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Orc Nation

Former topics: The Bloodskull Clan | Kurga's BloodSkull Clan | The Skullcrusher Clan | Orcs of Dar'krest | Orcs ob da Northern Mountains

~~The following messages are written in Orcish and painted in blood on a wide stretch of pig skins sewn together within the orc cave of the north.
Only those trained in the language of the Orcs and able to access the cave in the north can see it, let alone understand it. ~~


Greebas, Brothers and Sisters!

The need for a unified and strong clan to exist on the island is apparent amongst many of our brothers. The time has come to unite under a new, reinvigorated banner to revitalize the strength of our diminished kin. No longer shall we be under the boot of others, and no long shall we bicker amongst one another to cause disunion amongst our kind. Strength and honor will be restored to us in these coming years, and we shall rise in name once again.

The once great Bloodskull clan diminished years ago, and it has only been in more recent times that the clan is coming to exist once more. The old clan saw a great many days of glory for our kind. We were revered as warriors, and honored as such by others outside and inside our own race. The time has come again to rise above the ashes, and reforge a great Orc Clan. Let none say against our union, and our strength together. The time has come to stand tall, my brothers, and unite. So once again, the Orcs will walk these lands united. We will lay claim to what is rightfully our own. Our predecessors did not die in vain for the glory we found so long ago.

Behold, my brothers, the reforming of the clan. Glory to the Orc Nation!


What we are...
We are not a guild - In a guild, politics dictate the actions.
We are not a guild - In a guild, what keeps members together the name they gather under and the commands of their leaders.
We are not a guild – In a guild, members are separate in mind and body.
We are more.

          • We are a Family.
            We are a Clan.
            We are a Tribe.
            We are a People.
            We are a Nation!
This is what makes us strong, stronger than any guild can dream of becoming. We are not a group of people who gather under one name for some questionable purpose. We are one people, united in spirit, and this is why we can proudly say: We are a Nation!

We are all Orcs! - We all fight and work for the same thing:
  • Our Homeland
  • Honor
  • Respect for the Orcs of Gobaith.
    We are kept together by this dream - this mutual goal. And by that knowledge, we will achieve it. From this the actions of the clan are derived.


Even a clan needs rules that the members have to follow. Otherwise it will descend into chaos and cease to exist.
Therefore fellow Orcs, here you may read the rules that every Orc must obey:
  • No Orc shall ever raise a hand onto another Orc, unless it is self-defence.
  • No Orc shall ever deny help to his brothers or sisters.
  • No Orc shall ever break his oath to our father, Lord Moshran.
  • No Orc shall forget the power of the great hunter, Lord Malachin; the mistress of souls, Cherga; and the giver of life, Oldra.
  • No Orc shall ever kill without reason (although, if well presented, an insult may prove to be a reason).
  • Any Orc must follow the instructions and rulings of the Chief.
  • It is wise to follow the instructions of the Blood Circle (Chief, Shaman, and Warlord). If they issue orders, they are for the good of the Nation and the members. Gracious rewards can be awaited for the completion of especially dangerous tasks and good work.

            • Image ~ Content ~ Image

            • 1. Members of the Nation

              2. Property of the Nation

              3. Friends & Foes

              4. Religion

              5. Clan Structure

              6. Great Hall of Warriors

              7. History & Tales
          • Do you want to join the Nation?
            • Leave a message here!

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Image ~ 1. Clanmembers ~ Image

ImageKrull Karfang, Chief - (Silver Skull) 58 bones

ImageRogruk Bregoguk, Warlord(Silver Skull) 32 bones

Clan Shaman:
Image Knak’Gash, Shaman(Silver Skull)45 bones

Image Murgo, Lokh'um to Trollsbane - (Silver Skull) 47 bones
Image Rorak Mightyhammer(White Skull) 11 bones
Image Turga, Slavemaster- (Silver Skull) 36 bones
Image Grakir, Goblin – (Silver Skull) 32 Bones
ImageJag- (Silver Skull) 36 bones
Kreb'la 8 bones
Jim Boneclub

Grakug Kronk

Tihgorac (cave guard)
Gruknug (towngate guard)
Kar'kish (towngate guard)
Kurg (Butcher)
Grugash (Border Guard)
Kronk (Jailer)
Krudash (Embassy Guard)

Goblin Pookoo
Goblin Ikgar
Meegog (Carpenter)

Keys have: Silver Skull Rugh'toh, Silver Skull Rogruk Bregoguk, Red Skull Gabon Corad

Broglug Smashfist
Gort Greegog
Kugash Bruushnak
Kianna Kurganov Wolfbane
Rok Kré Ho - (White Skull)
Rukka Skullbasher
Spudrug Grogsplur
Kravich - (White Skull)
Grashjor Warscream
Rorukh - (White Skull)
Rugosh Krek
Grug'lar Hammersmash
Kaza An'ack
Urag Bloodhand
Gabon Corad - (Red skull)
Ruglorg Skullcrush
Rugh'Toh (Red Skull)

Ol'vash (formerly known as Olive Feldarp)

Kurga Wolfbane
Orgis Ug
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Image ~ 2. Homeland ~ Image

Traditionally, in the past following the Northerot Wars, the city of Troll's Bane honored the Bloodskull Clan with the entire Northern Peninsula as a reward for their daunting prowess and bravery in combat against Darlok and his minions. Over time, the Varshikarii came northwards and under the agreement that they would protect the castle against the resurrection of Darlok and his hordes, they were awarded the castle, and lands surrounding it.

Since the clan fell from activity in previous times due to war and internal conflict (like other clans that followed), land was lost and either unclaimed or annexed by other factions. The Bloodskulls bled for the land of the North, and by that right, they have a claim to that which rightfully belongs to them. Therefore, under these terms of blood-shed by our predecessors, the Orcs claim the following lands. Let none say otherwise.

Land can and will be added to the Orc claim in the future depending on the course of events that follow. If war comes, or if a nation falls, and if the situation is proper, expansion may or may not come. (This is a very slim chance, but it is still possible.) For now, the Orcs lay claim to the following lands.

      • Image
Clan outsiders

- A slave is a clan outsider captured by the clan and held prisoner in the clan jail.
- A slave is obligated to work for the clan in general and the Orc that has claimed him, in particular.
- The slave shall be taken out of jail and escorted to the working place, after which he shall be returned in captivity. He shall never be let out of sight when outside his cell.
- The slave has the right to earn his freedom through hard work for the clan (25 Bones). Any attempt of escape shall deny him this right forever.

- A prisoner that has been granted the right to freely move into the mountain, not being kept in the jail at all times.
- Like the slave, he shall be escorted to the working place, after which returned in captivity.
- The servant has the right to earn his freedom trough hard work for the clan (25 Bones). Any attempt of escape shal deny him this right forever and he shall be immediately jailed.
- If the Chief sees fit, the Servant can be made a Slave at any time.[/color]
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Image ~ 3. Friends ~ Image

Blood-Brothers and Sisters
These are persons who have shown loyalty, friendship and Honor to Orcs. Only by Blood-Initiation before Clan, Chief and Shaman, can these persons be given Honor of Blood-Brother/Sister and be part of the Clan.

