Days at the dock, away from the flock

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Days at the dock, away from the flock

Seredoc was bored. Simple and plain, the endless sittings at a fire couldn't stretch his mind or give him inspiration anymore, it was with this rather annoying thought that sent the Hobbit out of the city walls and towards the harbor. He spent a few moments collecting his thoughts as he walked down the road, he passed over Bane's fields, remembering with a smile and a slight tang of pain the moment he almost cut his right foot off with a shovel he was using to dig the moat for the invasion. Good days he thought, ruddy good days. Neither the less, the past is the past so it will always last. The future however, well, it's always running like a headless demonm...a rude feckless demon indeed..

As he moved further down the road, he crept up on the old Union building, and of course its new gate. Anyone worth their social skills has spent many'a day there in the past, and lets face it he thought, Bane was full of moronic eejits at the time. No, the Union was the place to be. Funny he thought, his first memories of a certain old man came from a brief tussle at the front bushes. Magnus was always a crazy one, Sere apparently didn't mind this was how he first met the Human, he was worth the arse kicking he quietly told himself with a chuckle and a quick smile.

At last he reached the Harbor and just sat there, taking in the smell of the old ships moving to and fro, not the nicest smell as one could imagine. But compared to some of the crap dribbling down some of Bane's frequent visitors and people, well wroth the trip. He watched as people went on board a ship bound for the mainland, once or twice he could have sworn he saw a Hobbit steal from the foreman - who, by simply the smell, was a drunk as a mother giving birth - with nothing more than a simple bow. Ronagan obviously was watching over that little Hobbit today.

As he watched the ships and those coming off it, he quickly saw why the saliors were stepping off here. Well there was three reasons Seredoc could figure without actually talking to any of them.
One: They had 'needs' fulfilling, Sere couldn't help but laugh at some of the sea dogs, he lost count of how many wolf-whistled to one of the women working at the dock and how many times they always got slapped.
Two: They wanted drink! Finally, getting off a ship they had earned their small piece of pay and once again were going to blow it off on some quick, awful booze the land lassies were bound to spit in.
Three: They just wanted to stand on land that wasn't constantly moving, Sere couldn't really blame the Sailors for this... but he would happily push the odd fellow off into the water if he decided to sleep on the dock in reach of the Hobbits feet. Seredoc quickly learned that Orc's made poor swimmers apparently, this would come in handy... maybe.

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