The Age of Redemption

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Post by Taliss Kazzxs » Sun Aug 09, 2009 1:52 am

The Age of Redemption

To the surprise of many I write this, not a bargain nor a plea. I write with intentions of scalding, to the many and myself.
Trollsbane has fallen, It now being just a ruin of the honorable city it once was. A city once grand with a comparison only to that of the righteous people that upheld it.

I have failed.

You have failed as well

I speak from one fish to another caught in a net by the hungered Halfling, ashamed but not alone. We have no one to blame but ourselves, victims of our own trust, empathy, and self preservation. We can blame the Temple, Archduke, Nobles, even the Gods but when it comes down to it, you and I are the harbingers of our own defeat. We are the channel that the waters of corruption have flowed, and it is through us that we have given away our heart.

An opportunity has presented itself, a light that peers deeply through this shroud. The former governing body has made its departure and in it place sits the very individual that welcomed them the first time. We have a brief opportunity to act, speak, and reclaim. A time has come that we can make amends for our sins of the past, those days of idly watching as our city was eaten from within, afraid to speak, afraid to uphold. Now is the time that we can use that voice, use it for what we know is right and add hear to new leadership of the land.

The Nobility system is an ingenious piece of work, one that I congratulate Edward Cromwell on for developing. The time and effort he has invested into the system and cabinet are both recognized and appreciated. Though his attempt with the chosen candidates for nobility where askew, power in the place of honor, wealth in the place of integrity. My goal is not to replace this system he has brought in, on the contrary I wish to correct it. Those few Nobles they did right in choosing such as Fredrick Hawkmoon, citizens of heart such as Artimer Fault, these are the golden hearts that should make up Nobility in Trollsbane. With the current status of Trollsbane the Nobility system can not sustain. With leadership I would govern the town until the moment was right for such a system. The time should not depend on when we set the dead line, but on the status of character that makes up our town.

It is easy for evil to flourish in our land, the temple has proven this time and time again. Though in the wake of the temple cloaking our town, the light has seemingly been smothered away. The knights that once walked our land, the paladin of good and justice, the adventurer not afraid to stand against a greater foe, and the citizen seeking for our jewel to prosper, they are now far and in between. Evil and corruption has grown large enough in Gobaith, the time has come for a new beacon to stand. Under my leadership Trollsbane would stand as a home for righteousness, a haven for those that committed to justice and what is holy. It is my intention to begin the center that will be come the opposition of the darkness in our land.

I offer an age of unity in Gobaith, a time of partnership that has never before been seen, between towns and factions, guilds and academies. We are the jewel of Gobaith and it is time we shared our gem with our neighbors. Protection should be give to allies and to the neighbors in need, assistance should be given. As a first action under my leadership my first decree would be to unsure that it is known throughout Gobaith, that the new union is under the protection of Trollsbane.

There is little more I can do with the current opposition against my efforts. I am not even sure how the voting process will work, as the town organizers have refused our request for voting pillars. Though I will voice that we have more than one option in this day and in this time. For we are Trollsbane and we are much more powerful than the two men that try to speak on our entiretys behalf. It is through Zelphia that I offer my protection, my leadership, and commit my efforts, though I say whole heatedly to you, the citizens of Trollsbane, that is not you that need me, though I need you. Only with your effort can we give our voice, rebuilt our home, and find our redemption.

~Taliss Kazzxs of Gobaith.

citizens of Trollsbane voice freely

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Post by AlexRose » Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:26 am

Oh I see how it is. First you wanted an election but now instead you want teh same system in place that you've been opposing, but you want to be in charge instead. What a noble cause.


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Post by rakust dorenstkzul » Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:31 am

A man wielding a jeweled cane and a top hat strolls by the board, he reads over it for a good thrity seconds before coming to an immortal conclusion, as heard by his retinue:

"Too long; didn't read."

The group immediately scribbles down his words, next to all of his other influential musings.

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Post by Taliss Kazzxs » Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:45 pm

William, you seem confused.
This is my target for the election.
All candidates have been encouraged to write such.

