Notes pinned in or around the main cities of Gobiath

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Notes pinned in or around the main cities of Gobiath

The notes are mainly posted in Troll's Bane, Varshikar, Greenbriar, Tol Vanima, and by the Harbor.
The writing is done relatively neatly, exact and proper.

After a hiatus from the isle I find myself coming back again! I suppose I'll be a bit more active concerning putting my wares out on the market...
I offer services that include, but are not limited to (they also include my skills and knowledge) :

-very good reading, writing, and arithmetic skills
-financial advice, handling, and accounting
-advising (social, or others, ask if you want specifics)
-private tutoring and teaching, or public if wanted
-planning and analysis of situations
-knowledge of the physical world and its rules
-a useful brain

Just send a dove if you seek my wares. I accept several tasks at once, unless it concerns advising and my employer wishes me to be very active, in which case I'll deal with on a case-by-case basis to determine the amount of tasks I'll handle. Or if you pass me by, ask so in person as well!

~Fernando Raphael Hidalgo

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