Justice served?

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Post by Joxia Doral » Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:02 pm

Justice served?

Carefully placing each step on the trecherous mountainside she continues her exploration of the area in hopes of finding where he's holed up. Eventually becoming hungry chooses a good spot with a brilliant view of the land below as far as the eye can see and sits to eat and rest a bit.When finished she stands adjusting her swords in thier sheaths.Looking down the moutain a glint of light flickers up at her and she squints in attempt to discern the source. As the figure below steps out into a less dense patch of woods a slow smile spreads. "And the will of Nargun has led me to you" Murmrmrs softly to the distant figure, recognizable mostly by the coat he wears and red diamond that stands out like a beacon. As she turns to retrace her steps down the mountain her foot kncks loose a rock which bounces down the mountainside disrupting the peaceful atmosphere as if a family of ogre were on the move. Quiclkly she darts away from the edge hopefully before he caught sight of her and starts making her way down the mountain.

At the bottom she has no trouble finding his trail in the soft sandy loam and it leads to the Varshikar mine.
Upon entering silently, weapons drawn. she thinks she sees a shadow move at the top of the ladder just inside the entrance and carefully climbs up, just catching a glimpse of him as he enters a small grove of trees. Stealthily she follows and notices there is an increasing number of spider webbing along this path which does not seem familiar to her. So tensing she proceeds with more caution.The path dead ends into a very dark and web coated cavern she dared not risk lighting her lantern but hooks it to her belt, ready along with a torch. Once her eyes have adjusted to the dark she slowly takes a careful step into the inky depths the stench of death hangs in the dank air. A dim light can bee seen emitting from around a curve in the cavern wall and silently she inches toward it and upon rounding it she comes head on with her quarry.

He is looking right at her his eyes momentarily focusing on her as he grins crookedly "Heh, didnt think you would follow me into the spider queens lair."

"Had I known this was that, I might have had second thoughts", Joxia responds looking around quickly and fumbling with one hand to light the lantern It washes a small area in a pale light which struggles to penetrate the darkness and she returns her attention to him.

Just at the very moment a huge spider lunges from a crevice behind him and bites into his shoulder. His face wrinkles in pain befor it disappears into black shadows so she instinctively springs forward, grabbing at him but manages to only get a hold of his other wrist and she pulls trying to free him from the deadly jaws but before she realizes it she is left holding only his coat in her hands his surprised gasp ringing in her ears as the queen pulls him upwards until out of sight.

Only now does Joxia become aware of others from the nest creeping towards her so with only thought of her own life now she turns and flees, his coat still in her grasp.

*Joxia sits back in her chair at the tavern and takes a long swallow of mead to quench her throat after the tale then looks to he companion with a grin.* "so is it a believable story you think?"

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