A tall lizardess in Greenbriar

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Post by Ssaar » Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:46 am

A tall lizardess in Greenbriar

~ Throughout the town of Greenbriar, the noisy whispers of the gossiping halfling inhabitants can be heard as a tall lizardess in fine robes and a heavy visored helmet paces the town nervously spewing curses in both common and lizard tongue as she talks to herself.

" Could they have known!? Tssk! How could they..? She is tall thisss day and well concealed. Still!!! They knew something, they definitely knew something was familiar about her. No, they couldn't have. Yesss! Then why would they follow her here!? It could have been by accident? Yess, thats it! Still, she mearly traveled here, its not as though they would know she livess here...."

~ A grin of contentment grows beneath her helmet as she reassures herself..

" Wait! What if they questioned the halflings in town!!? They all know of her hiding out here! Tsssk! They wouldn't tell.. Of course they would! Those hairy toed bastardsss are the worst at keeping their tongues to themselves!!! Damn those nosey humanss for coming here!"

~ As she feels the potion of height wear off, she darts into the forest in order to keep hidden from the halflings in town so at the very least they won't know the tall lizardess and the short are one in the same. She stays there for hours, well hidden in the brush as she thinks things over..

Posts: 13
Joined: Mon May 30, 2011 5:24 pm

Post by Ssaar » Wed Feb 01, 2012 4:42 am

Re: A tall lizardess in Greenbriar

~ Walks along the path out of greenbriar mumbling curses to herself...

"They speak to her, they say Ssaar you are cruel, heartless iss! Now she can attest to her own mercy. The man was allowed thisss, he needed only turn on his heels and leave in peace, yet he refused! She sees now these humanss do not accept mercy! Thisss is of no trouble then, they shall receive none.."

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