- none -

Oaths to Non-Orcs
We have Obligations as a Clan to the following:
  • Varshikar – Non-aggression with terms (see History)
  • The Northmark – Mutual Non-aggression
  • (Hamlet of Greenbriar – Defense pact made by former Chief Hu’Grue - outdated)
  • The Holy Temple of Zzyathis - Mutual allies in times of war. Talliss Kazzks owes us his life.
  • The Archduchy ob Trollsbane - Mutual allies in times of war.
People who have helped Orcs
  • Jorokar Sladir - for rescueing Chief Rugh'toh's life in Troll's Bane on 12. Tanos 26.
  • Dain Laiden - for getting the Chief Rugh'toh out of a mad crowd of people in Bane who wanted to jail the Chief for no reason in year 26.
  • The elf named "Whisper" is allowed to enter orc lands! He cared well for sister Kreb'la!
  • The human Lucius hab safed da life of our powerful Warlord down in da smelling deep graveyard! He hab respect ob da Clan!
  • The human Harok Silversmith, master smith, beh friend ob da Chief Rugh'toh and all Orcs. He hab proven his honor and deep respect many times in past and shall beh treated with most honor da Orcs give to humans!
  • The human Murdok Dragort, old friend and ally ob Warlord Alkuurg and Chief Gabon, now returned to support da Horde! Treat him well, he beh needed in war!
  • The human Lady Joxia Doral, old friend and ally ob Chief Rugh'toh, now returned to support da Clan!

Image ~ Foes ~ Image

The Bloodfeud is an obligation by the Clan to seek justice for a fellow Orc that has been wronged in some way. The Feud continues until the victim is mortally wounded ((Clouded)), and then finished. Vengence is complete.

A bounty is listed after each on the list. It will change depending on time and severity of offense. The first Bloodskull to mortally wound ((Cloud)) one on the list gets the reward from the clan as recognition of their bravery and loyalty.

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Image ~ 4. Religion of the Orcs ~ Image

“Most Orc tribes honor different gods. Oldra, for most tribes, is the goddess of fertility and growth, and is prayed to in spring. She is also called the "spring- goddess" by them. In summer, they honor Brágon, the "daily-sun-maker" or "strong-in-summer". Since summertime often means wartime for an Orc tribe, some tribes pray to Moshran, called "bone-crusher" or simply "blood lord". Either Moshran or Malachín is the war god of a tribe, sometimes both. These wars are often territorial conflicts between the different Orc tribes, not resulting in many deaths, often more a sport and training to the warriors. These conflicts include espionage, stealing of animals, and some battles or battle games to prove the strongest clan.
In fall, the most tribes pray to Malachín, "the hunter", for a good hunt and to prepare for the hard winters. The winter caves must be filled with food for the tribe and its herds.
During winter, the tribes live in the winter caves, and Cherga is the honored goddess. Winter is the time of death, time of spirits and time of the ancestors. Some of the ancestors' skulls are placed in holy places in the winter quarters, and some in the chief's and shaman's quarters, to help them in their decisions and to speak to them in dreams.” ~Moonsilver


Moshran "The Father of the Orcs"


Excerpts from Holy Scriptures:

~About Moshran~
Moshran - God of Blood and Bones.

Prayed to for:
Big battles, sharp blades, power and wealth without taking care of something. Orcish war god. Power for necromantic spells or undead beings.

In most places just known as the Blood-God or Bone-Lord, people prefer not to call him by his real name. Mighty, powerful, war-loving and blood lusty. Shows some hidden wisdom and sometimes rough humor. Helps strong evil people; his regime is dominated by pain and violence.

Appears as a strong, tall orcish warlord, his clothes and weapons drenched in blood, ore as an old Lich who teaches necromancers.

Likes good battles, even with unfair methods. Expects unquestioned loyalty and living flesh as a sacrificial offering. Dislikes weaknesses of all kind.

Moshran is the „Blood God“ of several blood-thirsty orcish war tribes, who takes living sacrifices. His altairs are often drenched in blood. His followers are few, evil beings. Their rituals are always bloody. Sometimes, an evil orc shaman or warlord prays to Moshran, telling the other orcs of the tribe to sacrifice the God under another name. Moshran priests often hide their identities, because they will be attacked by the most righteous people. Evil necromancers call Moshran the „Bone Lord“, because he grants them knowledge and power – for a horrible price. Unlike the followers of Cherga, they are not satisfied with immortality – they want power in eternity. Moshran teaches the most worthy and powerful evil ones dark, runeless and unholy rituals.
When a Moshran follower dies, Moshran will count the numbers of that ones victims, and his effectivity. If the person was „worthy“ enough, he will perhaps be sent back as a powerful undead (most are slain by some powerful heroes), and if not, he enslaves the soul to do minor services. Some of these „servants“ have become powerful demon-like creatures over some time, and proved worthy to roam the world again, or have become Moshran's helpers. Amongst his helpers are always intrigues and plans to overthrow the ones in a higher position. The soul of those who fail Moshran is forfeit. It is said that he will brand them with his claws of death marking them as his alone. They may try to hide or seek protection, but to no avail. He doesn't search for them as time playes in his hands. Eventually they will stand in front of him and their soul will be tortured in eternity to give pleasure to the Blood God.

Related Stories:
The One Sees All you Deeds! (English & German)
Padhee the horn Orcsks (Orc English)

Excerpts from Bragon's Holy Scriptures:

~About Bragon~

Brágon - God of Fire.

Element: Fire

wise, imperious, just, strong, noble, handsome

appears as a giant with his beard on fire or as a dark-haired knight with his armor on fire, sometimes walks on earth in disguise

likes gold and has an exquisite tast

Brágon was the first who left Illarion. But sometimes, he still visits it, and he has rebuilt one temple by himself – but there are no priests or believers to worship him there. He sometimes blesses people who sacrifice valuable things in his temple. When he left, he has given Malachín the power over his former worshippers.





Excerpts from Holy Scriptures:

~About Malachin~
Malachín - God of Battle and Hunting.

Prayed to for:
Good hunt, protection on hunts or in battles, patron of warriors, soldiers and rangers.

Neutral, dignified, very honorable, serious. Sometimes shows humor.

Appears as gray haired strong knight in shiny armor or as brown haired, green clothed ranger. Sometimes appears as soldier and sometimes personally helps in a battle, rescuing some good soldier's live or just enjoying a fair fight. Often portrayed as a black-furred wolf.

Likes the wild beauty of nature: the untouched forest, the desolated mountains, etc. Likes Law, Justice and good manners. Dislikes cheaters.

