The Chronicle of Gobaith

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Post by Kadiya » Mon Jan 25, 2010 10:54 am

The Chronicle of Gobaith

An old gnome woman glances curiously through the halls of the Troll's Bane library before she enters. In one hand she holds a long naldor board and in the other some old parchment, written in black ink. A small bag with different kinds of tools is hanging over her shoulder.
Slowly she walks over to the other side of the room, takes a small hammer out of her bag and nails the board between two book shelves on the wall.
With a few small nails and a broad smile on her lips she tacks the parchment on the board, reading it one last time before she leaves the library.
My dear people of Gobaith,

For many years now I've observed the history of this island and tried to capture the important events in The Chronicle of Gobaith. But I'm getting old, and times seem to change this isle faster than before. I cannot be everywhere at once.
I will most certainly be still around to to fulfil my obligations, but I'd like to ask you to inform me about happenings and events, which are important for you, and which you would like to see in the chronicles. You can tack your letters on this board, so I can make sure they find a way into the chronicles.

Of course you can inform here about events or happenings in past too. Granted, I've been a bit careless in the last month.

I thank very much for all the help,


Die alte Gnomfrau sah sich mit einem neugierigen Glanz in ihren Augen in der Bibliothek von Trolls Bane um, bevor sie vollständig den Raum betrat. In der einen Hand hielt sie ein langes Naldor-Brett, in der anderen ein altes Pergament, beschrieben mit schwarzer Tinte. Eine kleine Tasche mit allerlei Werkzeugen hing über ihre Schulter.
Langsam wanderte sie hinüber auf die andere Seite des Raumes, zog einen kleinen Hammer aus ihrer Tasche und begann das Naldor-Brett zwischen zwei Bücherregalen dort an die Wand zu nageln. Mit ein paar kleineren Nägeln und einem breiten Lächeln auf den Lippen heftete sie das Pergament an das Brett, las es ein letztes Mal, bevor sie sich umdrehte um die Bibilothek wieder zu verlassen.
Meine lieben Bewohner von Gobaith,

lange Jahre verfolge ich nun die Geschichte dieser Insel und versuche alles wesentliche in der Chronik von Gobaith festzuhalten. Doch ich werde alt...die Zeit scheint diese Insel schneller zu verändern als früher... und ich kann nicht überall sein...
Ich werde natürlich nach wie vor meiner Aufgabe nachkommen und alle Ereignisse, die mir wichtig erscheinen versuchen festzuhalten, dennoch möchte ich euch bitten mir Ereignisse, die ihr als wichtig erachtet und die ich vielleicht übersehen habe, zukünftig auch an diesem Brett mitzuteilen, auf dass sie ihren Weg in die Chroniken von Gobaith finden.

Natürlich können mir hier auch bereits vergangene Ereignisse mitgeteilt werden. Ich gebe zu ich war in den vergangenen Monaten ein klein wenig nachlässig.

Ich danke vielmals für jede Hilfe

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Post by Rincewind » Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:40 pm

Hurr! Murgo long time at isle Gobaith now. And mes wanna talk. Tale!
Mes nub sure, what reason was. Maybes the stumpis stolen us pig. But one for sure! At Year 26 in Adras, day 20. There was war. They say, orcs raided the town Silberbrandt. And lot of tricky fighting over the streets ob the isle. Those Conflicts happun more than half of a year! Hurr.
No knowed, how started. But mes wanna tell tha end! It ended with all place, well known Day of the Hammer!

Here Murgo show you! Tha painting at the cave wall. In common symbol.

Orc Nation wrote:The Day of the Hammer - 08. Malas year 27 - written by Warlord Rogruk
Brothers and sisters, rejoice! Today, history was written!

When the Warlord was about to enter the human city after the meeting with the chief, he ran into the dwarven army, led by the queen herself!

They thought that I, the Warlord, is an easy target for them! I stood my ground to their insults and when they were just about to attack, Taliss, our allied lizard friend, appeared from the back and stood by my side! Toghether we fought like bothers, slashing trough dwarves like a hot knife trough butter! The queen herself started running arround like a scared pig sent to slaughter and even though the dwarves used fierly, magic weapons that nearly sent me to the grave, they soon fell and drowned into their own pool of blood!

The queen dragged herself to the cross, where, me , Taliss and the human Tirrend, tied the queen up and dragged her all the way to the cave, shoving her into the jail!

Brothers, rejoice! We have captured the queen! Now she will face the trial of the orcs, she will face our anger!

All meet tomorrow so we judge the dwarf queen by the orc laws!

All honor Taliss, our brother lizard, he has proven his strenght and honor, fighting side by side with the Warlord! Also, let us not forget the braveness of Tirrend, the human, who even though he is a guard of Trolls Bane, he helped us into capturing the queen!

Let this be known as the Day of the Hammer! , the day when the dwarf army got crushed under the feet of those that fought for honor!
Rugh'toh wrote:Bruddahs and Sistahs!

Yesturrrday wus great day fer greenskins!
  • X We filled da holy caves of our almighty Father wit plenty ob bruddahs and sistahs in kind and in skin and dose who beh frriends ob us.

    X We came togethurrr to judge da Queen ob da dwarves fer recent and past deeds ob stumpies.

    X We prayed to da Father - he blessed us by sending his First Messenger once again.

    X Da First Messenger judged - we followed his command!
Listen, Bruddahs and sistahs, and spread dis word to eberryone: Da stumpie Queen beh dead!
Da Queen been smashed by da Horde! She hab been pushed down da holy mountain. She wus nub worthy to beh smashed by our blades, da Messenger said!
  • Bruddahs and sistahs, dese beh glory times fer our kind! Nubudy can stand da power ob greenskins!

    Da Messenger demanded for more blood - Blood we shall give him during our next meeting!
Chief Rugh'toh
Now, tha years gone. And mes hab tell youb! Destiny of Queen Friedwulfa.
Hurr! She blessed by Gods was. Surrived. Still alive.
All thus happings. Happened. Murgo saw! And from thus day along. There wasn't war, against the town of the stumpies agin. Following tha words, of the First Messenger. Sended to the Orcs ob the Dar'krest Mountain! By the father ob all orcs. And orcesses.

'Stumpies nub worthy to beh smashed by our blades.'

But youbba can still throw them from Mountains! Mes guess. Hurr. Hurr.

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