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A piece of parchment hung around the island's frequent spots

Posted: Sun Feb 20, 2011 5:04 am
by Po Will
Throughout the island of Hope, there are a number of pieces of parchment pinned to tree's, building's and hut's. Each section is written in differently colored colorers to catch and interest those who look upon the parchments.

People of the island, craftsman, warriors, mages and the lazy. I put forward the idea that our very life's have been set upon a number of facilities, namely those regarding the old ones and who in fact deserves your prayers. I put forward the notion that Nargun, blessed be his name and ways, is in fact the giver and taker of life. He is the light, but also the dark, he is the hand which will help you from a gutter but at the same time kick sand into your begging face. He is neither white, nor is he black. His actions are his own, and from those actions we gain the sense of 'order'. Many will say that Nargun cannot possibly be the highest prestige simply because of our story of the old ones. Those who stepped through the void and found space for their abilities to create.

I do not argue against the fact that these old ones indeed came forward, but the mere fact we have 'gods' like beings such as Bragon and Tanora -two distinively different gods- suggests that in their creation, chaos had a hand. Therefore Nargun had his hand upon the creation of these two 'gods' which are held upon so high. Now, before one suggests that Nargun was elevated to his position by one or more of the old ways, or by some arcane work, I ask why must Nargun always have been physical?

Nargun has only taken his physical position because we seek guidance in such a force which is beyond your comprehension. The chaos of our world, and the world in which the old ones came from is ever lasting, ever expanding. It is from this expanding that our paths can become black to white, he gives us both good and evil. Yet, I hear people mock him because he simply is the god of chaos, of filth. These foolish priests and speakers have no understanding of Chaos, one could argue that their ignorance is so great, Nargun is using them to show how foolish people like them are.

So, before you pray to Bragon for your fires at night, before you pray to Tanora for the seas in which you fish. Before you thank Ushara for the land which you grow crops or enjoy the beauty. Remember this, none of this would be possible without the ever guiding Chaos. After which point, who are you most likely to thank for the fire, the one who lights the logs, or perhaps the one that makes the lighting possible in the first place?

In his most holy, and guiding name that is Nargun.

Re: A piece of parchment hung around the island's frequent s

Posted: Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:59 am
by Joxia Doral
*Pauses as the colorful parchment catches her eye and as she reads it a slow smile spreads across her face. Her head turns skyward a bit after a couple of minutes reading and contemplating the words. "You know that I serve you well, even when it is for your pleasure and my expense, so I consider it a gift when you show me others who appreciate the kind of God you are." *her gaze falls back to the paper as it flutters lightly in a sudden breeze as if in response to her words, then she turns to go on her way still smiling and says to herself "I really should meet this -Sere- as I have noticed his name on my board recently too*

Re: A piece of parchment hung around the island's frequent s

Posted: Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:46 am
by Kyre
Stopping to read one parchment pinned to the door of a building, Kyre's usual bored expression abruptly changes while appearing at a neighboring hut with only a few chosen words of ancient. Pulling that one down unmindful of the slight tear formed, she takes her time to walk toward the tree as a slight chuckle can be heard while nodding at something read as if agreeing.

Who says Nargun doesn't have a sense of humor?

Kyre proceeds toward the middle of town pausing at the well to frown at the now cold ashes under the cooking pot and lays the parchment on the log.

Such a coincidence I was talking to that halfling about the raven. We agree on a lot of points, I hope he sees these.

Re: A piece of parchment hung around the island's frequent s

Posted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 9:54 am
by Po Will
Yet another piece of parchment is left where the first was placed, if some were to watch these spots, they'd find a Hobbit placing them one by one.

Now that I have attempted too remove the first block from belief in Nargun, I will attempt to define certain things through the eye of a worshiper of Nargun. Firstly, the fact that Nargun, upon his name I pray, is the giver of all which is, has and always will be. Some will shout that he is simply a 'demon' for no god could be so cruel as to create such evil upon our world. This point I will contest to the highest possible point which I have the ability to do so. Nargun is the creater of evil, not because it is right, not because it is his pleasure -or perhaps it is, who are you to argue against it?- but because without the darkness in your life, you will never accept the goodness which he brings and sheds. Without the darkness, how would you define your sorrow, your pain? To curse his holy name because of his lesson's shows that you never wished, or that you never truly wanted to understand that most among the Gods.

As it were, I found myself debating a Elf. He argued that we shouldn't be thankful for the wrong which Nargun has spread among our lives, but merely we are to respect this wrong as his will. Obviously as you can tell, I contested this point, pointing out that to merely respect the way of Nargun shows that you neither deserve the good which he could bring upon your life, but you also disregard lesson which Nargun the most wise has placed upon your life. Each wrong committed in your life is a test from the God of all. He can test you in anyway in which he desires for he is your master, the hammer a upon a pin.

Now some will argue that this thought process will lead to Murderers forming amongst the believers in Nargun, or that it will become a cult for everything that is wrong in the land. But neither is more important, these Murderers are simply tools in the hand of the wisest of beings. If he decides to use these tools to bring his glorious Chaotic order into your life, take this as a test. If you find yourself as one of these tools, you are neither bad nor are you good. You are a tool for your lord and in so much, you are not too blame for your actions. You are simply making it possible for the brighter side of the Chaotic Order to shine. With each death, we become more thankful for life, we enjoy the world far more after we have become inflicted with countless burdens.

After all, who doesn't enjoy a sunset after living in a cave of hopeless despair? You become thankful for the bad in your life simply because it heightens your sense's and allows you to relish the good in said life far more than you will have done so in the past.

Think before you curse the evil, for without the evil... would you even consider the good?

In his name I pray,

Re: A piece of parchment hung around the island's frequent s

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:08 am
by Po Will
Another piece of parchment seems to have been added to others, some near these spots might have seen a small Hobbit placing them

As is the nature of our island, I felt I must write of the idea of conflict. There is two things I believe:
First of all, we need differences, if we are 'united' we are not a Chaotic order -note, this refers to local land politics and not united under one deity-. Thus the balance is broken.
Secondly, conflict is good but there is always a limit.

When I speak of the need for differences, it comes down to the simple belief that we in our state, need clashes. Be it in personalities or in actions, we need disagreements. We cannot find the balance with Chaos if we all nod our heads in agreement, we need both evil and 'good' to meet in the middle. Then and only then will we have a true Chaotic order. You cannot for instance, have a town full of thieves and murderers and expect to find the Chaotic order, neither can you have a town full of 'saints' and expect to find the middle ground which is the Chaotic order. Chaos in order, Order in Chaos.

My second point falls into the first premise. We need disagreements, we need differences. But that battle is forever pushing back and forth, against the waves and against the rocks. Some will argue that of course we will have differences but why should it lead to violence? My answer is simple. That is the way of Chaos, just like how the waves of the east will forever push against the waves of the west. So too will the two bases of the Chaotic Order fight for majority of this pie. Whilst I'll argue that clashes erupting violently are a good thing, as it keeps the C-O in Balance, there comes a point when one stops before they become an Order in themselves. My reason why I believe orders like that are no good to anyone? They fall apart, Chaos of inner fighting destroys these which tells me that if the C-O was to work in this situation, you wouldn't destroy yourself in the process of trying to hold two separate sides apart.

You will survive if you keep to your own home, but invade the killers house and you will put struck down. Invade the knights home and you will be struck down. Never move to entirely destroy your foe, for without him you are doing nothing but destroying your own purpose.

In his name I pray,