Many follow the honorable Malachín. Soldiers and knights pray for protection in battles, hunters for a good hunt and protection while hunting, paladins for protection and a powerful fist against the evil. Some more honorable orc tribes pray to him to ensure food from hunts and protection in defending the tribe's territory.
Followers of Malachín believe, that when they die in honor, they will be led to the door of a great castle / war tent, and there will be a big feast for them, and Malachín will ask them what they did in life. Then they can tell the story of their life, and if it is a honorable and true story, they are invited to sit with him at the table with the great heroes for that evening. The next morning, they will stand up in arms, and fight a honorable battle against Moshran's demons, and they will stand up in the evening when they fall. In the evenings, there will be feasts again, with listening to newcomer's stories, and much other talk. If a soldier shows much honor in these battles, he will be sent back to the world to assist righteous paladins or soldiers (sometimes known ones, or even orc shamans) in battle or as a spiritual mentor. Sometimes, a fighter or even a great hero will be sent back to be reborn to fulfill a righteous purpose in times when heroes are needed. Doom await those who are liars or have lived an unhonorable life and dare to face Malachín. They are denied to sit next to the God but instead their soul is condemned to wander the sphere between the worlds. Never to enter the realm of the undead nor to be reborn. Cherga is know to look out for those with her mercyless gaze to punish them in a way they deserve.

Related Stories:
The Search - Chapter 1



Excerpts from Holy Scriptures:

~About Cherga~
Cherga - Goddess of Spirits and the Underworld.

Prayed to for:
Avoiding death, healing of ill people(spare them), rest and protection for the dead, bring rest to undead, sometimes help for necromancers.

Neutral, dignified, proud, seldom shows emotions. Mostly peaceful, but always serious. You would not like to have her as an enemy, as in her rage she is merciless.

Appears as black dressed, dark haired or gray haired ageless woman with gray skin color, or as old poor-dressed witch or gypsy, that foretells the future. Is feared as the bringer of doom and unwelcomed news.

Likes Balance and justice. Does not care much about the living.

There are not many followers of Cherga. Cherga is the one who collects the dead ones, and brings them to the realms they belong to. Some people pray to her to give them forbidden knowledge and power over the undead, some (good) people to give eternal rest to the restless, others to use the undead for a purpose. Many necromancers are followers of Cheerga, but many fortune tellers too. Cherga does not care what the mortals do with the knowledge, and most of this knowledge has a high price.
Followers of Cherga believe that when they die, they can choose to live on as a lich or skeleton, or serve Cheerga in helping to direct the souls of the dead to their destination places, until they themselves will be reborn to be allowed to start a new life. Most people who follow Cherga simply want to gain immortality.

Related Stories:
Meeting Death (English)



Excerpts from Holy Scriptures:

~About Oldra~

Oldra - Goddess of Life and Fertility.

Prayed to for:
Growth of grain and food, birth of children, healing, protection and advice.

Mother figure, wise and helpful, good-natured. Often helps women.

Appears as a blue dressed, stout and elder woman. Often portrayed as the so called Bradamen-tree, known for its longevity.

Dislikes greedy and selfish persons; especially likes gardens, arable land and domestic animals, but also protects other kinds of living beings. Prefers good meals.

Oldra's followers, as the followers of Ushara in the former times, are cooks, peasants and many halflings. They believe in the „All-Mother“ Oldra, the one who blesses the gardens, fields and domestic animals, newborn children, bearing mothers and birth itself. Most of her priests are female, who serve the Goddess from early years on into high age.
They believe that when they die, they will be brought to a big garden gate. Oldra stands at this gate, welcomes them, and if they have been good, they can enjoy the wonders of the never ending garden, and meet old and new friends in it – if not, they are allowed a rest, and send back to be reborn with a new name to make a good sense of their life.


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Image ~ 5. Clan Structure ~ Image

More important to all of the following mentioned titles, all orcs will be treated as equals! We are all brothers and sisters, and we shall treat each other as such.

Blood Circle
The clan consists of a basis of members and a council, called the 'Blood Circle'. Council members are equal to members in every aspect except in that it is them who's votes decide on eventual changes in the clan. The council can consist of up to five Orcs, but it may never consist of an even number of members. Every honorable Orc can become a council member once, and every Orc has an influence on the decisions the council makes. No changes that have not been discussed with the members before may be initiated by the Council. Council members can also be chosen by the Chief of the Clan.

In times of peace, the Blood-circle shall determine what activities the clan shall focus on. These may include the expansion of the cave, diplomacy matters with other factions on the island, trade with other cities and factions on the island, projects in or on the land owned by the clan, and other things that come to mind.

Blood-Circle member can be removed or added to by the discretion of the Chief. If an orc fails to uphold his title, he shall be removed and a more suitable candidate will replace him. This includes inactivity or failure to perform one's duties. Unless otherwise said by the chief, the roles of Clan Shaman and Red Skull are appointed for life. Therefore, those individuals selected will be expected to fulfill these duties.

This is the highest rank possible within the clan. The Chief is expected to carry out his role of maintaining unity and order within the clan, and dealing effectively with threats outside the clan. The Chief(ess) is the figure whom the clan looks up to, and respects, and in turn, the Chief(ess) will look to all his brothers with respect and honor.

The position of Chief may never be challenged from outside the clan. It can only be passed through blood, challenge from a Clan member, or chosen by the Chief himself. The Chief can also appoint titles to Clan members, and his word can make or break a decision for the Clan. The Chief of the Clan is the head of the 'Blood Circle' as well.

In the event of the death of the Chief, the blood-circle will convene to determine a new Chief who shall uphold the fundamentals of the clan, and keep unity within the ranks. Idealistically, the Chief must be one willing to sacrifice all and everything he has for the clan and his brothers within it. To the Chief, nothing more should be important than his brothers and the survival of the clan.

Diplomatic matters will be personally handled by the Chief, but the Blood-circle shall convene to speak their thoughts on the matter on such things as to whether or not the diplomatic situation shall benefit the clan as a whole.

The Chief alone decides when times of war have come. He considers the Blood Circle's opinion as well as the Warlord's opinion.

Clan Shaman
The clan shaman will act as an advisor to the Chief, and as the voice of our father, Lord Moshran, to the rest of the clan. The clan Shaman must have a great knowledge of our father, and be considerably skilled in his craft. The Shaman must also be cunning, and willing to sacrifice his life for the glory of the clan just as any other member of the Blood-Circle. There will be only one clan Shaman.

The Warlord will act as an advisor to the Chief in times of peace.
The warlord is named by the Chief.

In the case of war, the Warlord and the Chief will determine how and where the forces of the Clan shall be dispersed to deal with the threat. The warlord shall lead the forces of the clan against the foe, and shall put themselves ahead of those whom fight with them for the glory of the clan.

You see a large banner deep inside the orc cave. It is written with perfect orcish runes.


Gaining a Skull rank is a great honor that shall be granted only to the most loyal, hard working and best Orcs from the clan.
To gain a rank, one has to meet all the new rank's requirements which consists improving self either in fighting, or in crafting, as well as accumulating a set number of Bones (points gained for specific deeds). To pass from one rank to another, the Orc must have spent at least 1 dwarven month into the old rank.

ImageWhite SkullImage
These are skilled Orcs of any craft (being warrior, craftsman, or shaman) who have been with the clan for a considerable amount of time and have proven their loyalty to the cause of the clan. They are not so skilled as Silver Skulls, but do have great potential and blessing by father.

