The Falcon's Return [Open, Knights Recommended to Read!]

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Post by Ayla » Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:15 pm

The Falcon's Return [Open, Knights Recommended to Read!]

(( PROLOGUE: Just a tad bit of explaining for anyone taking the time to read this and possibly respond. This is and shall be the tale of a once-known elfess, Ayla To'lorn. Upon her death and burial with Findari's Bow, it was said that her spirit was taken to the Goddess Findari and she was given the body of the Falcon to act as a messenger when the time arrived. OOC reasons have led me to be fairly inactive in this up until now, however I found the Demon Goddess quest an ideal reason for her return. To those who either worship Findari or know Ayla, they will be able to recognize the Falcon and sense her within the creature. From there, it shall be left to written, role-played explanation. Thanks! ))

It is time I made the true decision for a change. It is time I do something of meaning, no matter what it may cost me in the end.

The dark and faded shadow of a large bird glided effortlessly along the tops of the budding trees just west of the swamp, the grey silhouette flitting and rolling lazily along the mostly-bare and dew touched branches. The massive yet elegant falcon that cast the silhouette flapped her large wings once, angling one down to send her banking left sharply over the trees. Her dark eyes, an unnerving and unnatural shade of green, were locked upon the well-known building far before her, its walls dug into the very mountains behind it. Her large and beautifully curved head turned aside, attention flicking here and there as her wings dropped down once more. A thermal rolling up from the earth below sent her high above the Knight’s castle, where she banked again and spiraled slowly down to the rough-shaped stone of the battlements. Her talons stretched forth, digging into the stone and finding a foothold as she came to a rest, wings folding tightly to her body. The white-plumed chest of the falcon rose slowly, as if she were taking a deep breath of air. Her head dipped down, beak touching her breast as her green eyes stared forth over the castle and the road that led to Troll’s Bane beneath her.

The air was crisp and cold, still touched with the bite of winter as the winds blew with soft howls between the mountainsides and through the open windows of the castle. To the east, the vivid orange globe of the sun was just beginning to crest the curve of the world, casting a vivid array of colors against the blue-grey background of dawn. Dew drops still clung to the newly growing grass and small leaves of the trees, causing the landscape to almost glimmer with the refraction of light upon the beads of water. Save the breezes that slid and gently rustled through the branches and grass, or the distant melody of waking songbirds, not a thing stirred in the surroundings settled beneath and around the falcon. No one moved within the castle beneath her, no one walked the path from Troll’s Bane to Varshikar. The sheer lack of others, despite the early hours and predictability, left an ache deep within the creature’s chest. Her eyes narrowed as she lifted her head gently, staring toward the sunrise. What the falcon knew of these lands had changed in the past years, to put it gently.

The large bird had frequented the castle many times, seen on occasion from the remnants of the Knighthood, though never remarked upon. For the past few months, her visits had grown more and more frequent, often coming to perch upon the battlement and watch over the group silently as they conducted business and meetings. She had heard talk of the Goddess, of what she had promised and done to the people of Troll’s Bane. The people alone seemed as if they stood no chance. They had not the help of the Gods, save Zhambra himself. This realization had sent a strong worry through the falcon, causing her to linger more and more often within the places she could hear. And the more she heard, the worse it grew.

Findari, release me. They need more than a miracle, this time. This is no petty “demon” they toy with..

Flicking one wing anxiously, the falcon breathed in deeply once more. Then her weight shifted forward, both wings spreading out fully. With one powerful push, her white body was sent back up into the air and into the thermals. Instead of banking left and heading back into the forests as she always did, the large falcon instead took to following the road toward Troll’s Bane. Her eyes remained narrowed as she flew on, talons tucked tightly up against her body. She had angled herself in the air for speed, moving along the distance with ease as she flew over the rise of the town’s walls. Dropping down sharply, the falcon slid through and around the buildings. So close was she that her wings brushed those of passers-by on occasion, catching them off-guard by the unusual sight. A massive white falcon was certainly not something seen every day, nor was a falcon so used to human contact that it felt comfortable to fly amongst them. Taking herself around the town’s barriers once, the falcon finally settled just on the battlements above the main gate into town. As she lit upon the stone, wings stretched out and weight tipped forward, her curved beak parted with a nerve-wracking cry. Not once did she cry, not twice. Four times, one almost immediately after the other did the falcon’s eerie call sound through the early-morning air of Troll’s Bane. Not many would understand the meaning, most would simply pass it off as a strange beast.

Some, however, would look to the falcon and know precisely what she was asking for.

Release me.

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Post by Taiah » Sun Jun 27, 2010 4:15 pm

So perfectly still on the roof of the Keep, the dawn's rays yet to penetrate the wall where dark eyes stare yet see nothing as Caiah's thoughts remain in turmoil. How could she have done this, in her perceived revenge something so beautiful that she couldn't have acknowledged the truth until seen too late was destroyed. With her actions, a bond was broken..could it ever be repaired? Sudden shivers race through her body not at the chill from the dawn breeze, but seeing again the cold gaze in his blue-grey Albarian eyes when his voice rang with finality "I never want to see you again".

The Guardian of Zhambra somehow brought her back to Taiah's body seeing the weakness without both souls. Not caring the how, knowing that was just one of the mysteries of the gods, yet quickly finding out why...of the great evil upon the land as the Knight's increasing need to be strong while they fight this false goddess calling herself Netheria. Caiah vowed to Sir Ayun and the Guardian she would do what is needed in the struggle yet secretly her thoughts were of Anon, and anger so mixed she couldn't decide which vied more at any given minute.