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Post by Ereaes » Mon Aug 10, 2009 12:57 am

I have been on this land for longer than many. And this is hardly the first time i have heard that Trollsbane is corrupted, and weak, while once it was strong and righteous, ect. I myself was once the target whom the people called unfair or corrupted. In truth this town has never been perfect, it has always had its flaws. And yet the people continue to live their lives, some complaining, and others praising. It is just the way it is. Do not blame to people for their nature, it is how they are, how they always have been, and sadly how they always shall be. So indeed, a new system from an old...of course it will work. note the dripping sarcasm.


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Post by Kugar » Wed Aug 12, 2009 3:46 am

People of Trollsbane

Perhaps some of you have seen that my name has been written among others, to be a candidate for the governor of the town. (Which) let it be known, was never something on the top of my agendas... Regardless, if what I have to say mattered, another thing that you may have seen would be that the current government do not wish for an election to take place. They do not take this seriously as a group of opposing parties (citizens) at the moment, because you as the people, haven't made your voices heard... Though, as history tells it, the current government that 'owns' this town stole it first with weaponary and magic at their disposal. It was built on corruption, snatched by violence, riddled with lies. Run by criminals, and 'the great' Edward Cromwell. I have to hand it to the man, his genius fooled the land, and is still doing it to this day. Dodgy dealings, spying on other towns...

The man has done it all. His mansion filled with gold; wearing the finest jewelry, the man has it all. But sit back a second... What did he ever do for this town? Or its people? They built a few dodgy looking houses that you know ~you~ wont have a chance in hellbriar of owning... He gave you the nobility system, taking away what little voice or opinion you had in the first place. He employs Joxia Doral as governor, a fine woman. Her affiliation for power is immense, always looking to achieve highly. Her track record boasts leader of the Grovestriders, then to move on as noble of trollsbane, and finally governor. It seems Cromwell and Joxia were two plausable candidates for what was to be the greatest con in trollsbane history. Having one thing in common that brought the whole thing together - their devotion to the temple. You see folks I knew and have known for a while that the temple ran trollsbane behind the scenes, straight from the governors mouth. And I would hear stories about the wrong doings of the temple, and bad words about members from citizens. Then I remember

The reputed chancellor of Trollsbane Verdazar and his orcen bodyguard both incured a penalty by getting into the deeper halls of Silverbrand by casting a spell on the guard. When I wanted to bring them to justice they both refused and also disabled me with a spell and then casted a magical wall of rock into my way.

Verdazar casted 3 spells on the land of Silverbrand, even at dwarves

~-~Archduchess Joxia Doral~-~
I remember a war started with the dwarves of Silverbrand for such trivial reasons. It seems our 'Chancellor' current Overlord of the temple, was to be declared innocent without trial, at the cost of blood.

My writing may offend members of the temple, but I don't attain to be spiteful, I merely tell the truth. As it wasn't long after Joxia, Verzadar and whoever else left government that I hear they are with the temple. Not long after that a couple of my good friends at the famers union told me they were getting raids on their lands. Everyone of them claimed the temple were demanding money, supplies, whatever they could get their hands on. From a defenseless guild.

we grew to a force that threatened the entire isle and our name became more feared than any other. Then the legacy was passed to his apprentice, Avalyon el’Hattarr, a devious Archmage who hid us from view. He ruled from the darkness with intelligence and guile. While many claimed we had been destroyed we waited silently and grew in power as an unseen hand which shaped the very destiny of our island. Now the legacy has been passed once more and we throw down our cloak of secrecy. We stand proud as brothers and free men. We step into the light screaming with righteousness that WE are the true masters of fate and that it is OUR name which will once more haunt the dreams of all that stand in our way.
This is the opening statement from the temple, a statement from the government that ran, and through some decree a.k.a Cromwell still do.

My past reeks of wrong doing, but it is through this island that I understand how things must be. The pathway we see before us must change. And being that I am a citizen in this town, I say we start here.

Take from this, what ye will...

~Jefferson Gray <>

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Post by Retlak » Wed Aug 12, 2009 2:37 pm

kugar wrote:My writing may offend members of the temple, but I don't attain to be spiteful, I merely tell the truth.
Nothing can offend us, when we sit on the best chair.

- Seregon

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