- The Orc must have the Warrior rank or be decent in one of the crafting areas.
- The Orc must accumulate a total of 10 Bones.

- Has the right to paint his armor with the White Skull crest.
- The right to own a slave.
- Right to receive a percentage of coins from the captured loot in a war.
- Right to command non-Skull orcs in battle.

ImageSilver SkullImage
These are very skilled Orcs of any craft (being warrior, craftsman, or shaman) who have been with the clan for a considerable amount of time and have proven their loyalty to the cause of the clan. These are the elders of the clan, and will be responsible amongst others for spreading the message to other orcs of the clan. They will also be responsible for training new brothers into the clan. As the Clan grows, it may become a Tribe. At that time, the Chief of the Tribe may appoint a silver skull with the additional duty of being a sub-chief of another clan. The Other Clan will be independent with a Separate cave, Totem Animal, money and supplies to start but still tied to the ‘Mother’ Orc Clan under a ‘Tribal’ Government.

- The Orc must have spent 1 dwarven month as a White Skull.
- The Orc must have the Soldier rank or be decent in two crafting areas or be good in one.
- The Orc must accumulate a total of 30 Bones. (Adding to the ones gained before)

- Has the right to paint his armor with the Silver Skull crest.
- The right to own two slaves.
- Right to receive a percentage of coins from the captured loot in a war.
- Right to choose a slave before the White Skulls (from a group of more than one captured slaves).
- Right to command White Skulls and non-Skulls in battle.

ImageRed SkullImage
The rank of Red Skull will be awarded to the orcs who have been with the clan for a considerable amount of time, and proves his worth and devotion to the cause with the skill of his blade. Red Skulls have courage, and be willing to stand up to a problem with his quick wit and, if the situation demands it, their weapon. Red Skulls will fight honorably in battle, and put themselves before their brothers in a dangerous situation where his merit is worth. Red Skulls shall train new orcs and those needing it in the art of the weapon.

- The Orc must have spent 1 dwarven month as a Silver Skull.
- The Orc must have the Master Warrior rank or be decent in three crafting areas or be master in one.
- The Orc must accumulate a total of 60 Bones. (Adding to the ones gained before).

- Has the right to paint his armor with the Red Skull crest.
- Right to receive a percentage of coins from the captured loot in a war.
- Right to choose a slave before the lower ranks. (from a group of more than one captured slaves).
- Right to own three slaves.
- The right to build a private room
- Right to choose a female before the lower ranks.
- Right to have a voice in the war council.
- Right to call a Blood Feud, recommending it to the Chief.
- Right to command lower ranks in battle.
- Upon death, burial into the crypt under the Hall of Ancestors.

ImageBlack SkullImage
For exceptional deeds orcs who already have the title Red skull can receive the rank of Black Skull. Their word in the war council weights much. A statue in the hall of ancestors is assured! The rank Black Skull can only be given to orcs if the Chief, Warlord and Shaman agree on it.
This rank may be given to a Red Skull that has done extraordinary things for the clan.
Or the Orc must accumulate a total of 100 Bones. (Adding to the ones gained before).
This rank is the only one that can be awarded post-mortem.

- Has the right to paint his armor with the Black Skull crest.
- Has all rights as a Red Skull.
- Have a statue raised for him in the Hall of Ancestors.
- Right to lead warriors into battle.

Gaining Bones

For 1 Bone, you can:
  • - Donate 10 silvers.
    - Gather 100 of any type of raw resources, including those of animal nature.
    - Craft 50 dishes of food
    - Craft 10 swords
    - Craft 10 armor parts
    - Craft 3-5 suits of armor
    - Craft 50 tools
For 5 Bones, you can:
  • - Kill an enemy of the clan
    - Kill the enemy targeted as Blood Feud
    - Hold a public service to any of the Gods
    - Hold a public event for the clan. (Activity)
    - Recruit one Orc or Goblin for the Clan
    - Buy or Capture a slave for the clan
The Chief and Warlord have the right to give Bones for actions that are not in the list.
The Chief has the right to promote, demote, give and take Bones as he sees fit.
The Chief has the right to appoint a Rank to even an Orc that has not met all the requirements yet, as reward for an extraordinary deed.
Chief, Warlord and Shaman may, upon retirement, recieve 30-60 Bones depending on service to Clan.

Other Titles
Other titles aside from the council include those associated with your craft as an individual. Like all other races, we will have a multitude of individuals skilled in crafts, weapons, and magics. These titles shall be unique in a certain sense, but in kin to others.
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Image ~ 6. Great Hall of Warriors ~ Image

Below the list, an honorable memorial of past orcs who have served the Clan and lead it through previous times, as well as orcs who led the clans that disbanded before the reforging of the Skulls, shall be listed. Our Great Hall shall bear memorial to those that have lived for the Clan, and for those that died. A brief description of their contributions shall be mentioned, and a history of the clan shall also follow those remembered on these halls of the former days.

Many of the individuals you will find listed below have long since departed this world and travelled through the halls of the Mistress of Souls to meet our father, Lord Moshran. I hope that all look upon them as I do with the utmost respect. Know their names well, and pray that their spirits may watch over the clan and all the future generations of the clan to come.

Legendary Brothers and Sisters
~Descriptions and etchings of likenesses can be found hung upon the walls of the new "Great Hall" of the Bloodskull Clan always watching and guarding their descendants and sharing in their Glories~

Chief Veralion - Chief Veralion was one of the first chiefs and founding fathers of the original clan. Under his reign, the clan saw it's most prosperous and productive years. His efforts helped keep the clan together in times both thick and thin. When the darkest hours fell upon Gobiath and upon the clan, Veralion's spirit was always there to catapult us back onto the path of glory. In life, he was honorable, well respected by fellow clansmen, and revered as a great savior of our kin. His death came all too soon, unfortunately. It is suspected that the years finally caught up with him, and the great Lord Moshran beckoned his child to come home to him. Rest in peace, old friend.

A crude etching of the orcs visage can be seen below his description in the stone of the cave wall.

Kaja Wolfagen - Shaman, disciple, and child of the Bone Lord.
Kaja was one of the greatest Shamans to ever live on the island of Gobaith. His teachings of our father instilled great knowledge into the clansmen of the time. Many looked up to this orc with great respect. He had seen much in his days of life, which clearly showed in his ragged old form. During the Northerot wars, his magics helped create a lasting impression of power and glory for the clan.

Many around Gobaith knew and feared his name, for his prowess in his arts was nothing to be joked of. Most suspected the great shaman would meet his end in a quarrel with a human, but as a prime example of weakness in our kind at it's greatest, the great shaman of the Bloodskulls met his untimely end to a larger, younger counterpart seeking power. The Great Shaman's death initially ushered in the fall of the Bloodskull Clan, for few great leaders remained to guide the younger orcs. The Bone Lord ultimately punished this younger, ignorant orc and accepted the great shaman into his welcoming arms. Rest in peace, old friend.

Once again, a crude etching of the Shaman's visage appears on the stone under the blood smeered description, depicting what the great Shaman might have looked like in life.

