When dark seeds begin to bloom [closed]

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Post by Ashayen » Thu Sep 03, 2009 6:26 pm

When dark seeds begin to bloom [closed]


It was always the night which made every dark soul wander out of their hideouts, be it to just live the life in silence and loneliness, to get satisfaction with cruelty acts, to work with the moon when holding a ritual or to just meet like-minded people.
And so it came that a dark shadow arose, as the silvery moonlight filtered through the thick crowns of trees, barely spreading its light on the ground, covered by twigs, rocks and moss, drawing the light-footed steps closer and closer toward the crypts in the north.
Razorsharp blades of daggers flashed up from the cover of the dark, open robe, reflecting the light as the moon hit the cold and clean steel. Unused, for too long.

Telling the truth isn't easy. Hearing the truth even.. more worse. Every single word, floating out of the mouth of that peasant felt like a killing stab. He didn't treat her with silky gloves even as he pushed her back while holding her arms. Quite fascinating, yet he wasn't allowed to. But she was not done with him, that was sure.
She knew the truth already, it followed her whenever she was stuck in such a mess..but never something changed as it was a too easy thing to just ignore everything.. playing the sufferer.

As 'he' was sailing away she was more than sure that it was a sign of sealing their fate. Such a decision didn't fit to him since it had been her who played the coward, all the time. But this time..
Now 'he' was even back on the isle.
Would it stop her now, in her final decision?

It were the gleaming blades of the daggers which slit through the tough body of the mummies who kept moaning persistently while her agile body was twirling around them, continuously.. ending their life with deadly icebolts. Every lithe muscle was aching and burned from the inside, a sign that the last days of training suddenly strain her. But she was not willing to show weakness, not anymore. It was about time to get rid of that stamp of a lady..and that's what her determined and coolly gleaming eyes said as well. It was about time to prove herself.
She just forgot someone in all the mess, argues and training-sessions.. her daughter, who had no idea about the happenings over the last days.

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Post by Mr. Cromwell » Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:14 am


He sighted while leaning back on the armchair, staring absently out of the window of the second floor, towards the faint source of light in the murkiness of the night that was Trollsbane. Ashayen had walked out today. He was hardly certain what was the exact reason but he guessed that it didn't really matter. The whole situation was shite and a complicated mess.. so complicated, so much more painful than the storms they had weathered in the past. They had a daughter, who suffered and despaired visibly when listening to their argue.

Ashayen wanted to be free. In the back of his mind he understood how bitter it must have been for Ashayen, when she constantly found herself in his shadow or felt forced to act in certain way because of his position. They had both been happy before his aspirations and success, after which life had become more and more complicated after each triumph or achievement. The thought made him more depressed, because he knew that Ashayen was a personality worthy of her own reputation and fame, and however guilty his ambitions had been in creation of the current mess, he had always tried his best to support Ashayen in her aspirations. She should have known that whatever she wanted to do, he would have stood by her side as long as she remained true to him.. even if his own ambitions would prevent him from joining forces with her. And now, she was gone.. out in the dark night.

As she left, he had tried his best to calm Eyda and to make her feel better and safe, even though he knew that there was no certainty that things would improve at all. A weary grin crept on his lips as he realized that he hadn't thought about drinking before.. maybe because of the unusual and new sense of responsibility he felt towards the girl who was sleeping downstairs. His daughter.. their daughter. He'd just have to try his best to cope with the situation without the oh-so familiar comfort offered by mistress alcohol, who had taken away his pain so many times in the past.

However.. in the end, Eyda was right.. there still was hope, even if the hope appeared as nothing but the dimmest star on a pitch-black sky. Their daughter was the hope, and maybe she knew that herself too.

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