Alone ((closed rp))

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Post by Fayne Bridgewater » Sat Mar 07, 2009 12:53 am

Alone ((closed rp))

She awoke to the sounds of steel boots clanking across the ceiling, her eyes fluttering open and her head turning towards the sound. The recognition of the sound came almost instaneously, most likely the ever watchful Valgor, stomping around upstairs. Fayne stretched her arms over her head, her body uncurling and tensing in a long, leisurely motion, the fog of sleep slowly clearing from her head. Her hand moved by habit towards the other side of the luxurious bed, expecting to come in contact with the warm, strong body of her husband, yet coming up empty...again. She'd lost count of how many mornings it had been the same, it felt like a lifetime. As if the long boat ride back to the island hadn't been torturous enough, she was still alone and had no idea if that would ever change.

The morning she'd awoke to find him gone, she'd rushed through his father's estate, asking every man, woman and child if they'd seen him. The answers were all the same..either a blank stare or a resounding no. The fear in their eyes was all the same as well, and did little to reassure her. The condescending tone of Julius' father when she finally found him to question him was the final straw. Biting back her angry tears, she had rushed up to pack her bags, brushing off those always hovering maids when they offered to help. In a shaky hand she wrote a short note, handing it to the young maid she'd befriended during their stay, instructing her to give it only to Julius, should he return and find her gone. She set sail on the first ship she could find, heading back to Gobaith, to home. Now it'd been weeks...and his side of the bed still lay empty and cold. Her tears had finally dried up, save for the rare times she allowed them to fall, and only when she was alone in their room at the keep.

A faint giggle came from under the bed, bringing a broader smile to her lips as she threw back the blankets and leaned over the bed, peering underneath to the toddler wedged there. Ian wiggled towards her, standing clumsily and stretching his arms up with a bright grin. Fayne pulled her son up onto the bed with her, cuddling him quickly before he squirmed away with his relentless energy to bounce happily on the bed. She leaned back against the headboard, watching him and wishing she could share in his blissful ignorance just for a moment. Her hand moved to brush back her long, tangled hair as a quiet sigh left her lips, worry tracing over her features for a brief moment before she forces a smile to her lips and slips out of the bed, readying herself for another day of hoping and waiting.

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