Chief Gurok - Gurok was the first Chief of the Bloodskull Clan. Not much remains known of his reign and how the Clan faired under him. Neither has his fate been left to any orc's knowledge on this island. The last true orc who remembered him was the former Chief Veralion, now deceased.
A crude etching of the orcs visage can be seen below his description in the stone of the cave wall.

Kzarak Zurouch - Kzarak was another chief who briefly reigned over the Bloodskull clan. His reign was the shortest of the original three, albeit highly honored. Kzarak was a warrior who devoted his life to the clan, and fought for the beliefs established by the clan. Whether he is deceased, or still alive is unknown. Once again, little remains to be known about this one.
A crude etching of the orcs visage can be seen below his description in the stone of the cave wall.


Grunith Shuith – Grunith is the former chief who briefly tried to rally the clan before his mysterious disappearance.
A crude etching of the orcs visage can be seen below his description in the stone of the cave wall.


Gabon Corad - He maintained the Clan until Warrior Queen Kurga Wolfbane assumed control of the Clan as it’s first ‘chiefess’. He currently serves as Red Skull as the eldest and most respected Bloodskull. He currently runs the clan.
A crude etching of the orcs visage can be seen below his description in the stone of the cave wall.

Kurga Wolfbane – Warrior Queen Kurga Wolfbane, murdered by a clans man known a Zub. She was betraid and ambushed by Zub and several humans and elves. Kurga is most recent ruler of the Bloodskull clan. Under her short term leadership, the Orc Cave was expanded, the armory replenished and Orcs recruited. May she rest well with the greatest honor an orc can recieve.
A crude etching of the orcs visage can be seen below his description in the stone of the cave wall.

Warlord Retlak - His name stood for the strength and superiority of the Orcs. His name was mentioned with respect by Orcs and spoken with fear by others. All beings of the human town as well as the desert town hold their breath when the Warlord entered the gates. The warlord lived for many, many years on the island. He fought side on side with Gabon Corad and Gort called "Crunk". Even today many people will remember the warlord's name, even many years after his death.
The Orcs honor Retlak for his deeds when he was alive. The time after his unholy resurrection shall be forgotten.

General Grivijak - Compared to the warlord Retlak, General Grivijak lived on Gobaith for a quite short time only. However, in his given time he became the strongest warrior of the whole island. He used his strength and wisdom to unite the Orcs with help of Gabon Corad.
There are rumors about his disappearnce. Some say he just left the island. Others say a horde of mighty demon beasts were able to strike him down with help of magic.

Borgrud - Bor was a loyal warrior of great strength, who was surrounded and attacked by the cowardly humans of Trollsbane who sought to enslave him. He defended himself with great strength and vigour, not failing for a second with his sword. They bound him with ropes, but he broke free, and shouting his last word "FREE!" charged into them. He was killed that day, infront of his own daughter Krebla's eyes. His example shows that the orcs cannot be held down, and after the horde spilled the blood of his murderers on the city streets we gained the respect and fear that the orcs deserve.

Chief Rugh'toh - Chief Rugh’toh is a true Orcen Hero. Warrior, Recruiter, diplomat and brother.
In failure and Victory, he was a true Orc. He fought against the Grey Refuge and spent a year in jail due to human betrayal.
He reformed the Orc Clan up from the ashes of the bloodskulls and created the largest clan known, the Dark'rest Clan. He expanded the cave defenses with the building of the Gates and the recruiting of Gruknug and Kar'kish. The Hall of Ancestors was built under his reign as well as the Jail.
He fought a stunning victory against the Dwarves of Silverbrand and made their Queen pay tribute. All this and more he did before he left for the Mainland. Some say he will return, may that day come soon!
A crude etching of the orcs visage can be seen below his description in the stone of the cave wall.
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Image ~ 7. History ~ Image

Although we are all present, the clan has not existed forever. Behold the Legend of Creation!

Since forever the Orcs have been looked upon with scorn and jealousy by the other races. Created in the Age of Concord by the younger god Moshran, they already showed what were to become their most known characteristics: lust for war, deadly intelligence, incredible skill with weapons, and a short temper. With those combined skills they brought chaos and destruction with them wherever they went.
This the people remember.
Later, the god Moshran was overwhelmed by the still alive powers of his long defeated foe, Madrook Na’han, and became evil. Gathering the hiding armies of chaos around him, and unleashing the powers they still held, he brought about the Age of Discord. He was no longer the savior of the world anymore. He had become an evil and powerful god who brought fire and destruction to the world of Illarion. And thus is how he is remembered to this day. Now, he is who is remembered to be the creator of the Orcs: Not the noble god who rescued the world from its worst foe, nor the god he had been while creating this new fierce race. The Orcs are remembered to be created by the God of Blood and Bones, the god he didn't become until long after their creation.
This the people remember.
What the people forget, or rather choose not to remember, is that when Moshran set the powers of the army of chaos upon Illarion, the Orcs were not spared from the brutal and bestial attacks. They fought side by side with Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, and Halflings for the freedom of their world, and not but few of them left with their lives on the battlefields. The freedom of Illarion has also been payed for with the lives of Orcs!
This the people choose to forget.
The Orcs have become a dishonoured and hated race over time. They are not beautiful to look upon, and they are quick to use their weapons upon others. So they have been declared a race of criminals, murderers and worse.
This is not true. Just as there are treacherous Elves, there are Orcs who are murderers. But just as nobody disrespects Elves for the few among them who are evil, no one should disrespect all Orcs for those who are different.

And no one shall.

After long ages of dishonorful life under the hatred of the other races, the Orcs have decided to stand up. Three of the most powerful Orcs of Illarion, known by the names of Kzarak, Gurok, and Veralion, have come together and sworn an oath to bring the Orcs to the surface of the world, out of their hiding places. They swore not to rest until the Orcs are treated like every other race, until they are payed their due respect. They started showing openly in the public, trading with people and befriending persons from the other races, showing that an Orc is a worthy companion, and a friend to be trusted. But those who were not able to understand, those who were rude and disrespectful were treated in the way the Orcs have always treated their enemies. They had the opportunity to understand that if you are an Orc's friend, it is the greatest treasure that can be achieved, but if you are an Orc's enemy... well, that'll only last a few moments...
Soon, many other Orcs joined the cause, and they followed the example of their leaders. The Fellowship grew, and it became a clan. A clan that calls itself the Bloodskull Clan.

The Day of the Hammer - 08. Malas year 27 - written by Warlord Rogruk
Brothers and sisters, rejoice! Today, history was written!

When the Warlord was about to enter the human city after the meeting with the chief, he ran into the dwarven army, led by the queen herself!

They thought that I, the Warlord, is an easy target for them! I stood my ground to their insults and when they were just about to attack, Taliss, our allied lizard friend, appeared from the back and stood by my side! Toghether we fought like bothers, slashing trough dwarves like a hot knife trough butter! The queen herself started running arround like a scared pig sent to slaughter and even though the dwarves used fierly, magic weapons that nearly sent me to the grave, they soon fell and drowned into their own pool of blood!

