Living in Trolls Bane

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Post by Jason Felarion » Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:28 pm

Living in Trolls Bane

Alright, I got your attention and now you want to know what to Hellbriar is this all about and what should it be? I will show you.

Years are gone and the great Bane starts to disappear. Whats left is a jail out of stones, crime and disaffection. It's not easy to take the leadership of such a city which is run-down and time is needed to repair the image and the satisfaction of the inhabitants. You can't await that the faults of the last couple of years can be washed away with one gesture but the leadership tries his best and you will see Bane blossom into a healthy town if you show endurance.
In times of big conflict you stay quiet but now, now the right way is chosen, you raise your voice? I'm not here to judge you, but I appeal to your intellect.

You people, you are the soul of Trolls Bane and so I will adress my words to you and do not make decisions for my own and for the leadership of Bane.
Maybe you have heared that I am the new event manager of Trolls Bane and I will organize events, competitions and so on for your entertainment because I take the initiative and shared my thoughts with the leadership of Trolls Bane. I have some ideas still in mind, but I want to hear some ideas of you.

What do you want to see in Bane, which competitions, which events, in which way you want to be entertained.

Many new people arrive at the harbour and were lead to Bane. At first they see the big walls, then the sterility of town and the dark atmosphere. It's not a secret, that the most people arrived in Bane but leave town for a better home. Sure, there are still some people around here, but this can't fill your heart with community. Work, sell your wares, then leave... thats all about, but that shoudn't be.

We are the community of Bane, we are the soul, we must work together in every part to build a new better Bane. Every day my heart bleeds if I see sad faces and this isn't the fault of the leadership. I am with Bane, I will stay, I will fall with Bane but my soul collapse every day a little more and that hurts. Sometimes I think I should leave whole Gobaith and turn myself to my past but I can't leave Gobaith, can't leave Bane before the needed things are done here.

Wake up and participate in the rebuilt or new-building of Bane. Make up your mind, share with me your thoughts, what do you want to see in Bane, what would you be proud of, and when would you be proud to be a member of Bane. Ideas for competitions or events can be written down here or send me a parchment and I try to integrate the ideas into the concept of a shiny, new and living Bane.

Thanks for your time,

~Jason Felarion~

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