go and see if Cherga was going to take me or grant me breath again. She saw fit to see me live another day. I stumbled to Bane clutching a deep gash in the ribs from the cross near the South woods My thoughts for Jordan...wondering if he was still alive or perhaps bested the Assassin.
The first friendly face in Bane was that of the Judge, Frederic. He stitched the wound closed and bandaged it advising me to take it easy for a bit...But I will not rest until I find Jordan. Going back to where I saw him last he was not to be found. I finally returned to watch for him in Bane...I am waiting, hoping he did not s fate the same or worse than my own, this day.

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