The queen dragged herself to the cross, where, me , Taliss and the human Tirrend, tied the queen up and dragged her all the way to the cave, shoving her into the jail!

Brothers, rejoice! We have captured the queen! Now she will face the trial of the orcs, she will face our anger!

All meet tomorrow so we judge the dwarf queen by the orc laws!

All honor Taliss, our brother lizard, he has proven his strenght and honor, fighting side by side with the Warlord! Also, let us not forget the braveness of Tirrend, the human, who even though he is a guard of Trolls Bane, he helped us into capturing the queen!

Let this be known as the Day of the Hammer! , the day when the dwarf army got crushed under the feet of those that fought for honor!

Image ~ Tales ~ Image

Ergoth’s Quest
Veralion's death date: The fifteenth year after the landfall of the survivors of the darkness of the mainland, in the month of Eldas, on the 16th day.
It had been some time... nearly five years since the blood of Veralion was seen walking or even spilled on to the ground. Sunlight had just began to peek over the horizon when a small orcen vessel dropped its anchor off of the shores of Gobaith. A tattered flage waved in the winds the rose from the waters, and a faint red skull could be seen with two x's next to it. A figure grunted, stood on the edge of the ships deck, and plunked in to the water. The anchor lifted from the water and caught wind, slowly drifting away again.
Moments later, the clad figure reached the shore and rose out of the water, carrying only a few basic supplies. He was a little taller, but not as broad as his father. What some used to call bloodlust was nothing compared to what this orc was capable of. He was still young and fierce. Ergoth paced in the sand, thinking about how things might have become after such time. His instincts told him that things were not as well as he had hoped. He was afraid he was too late for his father. He could only hope he was not too late for the clan. With a hand on each one of the daggers on his hilt, he stood looking into the sun. His eyes, too, were of his fathers. One was a neon green, and the other a horrid red. The bow on his back was of Bloodskull craftsmanship. His armor had the traditional red skulls painted on it.
Ergoth had previously made his living as a mercenary Bloodskull. He lead many raids on small colonies and made riches and gained honor from that. He was an excellent marksman and faught well with a dagger. He remembered that his father always preferred a good staff or a double-handed sword and of course, the favored 'beheader'.
Years ago, he had recieved a letter from his father while he was in a period of rest and peace. It was scratched out in blood, telling of the troubled times that were about. Skirmishes were frequent and there was no true friend. This, however, had always been the regular for such a clan. In a sense, they were good times. The only thing that was truely troubling was the fact the not even the orc brethren would rally together.
The letter requested he come to the island, to take on the fight and to take what was rightfully his. Shortly after, Veralion was turned upon. Murdered by the bribed guards of the very cave Veralion spent his whole life working for along with the Bloodskull clan.
Ergoth knew that the time was now his, and he knew just what he wanted to do. He would begin a search for brothers of the clan, find out about his father, and hold the Bloodskull banner even higher than before. He raised his Bloodskull horn to his lips and blew a harsh noise...

Mordred & Nemanna
The Doompeak mountains they say, is a cold, unheartly place.
This may be true for most of the orc's dwelling in this nest of Uglieness.
But the orc Mordred was different. He was the orcspawn of the Gore Duo. They only managed to make one son before they sacrificed themself to Moshran, the Bone Lord. Mordred had a name of terror, and most Orc fled at sight. Mordred, at first, loved this feeling of power, but soon grew tired of it. One day when his pack reaped a human village for the fun of it, he saw a flower he had never seen before. It was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen, and he ran to the hill where it grew to inhale it's sweet musk.
When he was a few feet away from the flower, he saw a young beautiful(?!?!?!) Goblin Lady. Nemenna. She was the Goblin druid of the Spineshackle tribe, out harvesting herbs. The beauty of both Nemenna and the flower made him boil...He swiftly struck his axe into Nemenna's head, leaving her unconcious. He raped this poor Goblin lady...Again and again...Until his heart collapsed. After a few day's out in the wilderness, a search party from the Spineshacklers found her. They thought she was dead, therefor they threw her into a small cave and laid the flower on top of her.

Who knows what kept the goblin lady alive the next six months. Maybe it was Oldra who felt pity for this sad goblin lady, maybe it was pure willpower. She was unconcious from the time she got raped and until she born HIM...The Northern Light, the Saviour of the Pleasant Orc.

He was raised single handedly by his mother. Learning about the powers of nature, the power of herbs. He soon found the pleasures of mixing potions, and he was allways respected Nature for what it was. The downside of his potionmaking was that he found out how to make sweet wines and strong ale. From the age of 12 to the age of 30 he was constantly drunk...His mother loved her son so much so she couldnt teach him any better.
But Griitash also had a heart full of love. So he started to worship the two God's that felt natural for him to worship. Adron and Sirani.
The flower that caused his birth was his dearest posession. It was a Pink Lotus, only avaiable in the vicinity of the Doompeaks. He therefor never travelled far away from them.
But one day he did, and he soon found out that the Orc in him started to stirl.
Thats why he sometimes have bad manners...Call people bad things..Or even attacks those who threaten him...But all in all, Griitash is a friend you can trust..And a bloody good merchant...

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All Orcs and Goblins,

Please use dese new leathers for information and postings for da clan! Dey took meh long time to make, and can easily be corrected and updated now.

Dank Joo.
~Krull Karfang, Chief

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meh dinkin meh shudd hab mor bones naow, 'cause meh smash twu diimun boneh wans wid liddul prablem. meh ebun smashed thri ob dem wen meh go to da graveyard crypt todai. dey all was in dat room wer da diimun magik wan beh..in da hall der. or meh atleast hab rank ob mighty warrior since meh can smash dey fais wid liddul prablem. and meh onleh beh usin wan mace and woodun shiild! bud den meh was smashed obur da head wen meh tried to smash puneh magik boneh wan. dat nub count, yeh?


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Post by Karfang » Wed Sep 16, 2009 3:02 am


Master Warrior yeh beh and therefore make joo qualified for Red Skull. But, joo hab to get da Bones to get ranks, just like meh. I made dem easier to get dan old ways. Should beh nub problem. Ib joo can prove past benefits to Clan, den Bones joo will get.

For 1 Bone, you can:
  • - Donate 10 silvers.
    - Gather 100 of any type of raw resources, including those of animal nature.
    - Craft 50 dishes of food
    - Craft 10 swords
    - Craft 10 armor parts
    - Craft 3-5 suits of armor
    - Craft 50 tools
For 5 Bones, you can:
  • - Kill an enemy of the clan
    - Kill the enemy targeted as Blood Feud
    - Hold a public service to any of the Gods
    - Hold a public event for the clan. (Activity)
    - Recruit one Orc or Goblin for the Clan
    - Buy or Capture a slave for the clan
I want everybuddy to beh silver skull, keh! It best for clan to hab many skull warriors!