Distracted by a blaze of white gliding on a sunbeam toward the gates of Trolls Bane, Caiah's dark eyes follow the beautiful falcon as it circles, then lands. The echo of the bird's call drowning out the usual morning cacophany as an eerie quiet settles briefly, almost as if something momentus is happening. Finally whispering to someone not seen "Remember reading of the white falcon in a journal at the Keep Taiah? We are in need of that Knight now."

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Post by Alan Dowland » Sun Jun 27, 2010 6:37 pm

The black falcon sat in a tree near the road to Varshikar as the white bird passed. He watched her fly over the town walls, he also heard her crying. Although Shadow knew his master awaited him, he could not forget his first master Gorim von Bragona, once a page at the Knights of Gobaith before he was murdered. Shadow did not know why this certain falcon kept reminding him of Gorim, why he felt the strange connection to her. It confusingly was no wish to mate, although she was a pretty animal. It was more like a deep order to help her with whatever she wished him to do. Alan would miss him, but he had been without Shadow for many times now.

The black falcon had always followed his heart, as long as it kept him at Gorim's side like the Shadow he was named after. He had also followed his heart when Gorim died and he chose to follow his master's half-brother instead. And now it was time for another change. She needed him. He was ready.

Answering the four calls in the distance with a loud cry, he shifted his weight foward and stretched out his wings, throwing himself up into the sky and starting to circle above Troll's Bane until he found her and was ready to stop his soaring and volley downwards.

Had he had any knowledge of the Goddess Findari, Shadow would have known it was her call he just had followed.

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Post by Shenandrea » Sun Jun 27, 2010 11:44 pm

For a long time, she had herself and both of her children hidden from almost everyone she knew.
Here and there passing a person, without really noticing them Shenandrea was always in a hurry to get back to the place she and her beloved ones call home.
After the long and cold winter she was short on lampoil and torches. Hence she had to make the trip towards Trolls Bane to buy some oil and other things. She knew, the earlier she would go the earlier she'd be back home without many noticing her. Not knowing that she'd be proven wrong with her planning.
Trolls Bane wasn't the town she would have chosen for herself to live in, nor did she like to visit the town. Dawn was just breaking as she entered the gates, knowing that the merchant would open his doors soon she went to her depot in the library, taking a pouch of money out of it. She knew the streets well, though something was strange that very morning. Rather than keeping a better look at the dark shadows and therefor the places of scoundrels who were always lurking around town, looking for profit or an easy prey, she felt the urge to look up to the sky at times.

Besides her elven nature patience wasn't a talent of her, especially not while being in Trolls Bane. She leaned her back against the wall of the house close to the depot there, when she heard the four eerie shrieks. She pulled her coat closer around her shoulders as the sound sends shivers down her spine and let goose bumps raise on her arms and neck. Memories flashing by in her mind's eye. Almost instantly she knew that she had heard the voice of the shrieking creature before.
Drawn close by the power and urge of the eerie shriek she pushed herself off the wall without thinking to much about it, making her way into the direction of the shrieks...

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Post by Bregor Ayun » Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:54 am

Inside castle Stoneridge, Bregor was kneeling in front of the altar, his hands folded, his head bowed deep in respect and, were you to look deep into his eyes, sorrow. As always, he began to pray to Malachin, praying for strength in leadership and battle.
  • My Lord, to who I pray each day of my life,
    Thy strength be mine in battle.
    My belief be my armour, my shield, my sword,
    Lest Gobaith should fall to darkness,
    This one last victory we need.
    My life is yours.
He remained kneeled, praying to all the Five gods of old. In between his prayers, he would look up towards the golden lion right above the altar, his eyes full of hope, and yet... doubtful and sad. Not a sound could be heard interrupting the silence resting on the castle. Ushara, Goddess of Earth, we heed the words of thy messenger, I pray you...
  • Though the Knights had gathered an astonishable number of fighters for their cause, the fight against the demigoddess Netheria, Bregor feared for their lives. All of his order would gladly give their life to the gods, the order and the noble cause they were rallying against, Bregor however had no intention to sacrifice them all in an unequal battle. On the outside, he tried to remain adamant, hopeful, strong and unshaken by fear or hopelessness. Now that he deemed himself alone, these doubts came climbing up his spine and entering his mind again. They had done as the messenger of Zhambra had bestowed upon them, to gather those true and pure of heart, and by now many were ready to follow the banners of the Knighthood, the Tinechor and even the mighty clans. Yet what they lacked was unity. There were differences and quarrel amongst his order, and he felt the reins slipping out of his hands. Not only the Knighthood, the whole movement could not yet unite under one banner, one flag, to lead them all into battle together. They could not even manage to decide upon their course of action, Bregor thought upon thinking back to that meeting in Vanima. Yet they had to remain hopeful.
...Findari, Goddess of Air, thy advice we need, thy creativity be ours, I pray to you, send us a sign we are not alone...

It was then he heard the distant cries of a falcon from the west where Bane lay. Four times he would crow. One last time Bregor bowed his head deep before the altar before rising to his full height. While he was slowly assembling his armor, through a window his white dove came flying directly towards him, fluttering its white wings in an excited manner. Bregor looked at her, raising his eyebrows, for she did not carry any parchment. Handing her some bread crumbs, he continued to arm himself, taking his best swords from the rack. A swift and clever dove she was, but right at the moment, he could not possibly guess what she was up to. Maybe the cries of that large bird startled her? If his ears did not deceive him, a falcon it had been. But she did not look at all fearful, yet her anxiety had not ceased. Then, all at once, she would hop towards the selfsame window she came in and spread her wings, gliding westwards. Grabbing the last parts of his weaponry and throwing the large blue coat, embroidened with the insignia of a full Knight of Gobaith, Sir Bregor Ayun set forth from the keep.

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