Glory to the Clan!
~Krull Karfang

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Post by Olaf Tingvatn » Wed Sep 16, 2009 12:28 pm

meh hab recruted thri or mebbeh four orcs to da clan. or mebbeh it jast beh twu ob dem..meh nub remembur ib meh hab allreddeh gatten da skulls for dat. bud meh nub get annehmor skulls, 'cause meh nub carpunter or smiddeh. and it nub beh manneh new orcs dat wanna join da horde, nub dat meh know ob annehwai. and meh nub wanna donait lodda monneh since meh niid da monneh to get weapons and staff wen bruddas nub beh around to gib meh weapuns. but at least meh beh red skull, dat beh gudd.


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Post by Karfang » Wed Sep 16, 2009 6:13 pm

Hmmm...Turga, Meh has decided to grant joo 15 bones.

10 for recruiting Orcs into clan, meh give credit for two, and 5 for killing enemy ob clan, dat Mage weh fought recent. Dank Joo.

~Krull Karfang, Chief

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Post by Karfang » Wed Sep 16, 2009 10:35 pm

Wid Heavy Heart, meh must decide which side to choose in coming War. Clan is tied in voting and Chief must break tie.

Da easy way would beh to stay out ob Oomie's War. Dis beh no better dan Halflings or Elves who always stay out ob Wars. We are nub Halfers!

We are Orcs!

We never start fight, but weh finish it!

Now, which side to choose.
* Da Clan is part ob Gobaith, weh own part of it.
* Brother-in-skin Archduke Taliss Kazzxx has Asked for Our help.
* Weh hab defense treaty wid Zzyathis, which Taliss Kazzxx is leader too.
* Personally, meh still "Page of Gobaith" sworn to defend all Gobaith from all enemies.

Meh break tie and Choose weh help Trollsbane.

We are Orcs!

If weh win, weh get Respect and Honor for clan! A New Embassy! I will appoint a worthy Orc as Ambassador to recruit new Orcs, build relations, and sit with meh on Blood Circle.

If weh lose, weh lose nothing. We help rebels against invaders.

We are Orcs!

Nub only will weh help TrollsBane, but meh will also send ultimatum to rest of Gobaith. Da Elves, da Halflings, even da Dwarves, telling them they must help too. If they do not, weh will have reason to Rape, Plunder and Pillage dere lands! Weh must rouse dese sleepy heads from slumber, and to fight or it's open season on dem!

We are Orcs!

In peace, we are like Panthers, playing wid our cubs, gathering food and preparing for War.
In War, we must be fierce, black as night and proud! Weh can win!

To arms!

Every Orc hab place in fight! Even crafters and old ones can throw Gynk Fires from back!
To arms!

Do nub disappoint all our ancestors!

We are Orcs!

For the Glory of the Clan, the Tribe, the Nation!
~Krull Karfang, Chief

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Post by Olaf Tingvatn » Wed Sep 16, 2009 11:30 pm

Turga sighs as he read the chiefs decission then takes out a bone which he dips in the open wound on a panthers head

it onleh 'cause yuu beh chiefy meh sayin, keh..den meh prepare meh boddeh for da slaughter. bud, first meh go home to meh..parts of the sentense is scratched out but the word "fameleh" can be barely seen under the dried blood splatters meh go to da mainland and smash staff first, yeh? den yuu send meh flayin animal wen da war come.

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Keh bruddah.

Smash all joo can, den come back!

See joo soon.

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Post by Karfang » Fri Sep 18, 2009 4:37 am

Meeting beh tomorrow.

((Friday, 5pm GMT))

All Orcs and Goblins, meet at Desert Teleporter and weh go to cave from dere.

Dank joo!

~Krull Karfang

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Post by Kranek » Fri Sep 18, 2009 4:20 pm

A messenger from the north brings a note to your borders, handing it to the first orc he sees.
The handwriting is that of a woman, clean and skilled as if she wrote a lot.

Chief Krull Karfang,
my scouts told me about the incident in the woods with the goblins and the mage. The report gave the impression, that you are an orc one can speak with.
But then i got a message from our friends in the south, the hobbits of Green Briar. They told me that you threatened their homes and lives in case they would not join you in defending Trolls Bane.
You seemingly forgot the fact that those little fellas are hobbits. Cake-eating, music-loving, pipe-smoking farmers and cooks. What do you think would they be able to do? Throwing cookies?

To your request: The clans of Nordmark will NOT waste their time, power and blood on defending a stinking rathole like Bane!
But we will use our weapons to defend our little friends if necessary.

Why do we not fight for the corrupt nobles in Bane? Easy: they are not able to handle the problems in their own town, yet they tried to enforce their laws on other settlements. When me and my wife went out to prevent that, the temple almost killed her, injuring me badly.
And about the "conquering" of Gobaith: Whenever the Norodaj wanted to conquer another coastline, they jumped into their wolfsboats, got there and took what they wanted. They didnt sent messengers asking politely if it was alright to conquer.
There is no hope in fighting the salkamaerian army...but if the prince turns out to be a threat to us, there still is time to kill him.

Save the blood of your people and wait what he turns out to be like. I don't believe he will be worse than the temple.

Jarl of Nordmark
Defender of Green Briar

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Post by Friedwulfa » Sat Sep 19, 2009 4:10 pm

Chief Krull Karfang,

like i wrote ye a few days ago, i will meet ye at the borderline to your lands. I will come with my delegation at noon of this day now.

Queen Friedwulfa

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Post by Karfang » Sat Sep 19, 2009 9:55 pm

Bruddahs and sistahs,

I have met wid da Queen ob da Dwarves and we have concluded their obligations to us for the War. No more attacks on da stumpies. Dey are honorable and have concluded their debt. We hab more shinies now.

About attacks, meh heard ob attack on new Orc "Slug" by Gerren Devalt and a friend. Dis will nub do. Meh listing Gerron under Bloodfeud for dis cowardly Act. Be careful, nub all Oomies kind to Trollsbane. Some want us to fail in our fight, but weh will nub!

Meh also heard ob attack in Vanima by an Orc. Dis was nub our doing. Nub one shall attack dwarves, elves, halflings or Oomies widout permission first. We hab many enemies, but nub need to provoke any ob dem. Weh will meet and discuss raids. Do nub attack without Clan approval! If see Orc attacking others, unless on enemy or bloodfeud list, den stop dem! Clan cannot hab more dan one enemy at time, and now it is Salkmarian invaders, nub one else!

Dis is difficult time for us. We pledge help when no one else does. But weh continue wid help, or our word mean nothing.

First Combat Drill is next week ((Tuesday 5pm GMT)). Weh need to practice formations. Dis important and need every Orc to show. We will meet at the Workshop in Trollsbane and then go to Battlefield from there. Please come and practice, so weh can win dis war!

Dank Joo,
~Krull Karfang, Chief

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Post by Karfang » Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:34 am

Todays, weh capture elf "Thief" wid brother Turga and Jag's help, weh got him and put him in Jail. Shaman needs to decide on his fate.

Meh gib Turga, Jag and myself 5 bones for dis difficult capture. Dis was very difficult and will help our sistah Urga'toh.

Dis makes Turga a Silver Skull! Congratulations!

Dank joo for help.

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Post by Karfang » Thu Sep 24, 2009 2:34 am

Meh wants to remind everybody ob some events dis week!

Tomorrow ((Thursday))- Battle Drill

Next Day ((Friday))- Ritual to Father for Sistah Urga'Toh

Day After ((Saturday))- Meeting in Trollsbane

Details on skins inside da cave! Every Orc needs beh at all dese events!

~Krull Karfang, Chief

PS- Meh started new Armory and supplies in Trollsbane. Meh awarded 5 bones for materials gathered.
*Arrows, Antidotes = 2 bones
*Chainmail, Gynk Fire = 1 bone
*Weapons = 1 bone
*100 Smoked Fish = 1 bone
Weh always need more supplies and arms for da Clan!
~Krull Karfang, Chief

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Post by Karfang » Fri Sep 25, 2009 4:35 am

~Written in the common tongue and posted outside the Orc Cave for all to see.~
Bruddahs and sistahs,

Today, meh witness da Salkmerian Prince come to da Island. Many people were dere, some to greet, some to resist, but all were curious. Dis was a strange day when people nub know which side other is on. Who is enemy? Who is Friend?

Later dat day, meh and Turga went to avenge a bruddah, but we were beaten. We faced death dis day and lived. It made meh think hard 'bout things. Things a warrior always faces when about to die. Fear is friend to the Brave.

Weh are honorable and brave, yub. Weh asked by Trollsbane to help it, and dats whub weh are doing. No-one can say weh nub keep word. Ib weh win, it because Father wishes it.

But meh nub talk about dat now. Meh want to talk 'bout honor for moment. Whub is price of Orc honor? To hold head up high and say weh done right. Is it worth some silvers? Is it worth a life? Is it worth many enemies. Today, meh saw many who welcome da Prince, and it bothered meh. Da Prince claimed "Da Whole Island, given by his King", yet no-one dere heard it. Dat bothered meh dat dere beh so many who would accept his rule over dem, even if dey think he will not. He said "Da Whole Island". Whub do dey think dis means?

Da Prince sleeps in Varshikar now because dey greeted him dere. Dey believe all he wants is Trollsbane. Dis nub true, yet by threat and peace, meh has failed to get others to understand dis simple fact. Dey stoopid and will regret dis day when dey could hab made stand against Prince and did not.

Our Territory is part ob dis Island. Orcs have died and bled for it! Generations ob Orcs hab called it home! It is nub castle, or great town, but it is home, our home. It is threatened as surely as if Prince landed on North shore. Trollsbane is only da largest piece of da "whole" Island. Our piece will be threatened soon too.

Weh are Orcs! Weh bow to no man. Weh hold heads up high no matter da cost. Dis is worth dying for. To die a free Orc rather than an Oomie slave!

Meh nub ask joo to die for Oomies, only to fight for Orc way ob life. Trollsbane or da Cave, da result is same, da Prince claims all the Island. Let us meet him where weh will fight strongest, in Trollsbane with allies. Ib weh do not, da Prince will pick us off when weh alone. Dis cannot happen! Ib weh win, we win honor and respect.

Ib weh lose....nubba, weh won't lose. Weh must win. Weh will win!

Follow meh Bruddahs and sistahs! Follow meh to Glory and Honor. To defend our lives, our homes, our people! Follow meh, and weh shall win!

For Respect and Honor, for da Clan! Dis is why weh fight! Nub for Oomies, but for selves! Follow meh to Trollsbane bruddahs and sistahs, and weh will win dis and more!

Follow meh in respect and honor!
~Krull Karfang, Chief

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Post by Olaf Tingvatn » Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:38 am

Dat beh tru, meh allso 'ear him sai he want da entaiur ailand. meh still wanderin wub he wudd want wid da orc caves, mebbeh send lettur to da prins and ask wub he want wid da orc caves? meh still dinkin dis beh 'oomins' war, bud ib yuu nub know bai naow yuu beh da chiefy and yuu desaid ib we go to war or nub. and meh dinkin it beh weird dat da lissurd oomin liidur send 'orc' wid da lettur to da prins. whai nub send a oomin? meh nub know ib meh beh der for da war, meh will sii. meh beh der ib meh beh der. ib nub, den it beh da Fathers will.


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Post by Karfang » Sat Sep 26, 2009 9:52 pm

Bruddahs and sistahs!

We hab won da Battle for Trollsbane! Praise beh to da Father!

Turga and Murgo showed great pride when they stood their ground when Oomies running around like scared rabbits! Da Father blessed us during da catapult bombardments, and den later when we took da field from da Salkmerian paladins! Thanks also to Knak'gash who came after the battle to bless and heal his bruddahs!

Hur hur! Weh hab won da day!

Five bones awarded to Meh, Turga and Murgo for great battle! Hur hur!

Respect and Honor is won for the Clan! Meh proud ob joo, bruddahs and sistahs! Rejoice!

The Salkmerians hab retreated, but dey nub gone yet! Weh still have to fight! And fight weh will. Now dat weh show dey can beh beaten, now's da time to shore up defenses and prepare for next attack. Weh will win!

In Honor and Glory!
~Krull Karfang, Chief

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Post by PurpleMonkeys » Sat Sep 26, 2009 11:42 pm

A orc can be seen walking through the caves, looking around and occassionally saying "Greebs? Anehbudy dere?" He obviously seems to be looking for orcs, to anyone who sees him..

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Post by Orc Nation » Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:36 am

Meh appoints Murgo as ambassador to Trollsbane.

He has proven trustworthiness, loyalty and eagerness for da position.

As Ambassador, his duties will beh:
1) To beh visible in Trollsbane for people to talk to.
2) To recruit new Orcs from Trollsbane into da Clan.
3) To represent all Orcs in trials by Trollsbane.
4) To visit all Orcs in Jail, make sure dey treated fair and wid respect, and feed dem if necessary.
5) To keep keys to Embassy.
6) To update embassy to look like Orc Embassy (Furs and firepit).
7) To speak words ob Chief to leaders ob Trollsbane.
8 ) To Report to Chief any happenings in Trollsbane.
9) Any other duties assigned by Chief.

~Krull Karfang, Chief

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Post by orgis » Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:33 pm

A dove reaches the cave

For brothers on da island, meh learneds dat the salk nub even worship da father dae seem oo tink him name unholy! Ib heh take Bane den heh would march ontoo da fathers childrens nub doubt bout dit, meh ask dat orcs dat tink this nub thems fight think agains! Meh can't beh at da island dat da moment but meh ask aw da blood brothers oo fight fur da right oo worship da father!

ps. yuus can eat da dove!

Ba'ra Kutten

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Post by Karfang » Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:36 pm

Welcome to Grimghor, who has joined da Clan. He is a new Orc from far away on an "Island Continent" and as such will need anudder meeting time to meet wid us. Meh working on dis, but welcome!

Glory to da Clan!
~Krull Karfang, Chief

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Post by Karfang » Thu Oct 01, 2009 5:10 pm

Weh hab meeting tomorrow at da Desert Teleporter. ((Friday, 5pm GMT))

Weh will talk about War, and our new visions for cave. See joo den!

~Krull Karfang, Chief

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